Sunday, August 14, 2011


Catchy title, right?  I'm envisioning a Saturday morning cartoon.  

Not that anyone asked, but I figured I'd elaborate on my social media detachment.  My exit from Twitter was quite simple and, c'mon, let's face it, pretty fucking obvious -- I'm a guy desperately in need of buffers.  I have big feelings, big reactions, big emotions.  All the things that serve me as an artist, but challenge me as a socially-responsible human being.  I've learned in most areas of my life, to bounce heated choices off other people.  Co-workers, my agent, my wife, a sponsor, etc.  A majority of the time, that keeps me on the right side of things.  With Twitter, there was no buffer, just me, my big feelings and my big opinions.  I don't regret any tweet, nor do I apologize.  Everything I said was done in the spirit of social conversation, free speech and was my opinion.  Right or wrong, I said it, I own it.  

I also don't blame anyone for my exit.  No one chased me away except me.  Yes, the lazy blogosphere has given up on journalism and now trolls Twitter for their on-the-record in-depth articles.  Yes, the hate outweighs the love.  But my deactivation was pretty much self-preservation.  Eventually, I would have said something that got me or someone else buried in a suffocating pile of irrevocable toxic man shit. Regular man shit is bad enough, but irrevocable toxic man shit, wow, that never washes out of the BVDs.  Just saying. 

I had dinner with Skeeter Rosenbaum tonight and we were talking about how the whole Twitter phenomenon is really indicative of what's happening in this country.  And I say this in condemnation of myself as much as anyone else -- we are growing into a nation that has no time, desire or capacity for truth.  All we can handle is 140 characters of knowledge.  Headlines, spin, soundbites.  We want other people to tell us what we should think.  It's just cleaner and easier that way.  Awareness, compromise and understanding are no longer tools in our social toolkit.  And clearly the haters outweigh the lovers.  How can they not, when pain-peddlers like TMZ and Radar thrive while community-based newspapers and time-honored periodicals crumble.  America is dying of a broken heart.  And we all sit on the sidelines, eat ourselves into obesity and wonder what celebrity fucked their dog today. 

Wow.  Sorry.  Never expected that to end with dog-fucking.  Anyway, I'm climbing down from my soapbox, now.  Maybe I should get a radio show.  NPR, Sirrius, what d'ya think?  Kurt Sutter's Happy Hour? 

Maybe not... 

Until then, this is Captain Qwitter signing off.

Tune in tomorrow for a new episode: Captain Qwitter and the Undercover Dildo.  


Anonymous said...

With all due respects, but you should have seen this coming. Internet is nothing but public. There is no privacy here. And you, as a public person, you're just money on some others bank account- so called journalists yeah. It's too bad that you gaved them credit- it maked them more important in their own eyes. As far as I saw you're on of the fews that still has spine. Maybe that's why I like SOA that much. You're a real person who gaved birth to so closed to reality characters. Just don't give up. Let go all your hate and your dissapointment and don't give up on your self, on those who love you and on SOA.

Twirly girly said...

From your old twitter pal Wild_Child93, You better be blogging pretty goddamn often! Im high as a kite right now so im gonna just tell you that i dont like your decision, it upsets me, and im probably gonna get fired from work tomorrow because to everyone else it may have just been a "twitter account" but to me it was a fucking smile when some shithead customer comes in yelling at me for no good reason, or when my parents are reminding me how worthless my life is, or when i just i need a smile for fucks sake. I do however understand why you did it, such stress over such a little thing, not worth it, like me youre impulsive and brutally honest and your mouth gets you into trouble or at the least upsets a lot of people. I still remember your first post somewhat which you said you were gonna abuse twitter and then quit. Man of your word! Anyway apparently its forever impossible to type something small when my brains takin a trip to the moon but ill miss you like fuck and i hope youll keep makin me smile. Nothin made me smile more though when you replied to me. Huge fangirl squeals every time. Called everyone and their mother and told em about it. Now what am i to do? Alright im shutting up. Love you! Stay golden!

First Date Frannie said...

Hey there Kurt,

As an avid SutterInk twitter follower, I'll miss you. But I respect and support your decision. You gotta do what you gotta do. If it makes you feel any better, I never read TMZ or Radar (never even heard of that one); or watch any of those "magazine" shows on TV. I just watch great shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Keep writing, know your fans adore you, and stop giving a shit about what anyone else thinks.

Turfmeister Maz said...

Great post, Kurt.

The world needs more lovers and less haters.

Looking forward to SOA in the fall.
Need my fix.


HarleyGurl the Oily Addict said...

LOVE what Twirly Girl said.. her post just about made me cry! She's right... you bring lots of smiles/smirks to many people's depressing lives, including mine! Love you to death, Mr. Sutter! DONT EVER QUIT YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

...quitting is just another word for's moving on to the next rear view mirrors man...

Veronika said...

ending on dog-fucking seems apppropriate. Isn't that the closer prior to the communal butt-sniffing? The butt-sniffing is my metaphor for celeb-0-session.

good stuff.

Joanna_Nani said...

So the haters got to you? Shitty nature of the Internet universe. I'm sorry to see you quit - I've enjoyed your brutal honesty and frankness, and a rare insight into a brilliant mind. It was wonderful to have a glimplse into your inner workings for as long as we had on Twitter. Will always be a fan of yours, The Shield, SOA & anything else you concieve.
Much love,

Fern said...

Do what you have to do brother I support you 100%.

You are the reason I joined Twitter so you could torture me with S4 info but now have a community of SAMCRO lovers and friends and many laughs.


River Autumn said...

I agree with your blog and I loved your twitter posts. As someone who needs a daily edit button on my thoughts, I understand why you feel the need to do this. It just makes me angry that political correctness has essentially duck taped our mouths closed for fear of offending someone. We are responsible for the things we say and do but the censorship we put upon ourselves is almost lying. It's ridiculous. They say we have freedom of speech but what has happened is we have freedom of speech within reason. "Change the world with your words, don't let the world change your words."

Michele A. Robinson said...

Mr. Sutter, As I read your Twitter comments last night and your blog today I have this to say: Freedome of Speech! Apparently some people in this country have forgotten that Americans are entitled to free speech. As a person who speaks her true thoughts and sometimes does not think until after she has commented; I know exactly what you are going thru. The only difference is that you live in a different world than I do.

Do I wish I could take back some of the things I have said to people over the years? Yes and No. The only comments I wish I could take back are the mean hurtful things I said to my mother years ago. But I can't.

People tell me I am rude with my comments and I tell them I say what all of you wish you could say but don't have the balls to say it.

I am sorry that you have been put in this perdicament; it is a shame that in 2011 a person is not allowed to voice their opinion without consequences.

Anonymous said...

If this means the blog is gonna be updated more frequently, I'm aaaallll for it! Twitter what?

Anonymous said...

I respect your decision, but it doesn't mean I have to like it. You were probably one of the most honest people out there. I'll be watching for more blogs, but then again so will the "social media dog fuckers" it's a no win situation I just hope you don't decide to walk away from the blogs too.

Kari said...

This is a big bummer for me. I got off on your rants, I craved your cuntless thoughts and unfiltered speak. It was refreshing even.....especially....when it was offensive. I'll follow your blog because I'm too big of a fan now to quit you. Actually I find I like it better. But I will still miss the tweeting, sometimes life is too crazy and hectic for a blog and 140 fits into my schedule. Alas....I will survive. And with SOA coming up in a few short weeks I will find my solace soon and leave you alone :) All my best Kurt.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

I'm really upset about you leaving twitter but I understand why you did it.
I hope you'll keep us posted via your blog.

TheLongAndWindingRoadToSkinny said...

Sorry to hear you're leaving Twitter. I just found you there ;) I hope you'll keep blogging & do the WTF segments, I enjoy them very much. Waiting rather impatiently for Season 4. don't know when it'll start airing here in Sweden but I am looking forward to it! See ya around!

Unknown said...

To quote Chuckie as he's being pulled away by the Chinese, "I DON'T ACCEPT THIS!" BUT, I respect why you felt the need to do it.

Frankly, I'm appalled that the so called entertainment industry latached on to your tweets/opinions about life, the universe, and everything to make attention getting headlines for themeselves. Hell, Adam Baldwin tweets or Fred Thompson tweets about politics and their opinions, and not a Goddamn (shut up, DH! I know that God's last name isn't damn, but I'm pissed!) thing is written.

Let Kurt Sutter fart, and the whole whored (misspelling intentional!) comes out like maggots on a rotting body. To make matters worse, they would twist his words into something they weren't, just becaue they could.

You brought me to Twitter, Mr. Sutter, and I'm very glad you did. Because of your 'help get me to x number of followers' a couple of years ago, I signed up, and my very first tweet was to say hi to you. At the time, I didn't know about putting @soandso before the name. It's still there if you wanna lurk and see it.

Since then, I've been eposed to a lot of wonderful people, Rippin - Kitten, Wild_Child93, SAMCRO_BLOGGER, Culvercat, Bradzz and many other people who understand my love of SOA.

I discovered people on twitter that I'd lost connections with, friends from my broadcasting days, friends from school, people I loved from the old classic Star Trek fan convetions.

Thanks to you, I've connected to professional writers who have taken an interest in what I have to say that isn't related to SOA, and I feel priviledged to associate with them.

And, because of you, I've made cyber friends with local people I wouldn't have met because of my hermit tendency, such as ThundarKitteh and others right here in Indiana.

What I'm Sayin', darlin', is that you did one hell of a lot of good on Twitter. Your tweets often made a shit day more bearable. The few times you responded to my @sutterink tweets made this 49+ year old adult squeal like a teenybopper at a David Cassidy (Bobby Sherman, Rick Springfield, Beatles) concert. Thank you, by the way for the birthday RT last year.

I'm stayin' on Twitter, because of the social network contacts I've made. There really is social networking going on. We support each other when times are tough, we share each others' ups and downs. We reach out, and we connect, via DM and tweets.

And most of us don't give a flyin' fuck about the media bloggers who never get it right, anyway.

Your tweets will be missed, Mr. Sutter. They were a small pinpoint of light in an otherwise bleary world. They will be missed.

I hope that we'll still have your blog. If you feel it getting heavy, it's the hands of your many followers clinging to it for dear life so that we don't fall into the pit of nothingness.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sutter has left Twitterverse.

Urno Talbot said...

Jersey, you said originally it was to promote the show, so is FX going to carry that banner for us now?!/SAMCRO_BLOGGER
does a great job too, anyway I'll miss you, Norkers have the same problem of being filterless, fuck it if they can't take a joke. Love the show, Katey et al!

Anonymous said...

From JSousaRomeiro: It sucks to see you go, but as a fan of your work, I respect your decision and will always remember that I was lucky enough to get a twitter reply from you, even if it was a little mean towards cats! LOL I will look forward to reading your true to heart blogs!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss reading your tweets, but I get you have to protect yourself and your show. The decline of journalism in favor of sensational headlines is something I find deeply troubling. There's no reason your tweets should be "news."

I love the show and can't wait for season four to start.


Librarychic1 said...

I thought that something had gone terribly wrong with my twitter account today. Seems like the only real reason that I follow twitter has disappeared. After tracking you down on your blog I learned that 'The Battle of the Super Cunts' has won and us 'Super Fans' have lost, what a sad day. I understand that you are looking out for your welfare and needed to pull the plug, but what about us loyal fans? The updates, tweets and pics of season 4 kept us going and I don't believe that there is any other writer, director, producer, actor on this planet that has kept their fans so informed and entertained at the same time. I'm sorry that the haters have brought this to a head, but there are also so many lovers out there. If there is anyway that you can keep us informed and entertained without getting yourself in trouble, please reconsider.
Your loyal fan, librarychic1.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the haters Kurt. As long as you're keeping
your blog and youtube account, there's no need
for twitter I guess. Man, time is flying by quick,
3 weeks to go before the season premiere.

Nick said...

I feel bad that you felt it necessary to quit Twitter. You were one of the few people that are honest and keep posting hilarious rants. I know, social media sucks, but you have to do what works for you. People will miss it. But if you do come back, write about puppies, rainbows, sunshine, and aggravated sodomy.

MelindaGayle said...

Kurt, I am sad to see you leave Twitter. but I can only imagin what you go through on a daily basics. Just dont stop your blog or WTFSutter updates. They are less mainstreem and if the media picks up on it atleast you know they had to go directly to you to get it and not on twitter where everyone can see it. It is not fair that you get looked down on for saying what everyone already thinks. Thank for keeping it real!!! The onlyreason I went on twitter was to read your tweets. Your left and so did I. I would only hope others will do the same. Keep up the GREAT work.
i am greatful that I had the opertuity to see a part of you everyday thought and you did make me think twice about alot of thing
Melinda Gayle

Luster said...

Frankly, I could careless if I agree with you or not, it's your ability to wave your finger at the things you see as wrong and celebrate artistry and all things that bring you enjoyment that makes me admire you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your departure from Twitter, but there wasn't enough room to post much anyway! I would love it if you made the decision to #BRING KURT SUTTER BACK TO FB ...Now I realize there were situations there but I was thinking maybe a rating like they do for TV ... MA/SL we all know that's Mature Adult situations and may contain Strong Language But thinking you could also Put in Banner PWNMJGAYBM (Panty Waist Narrow Minded Jerks Go Away You Bother Me) just a thought! YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST INTELLIGENT, THOUGHT PROVOKING PEOPLE I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO READ! EVEN IF I DON'T ALWAYS AGREE WITH YOU, I STILL VALUE YOUR OPINION, YOUR RIGHT TO IT AND ALWAYS THE ELOQUENT WAY YOU PUT IT INTO WORDS! JUST LIKE YOU WERE IN MY LIVING ROOM JUST CHATTING IT UP! How about another WebSite like WTFSutter on youtube but do a Daily Commentary and go ahead and charge for it I'll pay!!! PEOPLE SHOULD ALREADY KNOW WHAT THEY'RE IN FOR CUZ YOU'RE JUST KEEPING IT REAL! LOVE YOUR CREATIVE GENIUS and SOA FOREVER!

Twisted Shadow said...

I'm nearly speechless. Perhaps not really but everything that I would say is wrapped in negative emotions @ the moment. First the Facebook incident and now Twitter. I guess I will have to begin watching the youtube vids, since I found out that they don't contain spoilers. the past couple of years have been great, pimping @sutterink on twitter and the facebook page. It was great getting to know you on twitter & facebook. It really sucks to see you leave FB and Twitter though.
Thanks for all you do!


Amy said...

I definietly think you need to get a radio show. Think it's a great idea! Can't wait for Sept.6

Bonnie said...

Im bummed about your decision, but I'll get over it..

Heather M. Gardner said...

The haters just have more time on their hands and like to fight.

The lovers should tell you more often how great we think you are even when you are insufferable.

SOA is awesome and you and your team have created something legendary. Always something to be proud of.

You keep writing...we will keep watching.

Heather M. Gardner

Anonymous said...


You are the only reason I signed up for Twitter. Well I guess I really have no reason to be a tweet now.

You are one of the most sincere, honest people in this crazy world we live in. I respect you for putting things out on the blogs that everyone else is afraid to do.

Looking forward to season 4. Keep up the good work!

Patty Mac

ryguy1977 said...

kurt i never looked at you as someone who respected or worried about boundaries or gave a damn what other ppl thought of you and your rants.i personally appreciated the honesty it was like a breath of refreshment in the stale air of hollywood please reconsider your decision on leaving twitter and also please return to facebook by anyt means. SOA forever and keep on the path of being the voice of the voiceless and scared in the entertainment biz youre like a superhero to them

Caramel_Dreams said...

*sighs* I was devastated to find out that you 100% quit twitter. you were the first and only celebrity that I followed. No one else mattered. I love how you told it like it that's what made you YOU. With all the cunts and fucks and shits wrapped up in a nice bow of fuckyou to everyone.

I looked forward to your tweets. I love how you think, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside. I will indeed miss you on twitter. Filter is a bitch, I definitely don't have much of it, yet I'm not as "famous" as you I do understand.

I will bookmark this site in hopes of seeing you update often. I know it's not the same as you replied to fans like myself and in some twisted way made us feel special.

Ok, I'm rambling...I will definitely miss you and I do hope that one day you'll come back. This is absolutely a sad day (for me anyways).

- @Caramel_Dreams

Anonymous said...

I really wish you would reconsider. We live in a world full of sugar-coated bullshit. I loved your tweets because they were genuine. You weren’t pandering to the masses, telling us what you thought we wanted to hear. There is such a lack of original, thought-provoking shows like SOA. It was a real treat to go to twitter and tap into the mind behind SOA. It was nice to know that people who don’t fit into a certain mold can be successful like you. You are a hero to the “Dirty-Faced Outlaws” of the world. You are one of the few people like us who has a voice in the world. TMZ is writing about you? Good! Let the tabloids call attention to you. Maybe it will start a movement.

You’ve shown the entertainment industry that there is a real hunger for something better than “who wants to marry (insert random asshole here).” That we’re sick of half-hour buddy comedies and the 500 procedural cop shows out there. Not all of us are morons in search of mindless entertainment. Maybe some people need to be offended. Don’t let a handful of fuck-tards silence you. Sometimes calling someone a cunt is just appropriate.

Anonymous said...

"America is dying of a Broken Heart"

I follow you're thinking, but please expand on this notion. That idea gets to the root of some serious issues.

Anonymous said...

just curious

does anyone edit your posts on this blog? or your youtube vids?

or are you saying that when you write more than 140 characters, you are able to self edit

Anonymous said...

I guess you have to lose something to appreciate it more, but I'm feeling the loss already. You are a true original, and your work is a constant joy. And you are right, it's better to love than hate, for ourselves and for everybody else. Steve in London.

Anonymous said...

I might be speaking for more folks than myself when I say that I always appreciate the big buffers between needy artists and the public. Sorry dude, but I prefer you in your writing tool of choice cranking out awesome fucking stories. Artists who lower themselves in the social media pit are committing the biggest act of condescension there is - and I, for one, don't respect it in the least. Stay out of the fanboy slums and continue cranking out great stories from above ... please.

leon said...

I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!! Being real to yourself doesnt always get you friends but you can look yourself in the mirror and know that you never had another mans asshole or cock in your mouth....not that thats a bad thing......if thats your thing.....but in a corporate sense it isnt cool.


Lily said...

I was reading your blog before I was following you on twitter. I'll take Kurt Sutter anyway I can get him. I respect that you say what is on your mind. Right or wrong you say it and you own it. To me that is worth more than a million talking heads telling me what I want to hear.

Keep up the good work and throw a middle finger up to all of the provocateurs.

Emilio Mejia said...

People don't believe me, but I swear Twitter used to be a fun place. I joined in 2007, and in that first year, I followed only real people who were genuinely interesting and who took the time to converse with me, even if it was only 140 characters at a time. After that first year though, it became popular enough that it became a marketing tool. It wasn't about community, it became about popularity. I blame Ashton Kutcher. Fuck Twitter. You have a great blog and people that like to read it. Keep up the great work. Can't wait for next Tuesday.