Saturday, April 18, 2009


Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Been a crazy coupla months. Was in Paris with the entire family for spring break. Realized that I have three kids. Three? How the fuck did that happen? We had a blast. I almost started a jihad in front of Notre Dame, but was released by French Police with a warning (that's a whole other blog). We did an awesome day of press with Charlie and Katey. I'll blog on this separately when I get some photos of the day. In short, the French fucking LOVED the pilot. I felt like Jerry Lewis. It was one of the most pleasant media experiences I've ever had. We're going back in October to do more. We came back from France and I was buried. Finally caught up with the writing. We're pretty much on schedule. My goal was to have four scripts written and approved by the time we start shooting and we'll do that. Have various drafts of the next four being written and well start breaking stories for 209 next week. The first episode starts shooting on the 27th. Guy Ferland (who directed more episodes of The Shield than any other director) is directing 201, Albification. Guy did an amazing job on episode 107, The Pull, last season. I'm thrilled to have him kicking off season two. I'll let you draw your own conclusions about what the 201 title means. I can tell you it's a theme for the season. My entire, talented cast is back (with the exception of a few, whose agents and managers are twisting my fucking arm for more cash that we don't have and ultimately undermining their clients whom I won't be able to afford) and we've added a few new characters. As you probably have read, Henry Rollins joins us as AJ Weston. He's a prison hard Aryan walking a fine line between ultra conservatism and violent racism (if a line truly exists). His boss and the brains behind the organization is Ethan Zobelle. That role is still being cast. As I've said in interviews, this season is all about internal alliances. For me, the big antagonist this season is just a catalyst to ignite the deep, primal conflicts within the club. Lives will be threatened, sides will be taken and Sam Crow will become the biggest threat to the Sam Crow. More to come...