Friday, October 17, 2008


I've gotten many nasty blog comments and more than a few threatening emails from people upset about my political musings on this blog. Not just the fact that they're extremely left (although I'm guessing that's a large chunk of it) but the fact that I'm mixing my politics with discussions about my show. As I wind down this first season of Anarchy, it seems like a good time to briefly weigh in on that beef. First of all, it's called Freedom of Speech. This is my personal blog. I do not speak for any show, film or production. I'm gonna express myself whether I have seven readers or seven thousand. These are my experiences, my opinions. There are millions of other blogs out there. If mine offends you, remove it from your bookmarks. And stop fucking whining. Secondly, Art is Politics. Always has been, always will be. In every culture, in every country, through history, art has always been a reflection of social issues. From the Italian Renaissance to fucking Punk Rock, words, sounds and images are the most powerful tools that men possess. Thirdly, Sons of Anarchy is a political show. It's all about the corruption and manipulation of the American dream. How freedom is often achieved through violence and how the pursuit of happiness is often achieved through greed. Outlaw clubs have a rich history in political outspokenness. From Sonny offering the aid of the 81 in 'Nam, to a recent Midwestern MC's support of McCain. Motorcycle clubs are an all American sub-culture. Harleys are apple fucking pie. Fourthly, I've earned the right to express my political point of view. I'm educated, I'm aware and I vote. My passion for Barack Obama is because I believe in this country. I believe that we can pull ourselves out of this economic hole and repair the global shame that the last eight years has brought down on us. It's not really a partisan thing. I think you can tell that I'm not really a tow-the-party-line kinda guy. If I thought McCain had a better vision I'd have no problem voting Republican. I don't. I think he's eleven kinds of dangerous. That's just my opinion. It's just my blog.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


7 months. I was never a small dog kinda guy. I've always had biggish, dopey rescue dogs. Love the freaks. But Katey wanted a smaller dog. She did the research and decided on a French Bulldog. So we got one a few years ago. Lola is a great dog. So great, we got another. Lumpy was my birthday present. He's such a great fucking dog. They're tough to train, but worth it. Smart, loyal, a tenacious watch dog, super playful and most importantly -- how can you not smile when you come home and see that mug?