Friday, May 01, 2009


I'll let the lovely Jennifer Godwin over at E-online, break it to you -- Sources tell us exclusively that Adam Arkin has joined FX's dark, violent (and awesome) motorcycle-gang series Sons of Anarchy for a multi-episode arc. Arkin will play Ethan Zobelle, a season-two antagonist for SAMCRO.

Unlike his current cute and fuzzy Ted character on Life, Arkin's new role on Sons of Anarchy will be anything but adorable. So what variety of wicked is this Ethan fellow? Here's what we can tell you...

Arkin's Ethan is described as a white supremacist who arrives in Charming, Calif., to open a new small business, reportedly a cigar shop. And you know who loves cigars, don't you? Ron Perlman's Clay Morrow, aka the undisputed boss of Charming and the sitting president of the Redwood Original. Clay doesn't love ultranationalist thugs, so skulls will no doubt be cracked before season's end.

Actor-musician Henry Rollins joined the Sons of Anarchy cast last month as another neo-Nazi baddie. (Kick his ass Jax!)

P.S. Don't fret, Life fans, Arkin could easily wedge this role in between seasons two and three, should Life be blessed with a last-minute cancellation reprieve from Ben Silverman at NBC or even Bonnie Hammer at USA.

Who else is looking forward to more SOA?