Friday, April 29, 2011


I hate fake.
I hate liars.
I hate douchebags who blow smoke up my ass.
I hate parasites who suck on the lifeblood of creative souls.
I hate anyone who tells me "this will change your life".
I hate my body.
I hate the fact that no one is brave any more.
I hate that fear is the greatest motivator.
I hate cancer.
I hate mortality.
I hate that I didn't stay in the hospital room to watch my mother die.
I hate sugar.
I hate scotch.
I hate rails of cocaine.
I hate clutter.

I love fantastic, over-the-top ideas.
I love big, imaginative storytellers.
I love compliments.
I love my agent.
I love extreme personalities. 
I love clothes.
I love tolerance.
I love to intimidate.
I love Diet Coke.
I love getting older.
I love my mother.
I love sugar.
I love scotch.
I love rails of cocaine.
I love messy.