Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm working with some of my staff to create a SUTTERINK SOA YouTube Channel that will feature behind the scenes footage of Sons of Anarchy Season 4.  No spoilers, just everyday, "this is the shit that goes on that you never fucking see" kinda stuff.  Writer's room, set design/building, wardrobe, hair/makeup, transpo/motorcycles, etc.  Featuring the men and women with the "real jobs" who provide the services this show could never do without.  It'll be me and a couple PA's taking unedited, raw Flip and iPhone videos.  Could be really lame, might be cool.  I could get bored and stop in two days.  I could get my ass kicked by teamsters.  Let's just see what fucking happens.

As I try to increase social media awareness for SOA and create a solid Twitter/Facebook base to reach out to fans, I will give folks access to the channel through my Twitter account and Facebook page.  So once you follow SutterInk on Twitter and/or "Like" my Facebook SOA page, you will gain access to the SutterInk SOA Channel.  Not sure how that works, but the geeks tell me it's possible.

It should be up and running in a couple of weeks.