Sunday, September 11, 2011


Keeping my word on the promise I made in my entry SEASON 4 PREMIER CHALLENGE/PROMISE, I have chosen the winners.  My selection process was not arbitrary or random.  It was not a raffle.  It was an opportunity to give something back to the fans.  Even though I'm choosing only two, I hope folks understand that this is my way of thanking you all.  I went back to season one and looked at fan input, dedication and general enthusiasm.  It was a tough choice, because SOA fans are all incredibly devoted.  But here's where I landed --

Myra Lowe, Lowecat on Twitter and Sutterink Blog.  Hails from Indianapolis, Indiana.  
Why: Because she and her motorcycle, Tig, have been followers since day one.  Myra is responsible for shutting down more pirate DVD sellers on e-Bay than Fox.  Her upbeat, go-get-'em spirit has always felt like good energy to me.  

Mark Mitteer, Twisted_Shadow on Facebook, Sutterink Blog and Twitter.  Hails from Little Rock, Arkansas. 
Why: Mark has also been a dedicated follower since day one.  He is responsible for a good chunk of my followers on Facebook and Twitter.  His near-harassment approach to alerting folks of the joys of SOA is something that amazes and frightens me.  Part of me is curious just to see who this guy is.  

Barring a vetting out by Fox security, Mark and Myra and one spouse/guest will be joining me for a screening of a season 4 episode.  Still working out the details of when and where, but I will fly them out, put them up and entertain the fuck out of them.  We'll document it and keep you all plugged in.

Our SWAG BASKETS for our overseas friends go to:

The ever-loyal, Tina Lou of the UK.
Why: She's been our biggest fan since day one.  She created and runs  

And Julen Cancerbero of Spain.
Why: Because I like saying his name.

I'll have someone in my office reach out to the winners this week. Thank you all for your dedication and you know if I was Rupert, I'd fly you all out for a screening.  

Keep watching and I'll keep giving away free shit.