Friday, August 30, 2013


Hey Kids, as a reminder --

If we increase our SONS OF ANARCHY season 6 premier numbers by any percentage in the key demos, myself and some unwilling cast member will show up in your home town and take over your favorite bar, club or theatre and watch a season 6 Son's episode with you, your friends and your highly dysfunctional family.  

(It will most likely be episode 610, 611 or 612.  We can't do the the finale because we are doing SOA AFTERWORD that night.)

We will come baring gifts, good cheer and basically disrupt your neighborhood and piss off all your neighbors.  Fuck those neighbors, I hate those shitheads anyhow.  With their stupid fucking non-permitted construction and their ugly faux stone wall and their ridiculous fucking purple pool... (sorry, I'm working out some local shit)

My plan is to tape the whole event for some awesome Season 6 DVD bonus material.

The winner will be chosen at random from social media.  Anyone following my Twitter @sutterink or my Sutterink Facecock page will be eligible.  Sorry, international fans, this one is limited to residents of these United States.

So please spread the word.
Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premier
It promises to be the most memorable season premier to date.

Friday, January 25, 2013


This is the article I wrote for Variety's special issue on violence in the media.  

(In the spirit of outlaws, I stole the above image from another blog.)

I live in two worlds.  The right wing, gun-toting, meat-eating, Harley-riding, racist, homophobic, masochistic fantasy dynasty, that is SOA. And the centrist-liberal, anti-gun, vegan, Tesla-driving, gay-priding, civil-minded, pro-choice existence, that is my personal life.  I often struggle with how much of each spills into the other.  For Sons of Anarchy, I struggle with not letting my personal politics pollute my creative choices.  The same way I clash with how my creative choices often rub hard against who I am as a person.  I am very aware that SOA is an imaginary world.  That’s why I lean so heavily on the absurdist quality in the show.  The pulp nature of the violence keeps me in the creative arena of fantasy.  I might as well be writing about wizards and fairies.  Although I infuse my characters with my dreams, desires, defects and defenses, they do not share my outlook on life.

The awareness of my professional duality always becomes heightened and challenged in the face of gun violence and tragedy.  I write a brutal show about guns, death and violence.  Because of that, I have to take stock of my responsibility as an artist and understand my impact on the viewers.  Self-awareness is a bitch. It requires humility, openness and the willingness to change. It is absolutely necessary for growth, individually and collectively. 

When the NRA broke their weeklong silence about the tragedy in Newton, and placed the blame on Hollywood, my immediate reaction was stunned rage.  Really?  This is how you take responsibility?  This is how you help heal the wounds?  It was reckless and absurd.  But I didn’t tweet or blog about it, I did something I often have trouble doing, I paused.  I realized that the NRA’s response was a tactic.  A familiar tactic.  By creating another conflict, Guns vs. Media, the gun machine continues to distract from the real issue, Gun Reform.  So rather than retaliate, I think it’s imperative to stick to the quest for a solution.  The NRA is not the bad guy, but they need to cooperate in our need to end the violence to be a good guy.

What is the solution?  I don’t know.  No one does.  Yet.  Many people have spoken up about the desperate need for reform.  From Obama to Howard Stern, folks have shared their sympathy and hope for change.  The promising thing, and perhaps the only real different message that has landed, is the awareness that there is not just one thing responsible for the carnage.  It’s not just gun laws or bad parenting or our mental health care system.  It’s all those things and more.  The truth is, as our world grows exponentially, so do our problems.  Evil always manages to adapt, re-invent, circumvent and find new and extraordinary ways to rip out our hearts.  Good needs to follow the same path.  It’s time for our solutions to get off the linear track.  We cannot save ourselves working in the same sick box.  

As far as my own responsibility in the Newton tragedy -- I made a comment after the shooting in Aurora, which I still believe to be true: “Man's inhumanity to man is as old as humanity itself. Some people just do evil things. Most do not. A billion people have seen Batman movies over the past 20 years, and they have been entertained and inspired. One man saw it as a sick entry point for mass murder. The one is tragic. The billion are not. I choose to write for the billion."

Having said that, if in this three-dimensional quest for reform, empirical data surfaces which proves that the violence in Sons of Anarchy is responsible for an uptick in violent acts, I would be forced to amend my current philosophy and take responsibility for the impact of my art.  Until then, I’ll keep writing about wizards, fairies and bikers.  And if need be, I’ll bite off my own tongue. 

Thursday, August 02, 2012



I guess folks are confused about the parameters of the challenge.  It's not a contest where you need to enter anything.  Like last year, the challenge is to spread the word about the SOA premier on 9/11, then if we get the uptick, I choose 4 fans to join us for the celebration.  Last year, I chose winners based on seniority and substantial contribution.  This year it'll be more of a lottery.  I'll take all my followers on Twitter (I'm assuming most people that follow on Facebook, YouTube and this blog also follow on Twitter... if not, follow now) then I'll pick four random numbers from 1 to whatever my total followers are on that day.  The first four US-based names will win.  I'll do what I did last year and also chose four random international winners and send them swag baskets.


I'm doing it again bitches.  Can you make my motherfucking dreams come true and party with the SONS like it's 1967?

With every passing season, more and more fans are watching Sons off their DVR and other devices.  Such is the future of television.  SOA had a huge jump when the show caught fire between seasons one and two.  We grew almost 90%, which was fucking crazy.  It settled back down the next season; we only had a marginal bump between seasons two and three and then we upticked in season four to become the MOST WATCHED show ever on FX.  You know I'm still semi-erect about that shit.    

I know how unlikely it is to beat those numbers.  Shows begin to lose viewers in later seasons and with more and more people watching the show through, you know... questionable means, it's hard to get people in front of a television these days.  Destination TV is becoming a thing of the past.  Especially if you have a Nielsen box in your homes.  

So in SEASON FIVE the challenge is simple: ANY PERCENTAGE of a bump in 18-49 or household viewers and I pick... let's say FOUR viewers to come to Los Angeles and watch an episode of SOA with me, the cast and a few of my closest birds.  We'll fly you out, put you up and turn you on.  We'll also include your visit in the season 5 DVD additional content FAN APPRECIATION CHALLENGE. 
So pass it on to the cyber-universe and all orbiting bodies with Nielsen boxes -- watch September 11th.  

That's right, 9/11 bitches -- we're gonna blow some shit up... too soon?

I love you.