Thursday, November 01, 2007


In my excitation about our pilot pick up, I mentioned a few things off the record to a Variety reporter -- which were then printed. Apparently, I mistakenly assumed off the record actually meant off the record. Lesson learned. Shut my big fucking mouth. In the piece, there were references to a specific northern Cali motorcycle club. Shortly after the article hit the AP, we received a cease and desist notice from that organization. They claimed our title, "Forever Sam Crow" was a copyright infringement of one of their slogans. As a show of good faith, and not wanting antagonize the very community I'm trying to honor, we changed the name of the show and extracted that slogan from our ficticious world. The name of the club is Sons of Anarchy. As of today, that is also the title of the show. On the record, I'll say that the motorcycle club was not modeled or based on any specific organization. It's a result of research, both real world and academic. It's a fine line. I want to to represent this world as realistically as possible, honestly capture the life style, the mindset, the drama. And yet, those parallels can't be too close or so accurate that people and groups feel like their civil liberties are being exploited. So we move forward, with a desire to do the right thing. Eyes open and lawyers at hand.