Thursday, March 10, 2011


I turned in Southpaw to Dreamworks on Wednesday... then started writing 401 on Thursday.  I don't do well with down time.  I'm not sure what will happen with the feature.  It was a one-step deal so DW isn't obligated to hire me for the next draft.  I had a blast writing the script, truly, the most fun I've had writing a feature length script in years.  I'm hoping they dig it and bring me on for the next step, but it's always a crap shoot.  I refer to feature writing as my "virtual career".  I spend months generating drafts and then they slip into the netherworld of endless development.  It's a long, involved process.  Television, on the other hand, is my very satisfying day job.  Where we break story on Monday, write it on Tuesday, shoot it on Wednesday, edit it on Thursday and watch it on Friday.  That's an exaggeration, but not by much.  It's incredibly satisfying to actually create, produce and control your vision from start to finish.  A luxury I have yet to experience in films. 

It's always an odd experience diving into the first script of the season.  I wade in slowly because I know the moment I write SMASH UP ON:, I'm on a ride that lasts nine months.  A good ride, but a long one.  This season is no exception.  I've been stuck on page one for two days.  I often procrastinate on iTunes looking for the right song to begin the season.  Sometimes I hear the baseline and melody of the opening before I see the direction of the story.  Hooking that rhythm up with a song often propels me into the episode.  

We locked in our production schedule and will start rolling on May 23rd.  I don't know when FX plans to air season four, but I would imagine they will stick with what's worked in the past and aim for early September.  

I'm very excited about season four.  My writers are firing on all cylinders and we're coming up with some very cool, very crazy fucking shit.  It's creatively liberating to be able to reboot and play with new dynamics and new relationships within our club.  A lot can happen in fourteen months, especially in prison.  Loyalties, trust and friendships can take odd turns when you are living in a cage.  

I know everyone is screaming for spoilers, but I'm not gonna tease anything yet.  I do know that I'd like to get out some kind of content to fans long before the premier.  We'll definitely get the iPhone/iPad app rolling with new shit over the summer, but I'm having conversations with the network and studio now about more extensive content.  Either in the form of webisodes or extended trailers.  Something to keep feeding the beast.  And by beast I mean our awesome, ravenous fans.  

I love you.  I fear you.