Saturday, March 13, 2010


Ive been very negligent about my blogging lately.  Facebook and Twitter are so much easier.  And more than often, dangerous.  Me with an instant venting source is not a good thing.  My passions tend to get me in hot water.  I recently Twittered about losing an editor to Frank Darabont and basically called Frank a cunt.  Although the move was a shitty one (poaching staff), it probably didn't help my career any lashing out at Mr. Shawshank.  Add another amends to the list. 

Anyway, season three is shaping up, the premier is written and I'm finishing up a draft of 302 this weekend.  We begin production in five weeks and I hope to have two more scripts done by the time we start.  I've met with all the actors and everyone is eager to get back to work. 

You may have read in the trades this week that we signed on Kenny Johnson for six episodes.  I'm really excited about working with KJ again.  We established his character, Kozik, in episode 212 last season.  He's a Tacoma-based Son who has a history with Tig and the Redwood Originals.  We are in the process of making deals with four other guest stars.  Some returning, some new.  I will keep folks posted.  

I really appreciate the fan response on this blog, Facebook and Twitter.  People are seriously invested in SOA.  They have a lot of opinions, thoughts, desires and rants.  I love it.  Means we're doing something right.  Keep it coming.