Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've finished a draft of the first script and my writers are in the process of writing 202 and 203. We've broken the first four episodes and have a pretty solid handle on the arc of the season. Two weeks ago, I pitched the big ideas to the network and they loved them. It's cool when your boss is also a fan of the show. I don't just get "that's good for the network", I get "that's great shit for the show". They had very few notes on the first script, so we are off to a good start with the story-telling. My hope is to have four scripts approved by the time we start production at the end of April. Obviously, I can't give anything away, but I as I've said in a few interviews, this season is all about alliances. We are going to explore and exploit the bonds we have with our brothers, our family, our country and our god. As I was writing this first script, I smiled when I realized that I get to channel all my twisted Catholic angst into a show about men who play God. I love my fucking job. Still uncertain exactly when season two will air. A lot depends on FX's development slate. I will keep you posted.