Saturday, November 15, 2008


This from actor, W. Earl Brown's Myspace page: "HBO has decided not to pick up 1%. There is an alchemy that sometimes happens when a group comes together and the total sum is greater than the individual parts. It is a rare thing to occur, especially in the ego-centric world of Hollywood. When that alchemy happens, as did in DEADWOOD, the results can be astounding. 1% had it. The show had the capacity to work at the same rarified level as DEADWOOD, SOPRANOS, SIX FEET UNDER, THE WIRE, etc. However the new management seems to be afraid. The network went from being run by a balls-out, shoot-from-the-hip sort of guy (who I did not always agree with) to a knees-aquiver, nail-biting, "worried what the NY TIMES will say" sort of guy. The Death Rangers scared him. It's ashamed. Truly." Not sure if 1% was destined for the greatness of the aforementioned shows. It was plagued with issues both creative and legal from the jump. I like to believe that ultimately it was bad karma that brought it to its knees. Stealing from me and the Linsons is one thing, but screwing Sonny. What the fuck were they thinkin'? PS. Did I mention that Mr. Brown auditioned for our show but did not get the role. Frankly, I found his work "ham-fisted and obvious".

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as I've posted before, I'm a huge gamer. PC purist. I've got thousands of titles on my shelf. I got the new Call of Duty, World at War yesterday. Installed it, played it for about an hour, then caught the east coast feed of my show. The hour was sponsored by Activision's Call of Duty, World at War. I am my own target demo...