Friday, September 12, 2008


My plan was to write a scathing, demeaning commentary on Brian Lowry's latest column. In which he quoted me out of context and labeled me the "inane broadside from the left". But after re-reading it a few times I have to admit, it's a smart article and pretty insightful. And if I get really honest -- his parenthetical assessment of a TV creator is pretty accurate. When you work your ass off on a project for over two years, put your heart, mind and creative guts on the line, you have NO perspective. The premier of a show is a one time shot. It's the hour you spend 90% of your advertising budget on, your talent does countless hours of interviews and press tours, the network endlessly finesses the right time and day, and you can NEVER get that 60 minutes back. I was quoting my wife's emotional response about how many people watched Sarah Palin the night SOA premiered. She said she felt like "we were 9-11'd". Meaning that people watched the RNC like disaster coverage. She was right, they did. And for the record, I don't think the other 240 million people who didn't watch my show were part of a right wing conspiracy to undermine my success. But I do stand behind my political assessment of Sarah I'm the what? Palin. McCain-Palin is a lazy ticket, playing to the dumbest common denominator. And if TV trends are any indication of the political acumen of this country, McCain will probably be our next lazy, dumb president. Anyway, it's a smart read. I'll get you next time Mr. Lowry...

Thursday, September 11, 2008