Saturday, August 01, 2009


Coming into the home stretch. Writing 211, prepping 210, filming 209, editing 207, mixing 206. This is that time of year where the story road gets very narrow. All the narratives start to intertwine and come to a head. It's been a tough season for all our characters -- emotionally and physically. I think it will be very satisfying for the loyal fans and hopefully intriguing enough to attract new viewers. The finale (which might be 90 minutes) will be pure BLOODY fun. The premier episode, Albification, went out to critics. I'm already hearing buzz about the "horrifying event" that happens to one of the crew. Jennifer Godwin, over at E-online wondered if it would turn away fans. I'd say it'll rock folks a bit, in a good way, but if they stick around, they'll see that it wasn't gratuitous and that it indeed fuels the emotional engine of the season. FX has their TCA panel this week -- Television Critics Association. Charlie, Ron, Katey, Maggie, Henry Rollins, Adam Arkin and myself will do a Q & A for critics about the upcoming season. Then critics will get the next four episodes to review. I have to say, getting reviewed is such a mind-fuck. I try to stay detached -- not take the bad ones personal, not be over-satisfied with the good ones -- but man, it's difficult. Not sure how others handle it, but I hate the fact that I'm deeply impacted by the opinions of others. Some of it is human nature, some of it is my emotional immaturity. The truth is there are so many variables that dictate the tone of a review, that only an idiot would take them to heart. So here I sit, the idiot. Let the mind-fucking begin. More to come...