Tuesday, January 18, 2011


First, let me say that I'm still quite shocked by the win.  Of course I felt Katey was deserving of the award, but I held zero expectation that her talent would be recognized.  I think that was obvious if anyone saw the telecast, I was fucking stunned.  And I was equally as surprised and happy to see Boardwalk Empire and Buscemi get the gold as well.

It's interesting that almost every article on Katey's win also mentioned my past remarks about the Golden Globes and the Emmy's.  Reviewers wondering (and hoping) if the win would fly in the face of my heated point of view.  First of all, my beef with the Globes last season had nothing to do with the HFPA members or their process, it was simply a heated outburst about being snubbed.  I do that occasionally.  Clearly my comments didn't affect foreign press member's opinion of Katey or the show.  Who knows, maybe my vitriolic response in some small, insidious, subconscious way helped motivated them to look beyond the obvious.  Most likely they were just too busy or too smart to read my blog.

As far as the Emmy's... I'm sorry Solberg, my opinion remains the same.  It's an award driven by popularity, familiarity and buzz.  I've said this before -- most Academy members are too busy to invest the time to actually watch shows and make fair and accurate decisions about what television programs are truly superior.  Instead they vote for shows they themselves watch (popularity), shows they or their friends work on (familiarity), or shows that everyone else has said is terrific (buzz).  I still feel it's a broad and inaccurate process that inspires tired, lazy and blind decisions.  This is not to say that shows and talent that win don't deserve it, I'm just suggesting that it's a pretty much a crap shoot.  That's why the day after the award nominations are announced there is more coverage about the absurd snubs than the actual nominees.  

And no, it will never change.  Nor do I have any constructive input to help.  So yes, I'm just fucking beefing.  Sometimes I feel like my service to the industry is to say the things that others are thinking but have too much self-control and self-respect to say out loud.  I'm not sure if I'm proud of that.  Probably not.

In my mind, the Television Critics Association Award is still the most accurate judge of quality (which I clearly do not expect to be nominated for this year).  The TCA's are voted on by people whose job is to watch, analyze and review the quality of television.  My only beef with the TCA's is that I wish they had more categories.

Will SOA get any Emmy love this year?  Who knows, perhaps Katey's Globe win may generate enough buzz to land her on the ballot.  Most likely my fellow sheep will wander into the same pasture and eat the tall, familiar grass.  Then like clockwork, expunge the same old shit.  But after Sunday night, I must admit, I hold out a small remote hope that perhaps, this year, there will be fecal enlightenment.