Monday, August 09, 2010


I thought I'd take a moment from my bombastic walk down the dark, rocky road I travel upon to update fans as to the current status of the show.  

All 13 episodes are broken.
A writer's draft of 313 is being written.
I am currently working on my draft of 312.
Adam Arkin is prepping 311.
Gwyneth H-Payton is directing/shooting 310.
Stephen Kay is working on his director's cut of 309.
I'm working on my producer's cut of 308.  This will be a 90 minute episode. 
Craig Yahata, my post producer, is working on the pre-mix for 307.
306 is mixed and in layback.
305 is getting final post touches and is ready for final mix and layback.
304 is done and out to critics.
303 is mixed and waiting for a re-shoot to drop in.  A temp version is out to critics.
302 is done and out to critics.
301 is done and out to critics.  The name of the premier episode is "SO".

The SOA iPhone app should hit the week that episode 308 airs.  It'll make sense why.  

Thanks for checking in.  More to come as we get closer to the premier date.