Thursday, October 02, 2008


So I'm neck deep in writing the last two scripts and the last thing I should be doing is updating my fucking blog... or playing Crysis Warhead or Gears of War or Rainbow 6 Vegas II. But I just got off the phone with FX and I'm happy to report that our ratings went up again this week. "Giving Back" matched the premier number in the 18-49. And our Sunday and Tuesday night repeats of "Patch Over" were both up. Sons of Anarchy continues to attract new viewers and more importantly, it's keeping the ones we have. Look, in the general scheme of things, 1.5 is not a huge number. Network shows do 10's and higher. But in cable it's a respectable number and the truly phenomenal thing is the fact that not only aren't our numbers dropping off, they're actually improving. In this gluttonous landscape of scripted TV, that shit isn't supposed to happen. I can't tell you the number of comments and emails I've gotten from viewers who assure me that they are telling all their friends and colleagues about the show. It's working. I'm glad people are digging the show. If you keep watching, I'll keep writing. Thanks again.