Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I've returned to my office in the asshole of North Hollywood.  Feels like only yesterday that season 4 ended (that's sarcasm).  Taking meetings, hiring a couple new writers.  Slowly slipping on the leathers.  And the ball-gag. 

I'm back with my writing team at the end of the month and we'll go back into production mid-May.  

Here's what I know about season 5.  No spoilers.  Just thematics.  I've always seen the show as the Prince's journey.  Jax is a man, but he's been unsure of the kind of man he will be.  He has yet to decide on his legacy.  Season 5 will force him to make those decisions.  This season will be a pivotal one in the arc of the series.  Not that all the seasons haven't been essential in shaping the mythology, but this season will begin to lay track for how the series ends.  In a feature film, season 5 would be the end of act two.  Where the hero has been faced with the primary conflict and obstacles and is forced to make a decision that either ends well or not-so-well.  

I see season 5 as being a more deliberate season.  I'm not sure how to expand upon that other to say that the decisions our hero makes will be less impulsive and more permanent.  The stakes will be ratcheted up while the pace will be slowed down.  Not that we won't have all the pulpy goodness we have every season (we will still blow shit up), it'll just have a different rhythm.  

I'm also working with the network, studio and home entertainment group to get something to the fans much earlier this season.  Some kind of behind-the-scenes project that will plug folks back in as early as June.  I know how long of a wait it is to September and I'm thinking of a weekly segment with the actors that teases the new season without spoiling.  Basically bringing you into our world as we produce the show.  We'll make it available on the app, the website and I'm hoping to actually get it on air (although that's me talking out of my ass right now).  I'll keep you posted about that and anything else that falls out of my ass.

And I'll try to blog more.  Twitter is really spoiling my blogging.  Every time I think of something to blog, I'll say, "fuck it", and tweet the 140-character version.  My father was right, I'm a fat, lazy fuck.

Happy new year, bitc...

Oh, yeah, one of my new year's resolutions is not to call my kids, "bitches".  I'm lumping you into that as well. 

Happy new year, kids.