Monday, February 22, 2010


I posted this on my new Facebook page, but I figured I'd blog it as well.  It'll be an ever-growing list of FAQ's.  It was fun to do.  I hope you dig it.

1. I have a great idea for the show, can I send it you?

No.  I cannot accept any ideas, pitches, stories, scripts, notions or dreams from anyone.  It's a legal issue.  It protects me and you.  If you send it, post it or email it -- it will be shredded, removed and deleted.  Sorry. 

2. I want to be an actor on your show, how do I audition?

If you are a SAG/AFTRA actor who has a permanent address in Los Angeles you can have your agent submit a picture and resume to our casting director, Wendy O'Brien.  If the picture is not sent through a signatory agency chances are the envelope will never be opened. 

3. How can I be an extra on your show?

If you a union or non-union actor who has a permanent address in Los Angeles you can contact Jim's B-List -- .

4. I'm a singer/songwriter, I have a band, I have a perfect song for the show, how do I submit music?

As with the actors, a musical artist is best served by an agent or manager submitting their music through the proper channels.  Bob Thiele, my composer and musical supervisor is trying to come up with a realistic system where submissions can actually get heard.  Right now, we get hundreds and simply don't have the manpower or time to listen to them all.

5. When is the Season 2 DVD coming out?

Summer, 2010.

6. When is Season 3 beginning?

We never have an exact premier date until a few weeks before.  We did very well with the timing of season 2, so my guess is that we will air some time in early September, 2010.  But right now, that is just speculation.

7.  Is Half-Sack really dead?

Fuck, yes.

8.  Is that Katey singing "Ruby Tuesday"?

Yes, Katey sang "Son of a Preacher Man" in Season 1 and "Ruby Tuesday" in Season 2.  I hope to have her sing a song every season. 

9.  Who is Edward Winterhalder and why is he saying that the character of Jax is based on one of his books?

I do not know Mr. Winterhalder, never read any of his fiction.  From what I am told he is a former outlaw biker who turned rat and now makes his living as an author and outlaw biker "expert".  I can only speculate that my choice of using real outlaws as technical advisers instead of a celebrity one somehow upset Mr. Winterhalder.  I guess his claims are sour grapes and his parasitic attempt at getting a piece of SOA's success.

10. Are you really afraid of dolls?

Fuck, yes.

11.  Why do you swear so much?

Fuck, yes.

12. I have something very special I want to give you, can I send it to you?

Fuck, no.

13. How come you only do 13 episodes?  Why not 22 or 26 like network shows?

The model for FX and many other cable networks is 13.  Yes, it's about money and scheduling, but it's also about quality.  First of all, we cram more story into 13 episodes of SOA than most network dramas fit into 26.  Second, this model allows us to make what I hope are 13 thoughtful, provocative 44 minute independent films, instead of 26 formulaic, predictable big-budget movies.  Thirdly, my writers, cast and crew spend 7-9 back-breaking months making this show.  It's guerrilla film-making and a labor of love.  Any more than 13 would fucking kill us.

14. I live in a remote village in the Ukraine, when will "Sons of Anarchy" air there?

International sales and scheduling is not my job.  I have no idea if, when, where the show will be airing outside of the United States.  I know it's selling very well internationally, I just don't know any details.  I suggest you contact your local cable company and ask them. 

15. My friend watches the show over the internet for free, how does he do that?

Your friend steals.  If you want to watch "Sons of Anarchy" over the net, I'd ask that you do it legally through the FX website, Hulu or iTunes.  Pirating hurts the artist more than the conglomerate.  I know it may not seem like a big deal, and you probably justify it by saying, "Oh, Fox can afford it", but it's a huge problem.  The truth is every time you illegally download an episode of "Sons", you put actors, writers, and crew out of work.  Think about that next time you watch a lime-wire episode.

16.  I see "Sons of Anarchy" merchandise all over e-Bay and other internet sites.  Is this real SOA stuff?  Where can I buy official "Sons of Anarchy" stuff?

No.  The stuff on e-Bay is all pirated merchandise.  Some of them even blatently say "official SOA" shirts, hats, etc. -- they are not.  It's someone selling illegal gear.  It's criminal and there is very little we can do to stop it.  Again, people justify it by saying, "Oh, Fox can afford it", but once again buying that shit doesn't help the show.  The Fox/FX Store is the ONLY place to buy real SOA merchandise.  We will be expanding the line extensively very soon. 

17. Who is Sam Crow?  What does Samcro stand for?  Is there a difference between the two?

SAMCRO is an acronym for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Originals.  Sam Crow is the personification of that acronym.  It's how the club refers to themselves.  Kinda the way Bob Dole called himself Bob Dole.  Over time, the locals began calling them Sam Crow as well.  In fact most of the members live in a part of Charming called "Sam Crow's Corner". 

18. What is Redwood Originals about?  Why isn't the charter called Charming?

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club was created by John Teller and Piney Winston in November of 1967 and the first charter was called "Redwood".  Simply because they weren't settled in any one city.  They cruised the Northern California coast from Eureka to Big Sur -- Redwood country. It wasn't until after Gemma became pregnant with her first son, Jackson, that they decided to settle in Charming -- the town where Gemma grew up.  At that point, John Teller thought Charming was a little too cute for a charter name, so he called the charter the Redwood Originals.  That's when the SAMCRO handle was born.