Thursday, December 17, 2009


My Christmas gift from the beautiful and kind Winter Ave Zoli (Lyla). Happy Holidays.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Now that my angry tweets are all over the net and I continue to bolster my reputation as the most dangerous showrunner in Hollywood, I figured I'd briefly weigh in.

I was actually in a pretty Zen place about the Globes.  I knew from our press guy that we were off the radar and weren't gonna win.  Basically Fox couldn't afford to buy us an award too.  I was cool.  But when I woke up and I saw who/what actually got nominated, I just got really pissed.  Actually, not pissed, insulted.  I think all those years of being ignored on The Shield is having a cumulative effect.  I get it, the Globes are a sham (Nikke Finke breaks it down best), but they are still a valuable marketing tool and as shallow as it sounds, those golden statues boost an artist's ego.  So when I saw actors like Courtney Cox getting nominated for fucking Cougar Town and Kyra Sedgewick for The Closer (both talented actors but the performances in these vehicles are just not award worthy), I snapped.  Look, I know she's my wife and I know there in no way in hell I can be objective, but Katey's performance not being recognized is a little offensive, no? 

For the record, I called the Foreign Press old, tired and lazy.  That was a heated opinion based on very little research, any resemblance between my appraisals and persons living or dead, although intentional, is purely coincidental.

I'm trying to stay hopeful about the Emmys, but I know Sons is riding a very dark horse in that race also.  I broke all that down last year in this blog.  The support from the fans on my blog, Twitter and FB has been great.  I know at the end of the day, the gold statues don't mean shit.  And I wish I could just sit back, be humble and shut my fucking mouth (and trust me, there's a long list of people wishing the same thing), but alas, I make no promises.  For today, I am content with having the best job in Hollywood, rabidly loyal viewers and the praise of a few good critics.