Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Now that my angry tweets are all over the net and I continue to bolster my reputation as the most dangerous showrunner in Hollywood, I figured I'd briefly weigh in.

I was actually in a pretty Zen place about the Globes.  I knew from our press guy that we were off the radar and weren't gonna win.  Basically Fox couldn't afford to buy us an award too.  I was cool.  But when I woke up and I saw who/what actually got nominated, I just got really pissed.  Actually, not pissed, insulted.  I think all those years of being ignored on The Shield is having a cumulative effect.  I get it, the Globes are a sham (Nikke Finke breaks it down best), but they are still a valuable marketing tool and as shallow as it sounds, those golden statues boost an artist's ego.  So when I saw actors like Courtney Cox getting nominated for fucking Cougar Town and Kyra Sedgewick for The Closer (both talented actors but the performances in these vehicles are just not award worthy), I snapped.  Look, I know she's my wife and I know there in no way in hell I can be objective, but Katey's performance not being recognized is a little offensive, no? 

For the record, I called the Foreign Press old, tired and lazy.  That was a heated opinion based on very little research, any resemblance between my appraisals and persons living or dead, although intentional, is purely coincidental.

I'm trying to stay hopeful about the Emmys, but I know Sons is riding a very dark horse in that race also.  I broke all that down last year in this blog.  The support from the fans on my blog, Twitter and FB has been great.  I know at the end of the day, the gold statues don't mean shit.  And I wish I could just sit back, be humble and shut my fucking mouth (and trust me, there's a long list of people wishing the same thing), but alas, I make no promises.  For today, I am content with having the best job in Hollywood, rabidly loyal viewers and the praise of a few good critics.


Anonymous said...

You are so right! Most of the cretive competition events are just pure bullshit. You are right again when you say you have the best fans (ok, ok, so I'm included in that group, so I'm biased.)
And while you can't take fan-dom and buy yourself a new swimming pool, try to keep in mind that as you lay on your back, taking your last breath of air, you created some of the best, most original concepts and actually got them out to John Q. Public. There are a few of us that are grateful. And now that you have posted this blog, what do you plan on doing for work next year?
Love and Respect.

Shawn said...


You have every right to be pissed! I sent you a comment on twitter earlier about the suits and how they will never allow a show about a 1% outlaw biker gang win big over their CRAP shows like Cougar Town and Glee! No matter how good Sons is they will blackball it. Don't let up. I don't know about you but when I face situations like that it drives me to do hone my craft even more! (not that you need to) You are right you don't need the statues to know you have the best show on tv but it would be nice to be able to stroll around with the SAMCRO swagger with all the Hollywood suits! Keep it up brother!! FTW

Charlie said...

Eh. After the fifth season of The Shield got ignored completely from all the award shows in 2006 (which still pisses me off to this day), I just stopped paying attention.

Personally, I think all of the best shows on TV today are the ones who don't get nominated. Look at not just Sons Of Anarchy but Breaking Bad as well. That show had a wonderful season as well and it was completely shut out too.

And it's really the fans who count anyway. We seem to know better.

Keep kicking ass, Kurt.

Amanda Z said...

Katey was definitley denied what is rightly hers. And every true fan knows it. I think speaking your mind on anything for that matter is what you should have and what you should continue to do. We all admire you for doing so. I completley agree with you on the other nominees. I enjoy watching Cougartown but Cox as a best actress for that role? Seriously?!? It's awesome to know you realize your strong fan base (almost cult like as we are) is behind you 100%. Keep on keepin on! :)

Unknown said...

I know the GGs and the Oscars are marketing tools, but there are movies that win those things that I've never bought because I just knew it was a fake performance.

It always feels like companies buy votes or something because really, how many people are watching a show about fucking vampires and paying $20 a month for it?

SOA was walking all over the other cable shows and even trumping Network. There is no excuse for these judges to not even watch the show. It definitely deserved a nomination at least.

Old Gregg said...

I know I can't relate directly Kurt, considering it's your show, but I understand how you feel. I always try to tell myself the the Golden Globes/Emmys are bullshit, and that I shouldn't care, but every time they come around and shows like the Shield and SoA don't get nominated it just pisses me off. It's always the same lame shows, with the same mediocre actors. I mean come on, Courtney Cox but not Katey Sagal? The Golden Globes can go fuck themselves.

Unknown said...

I agree that Katy's performance this season deserves many awards..Simply amazing...As is the entire cast and writing staff..But I've seen the types of shows that get those awards...Very rarely is it a show worthy (in my opinion) of getting an award.

I've always been a fan of shows that don't follow the cookie cutter that Hollywood has become...The lack of truly original ideas is rather disturbing..And I know you addressed that in a post as well..Many people have pitched shows about MC's but you followed through...And FX realized the potential and I hope they continue to see the benefits of having you and the SoA family around...

It's not a statue, Kurt..But for what it's worth..Outstanding fucking job man!! To you and to all the cast,writers, and crew that make SoA happen. You not only have my upmost respect as an artist but as also a man who says what's on his mind..That's very refreshing these days...And don't worry..If you say something that gets you in trouble just say the word and the Disciples of Anarchy will mobilize ;-)

ps..just because I have your twitters sent to my phone doesn't mean I'm rabid...well...maybe a little

Anonymous said...

As someone who has always been addicted to series which have flown under the radar and largely gone unrecognized, it is no surprise to me that SOA was shut out of the GG. But as a woman of 50 who still has a lot of tread left, I was so rooting for KS to be recognized both for her amazing and nuanced performance this season, as well as just being one hot chic that can set fire to the screen. She makes me proud to be 50! I love this show, and I love your blog. SOA made Tuesday nights so damn fun.

Bayer // Old Dog said...

You should be pretty pissed off. I know I am. Fuck, Kate didn't get one? She's by far the best actress on the telly. My girlfriend loves Gemma, in a strange way, she's a great role model women.

Cheer up, SOA time will come. Too much fans, they can't ignore it.


Ribby said...

AMEN Brother! I can't believe some of the stuff that got nominated over SOA. HOUSE for best drama??? REALLY???!!!!

Katey deserves an Globe, Emmy, and whatever other awards there are.

And in my opinion, Ryan Hurst should clean up supporting actor awards too! Just my 2 cents. said...

fuck em! as an employee in the record industry i see this all the time. Major labels buying grammy's to boost artist sales in order to recoup a little more of their investment. the great works of art are never truly recognized at the moment of their debut. I can honestly say no one has ever watched "cougartown" and built an emotional attachment to the characters and storyline. So as i sit and wait another god awful year for my one-hour enjoyment fix to come back on air, i hope you can see not being nominated as a sign that your show is doing something right. - MA dubb

An S.O.A Fan said...

We couldnt give a rats ass either in regards to those silly ass statuettes kurt.It's the continuos snub,especially for katey,shes one hell off an actress!!!Took the time today to read some of the backgrounds of the so-called hfpa and nearly busted a damn gut from laughing so fucking hard.

Duane Of The Dead - DWI said...

Hang in there! We have your back. I still like my idea of the 1,000 Harleys outside the Golden Globe Awards and raising some full throttle noise pollution. Stay strong and remember - let the sheep have their cages (and pablum TV) and you, the show and the fans will continue to ride and watch FREE and with gusto! Quality, like freedom, isn't easy or free... but it makes life worth living! And living well is the best revenge. Well, that and a visit to one's enemies from FTW!

Steamboat said...

Golden Globes are like Stars on the Walk of Fame: you buy them.

You guys are above that shit, and no you don't need some fucking trophy to know that in the last decade The Shield and Sons of Anarchy have been the best two shows on television period.

Pliny said...

Just started catching up to your show (and your blog) thanks the KCRW. Loving both. The Shield is hands-down my all time favorite series; one big long Netflix marathon when I picked it up around time time of its fourth season. (And damn did those long hiatuses hurt.) Keep doing exactly what you are doing.

Hurricane Natalie said...

I think that we're all upset that the show wasn't nominated for a single Golden Globe. I'm hoping, at least, for an Emmy nom when that comes around. The show deserves it and I feel like just a nomination is a validation that all of the hard work has paid off. Sure, the validation of dedicated fans is great, but I'm sure you'd also like to be recognized by your peers. This is completely understandable.

I know that the quality of the show isn't affected by awards, but it'd be nice to see such an intelligent, exciting show win/be nominated for something. I'd hate to see the hard work of the writers, actors, and crew go without reward and acknowledgement.

Hope that makes sense.

Unknown said...

Good critics, that's the only thing we can hope for now. Numbers don't lie and viewers love the show. But I can't help to agree with you, Katey's performance was one of a kind, it was lack of consideration! But one way or another, one day, they won't be able to hide/hold the capacity of SoA to be among the greatests. Much love & Kiss Kiss

susiego said...

Well said.
The best revenge will be to have a show that runs for many seasons and has the respect of your cast and crew and your loyal fan base

SP in PHX said...

Kurt, Kurt, Kurt. I've been there in a way. Awards, plaques, prizes, hugs, and reviews. But when it all comes down to it, what can you take down to the local biker bar or Food Mart and get something with? It's the dinero dude! Doesn't it all boil down to fans, rating points, and advertisers beating your door down? That's success! Market led and market driven. Gold idols are bling-swag. Mine are somewhere in a box up in my garage behind all the motorcycle parts! You're already on the right track. But something tells me you already know this. As for Katay... patience. The pot is aboil. SP in PHX

Unknown said...

I don't really care about awards.

About the GG, I don't watch Big Love. Mad Men is an overrated soap with fantastic production values. House is just not that good anymore. True Blood is fun, but not award-worthy. Dexter is one of the best shows on TV. I still can't believe Breaking Bad was not nominated.

About Sons of Anarchy, I have to admit I don't watch the series. I only come to your blog because I like how honest you are about the industry. I watched the first few episodes a long time ago and I didn't like it because I had a really hard time caring about the characters. Still, I'm gonna give it another chance and watch the first season back to back.

Jennifer said...

Sons is THE best show on and in my opinion those who vote for the globes and emmy's don't want to admit what a great show it is or that they too watch while on the edge of their seats EVERY tuesday night. You are a ROCKSTAR with your writting and Katey and crew are some of the best if not the best in the buisness.


jax1341 said...

You could always go and pull a Kanye during "best" actress ! Love your blog, your show and the amazing cast.

kimshum said...

the most dangerous showrunner in Hollywood

...or the most remarkable showrunner in Hollywood? Works on several levels.

It takes gumption to tell the truth in this biz. I salute you, sir.

Anonymous said...

It's not little offensive, it's very offensive.
Don't mean to make matters worse but I sorta' feel a little insulted as a viewer. All viewers should. These days when there are so many shows to watch with a lot of good actors in it, it's a bit weird that the ratings wouldn't speak for itself. Especially when we're talking the demographic that we are.
Meaning would the audience keep watching something that was poorly written and with bad acting. Doesn't make sense to me, but then again I could be wrong happens all the time. After all I'm human and get caught being that all the time.

Kind regards, Michelle

Anonymous said...

I usually read these entries and think, "That damn Sutter is off his meds again. Why doesn't Katy do something?" But this time, I feel like he's right on the money. Cougar Town?! Come on! I'm not sure if these events intentionally snub the projects off the main grid or if the people who make these decisions are just hardwired into networks, but either way Kurt is correct. "The Shield" being ignored was a crime and as for SOA, I can't figure what the block is. It's disappointing.

a woman scaRRed said...

i feel your pain.. just goes to show how shallow hollywood is. i effing LOVE the show.. u are doing well.. fuck them.. the real award is the love and support of ur fans.. :-)

Nicolas (a froggy in Brussels) said...

Wah man I've just finished watching the season 2 of SoA and I can't take my ass off the chair!!! It's really a great job you did creating this story!

Now be patient, I'm sure the award will come in time, especially for your wife (really balanced in her part).

I wish this series a long, long life and have a great success. You all have to carry on! Take care!

With all my respect

ManosTorgo said...

I just don't get how Simon Baker of the "Mentalist" is given a nomination. A show CBS ripped off from USA's "Psych" and Charlie and Ron are completely ignored?

I dig Mad Men but SOA and Dexter are two shows that have suspense and action every fucking week along with real character development moving a story forward. I get pumped up watching these shows.
I can only hope that next year SOA gets it's due in terms of gold awards. In the meantime, I'll be telling people they need to get caught up on seasons 1 & 2.

Ronnie B. said...

Oy. Seriously? Well..I may very well be slammed for saying this, but are you kidding me? Really?
Look, your show is fanfuckingtastic, you know it is, your fans know that, as do the cast and crew of Sons. As a viewer, consumer and marginally intelligent person, I don't give a damn about the golden globes or emmys. For the most part, I find the shows they nominate garbage and not worthy of my time or money. I would venture a guess that many people would say the same. You have thousands, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of fans that tout your show whenever possible. I have a mouth,a brain and even a few friends. When the topic of entertainment comes up (as it so often does, because it's something everyone can talk about) we (your collective fan base) talk up your show. You don't dumb it down, you don't use predictable plot lines and so.. the show.. just gets better and better.
Man, I WISH I had even a fraction of your brain and creative chutzpah. Because I'd run with it.. and use it to give the entertainment yoyos the middle finger and say, fine, ignore me and watch me top season 2(which, to my mind, will be a tough job, as Sons2 was staggeringly good) and collect even MORE viewers.
Insulted on your wife's behalf? I get that. But let's be frank. You wrote a multifaceted, complex role that nearly any other actress would be struggling with. If there's few good roles on tv nowadays, there's even fewer roles for women. YOU wrote it. She (your lovely wife) took it and turned it into something that's amazing to watch. The testament to her talent is, by god, her body of work. I was born in the 80s so MWC was off my radar, but I watched her voice Layla on Futurama, and even tuned into 8 simple rules. I can't think of any other actresses whom I watched in the 80s (my plate was filled with full house, the cosby show, family matters.. STFU- my choices were limited)that are still around today and putting out work as diverse and interesting as your wife continues to do.
You get to do what you love. You're aces at it. You got (what I assume) a fair deal from FX to continue on with a 3rd season. You said on a previous post that's how respect is given..and measured.
You want bitter? How about not being able to find a job? Turning in hundreds of resumes each month only to get a mass email reply stating sorry, you're a no go. How can I show (or tell) companies that I would be an asset to any place that would have me. I can't demonstrate my intelligence, integrity, and often times bizarre sense of humor if I'm not even given the slightest chance. A resume doesn't really demonstrate that. All it can prove is that I'm not a fucking ding-a-ling who can spell and has a stable job history.
So I guess, all in all, it's nice to see there are still human beings in hollywood.. insecurities and all. (even if it did make me roll my eyes)

FormerPR said...

Sorry the Globes ignored you, and I fear the Emmys will do the same. The accolades from fans and critics like Sepinwall and Mo Ryan will have to suffice for now.

In the past, I have had opportunity to get to know some of the HFPA members and I don't think it costs a lot to get them on your side. The perception is that they are a bunch of corrupt old men, selling their awards to the highest bidder. The truth is they are simply fans that got lucky enough to leave their countries and rub up against some of the most exciting people in the world. They crave acknowledgement more than swag. Invite them to the set, let them know you appreciate what they do. You don't need to kiss ass, just be friendly. They love to support an underdog, play that up and I bet they will vote differently next year.

bowling ninja said...

Though it may be some cold comfort, when we look back on TV in the '00s, we're going to be talking about projects like "The Shield" 'Sons" "The Wire" etc., and performances like Ms. Segal's.

Patti said...

Katey's performance not being recognized is VERY FUCKING offensive, YES!!! When you look at the performances that were nominated. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT!!!

I am part of an email campaign (sp?) to get SoA recognized. I have 7 accounts and sent emails from them all.

As always, love your blogs.

PatD64 said...

Screw um!!!! You won US!!!!! Be strong Kurt,Everyone knows the GGs are phony as the town they're conceived in,How the hell does Avatar,a movie that's not even out yet win GGs?

Oh and btw, you should win a 1000 GGs for this line "That was a heated opinion based on very little research, any resemblance between my appraisals and persons living or dead, although intentional, is purely coincidental"........HAHAHA Fantastic!!!

Jeffrey D Holt said...

Once again you are right on target. Keep doing the great job you and your cast and crew have done the last two years and to hell with the GG!

Anonymous said...

Most critiques are a joke. How do I view the top rated SAMCRO show? I did a web search, looking for ideas on modifying my 2009 Harley Dyna and I came across a ton of SAMCRO fans and supporter web sites! Mr. Sutter, your work is valued by REAL people who then spread the word and set up web sites and cannot fathom how they will survive until season three starts. Fuck Hollywood and enjoy the knowledge that your show rocks. Do a web search for the shows that did get awards - bet you do not see many hits from REAL fans...Kevin Hobbs

Anonymous said...

I know Cougar Town, really?

Unknown said...

It's the very reason I stopped watching the golden globes and oscars. Same people nominated and winning and in my opinion not deserving. More like it's phoned in. The prestige of award is not what it used to be.

Unknown said...

You have every right to be upset and voice it loud! You created something worth merit. Despite what others may think about it, (nearly) universal praise from those who claim to be experts on the subject only validates that claim. To be COMPLETELY ignored for any facet of your creation to be garnered an award is ludicrous and a clear indication that these awards are biased and unbalanced.

Furthermore, regardless of your personal relationship with your lead actress, Katey did more with a mere look in a single scene than other actresses did over an entire season.

Kayla Maree said...

I must agree with you are saying in this blog. I am a very big fan of your show, and i believe it should get the recognition it deserves. The actors alone deserve awards, especially in my eyes the main three; Charlie Hunnam, Katey Sagal, and Ron Perlman. You can tell they put their heart and soul into their performances.

I'm so sorry about this year and not getting the GG's but I hope you get it next year; maybe those people who choose the nominees will realize their mistake.

Scott Lehr said...


I understand where you are coming from and you have all the right in the world. Mad Men are you fucking kidding me. I think it is a given that any show that pushes the envelope is off the radar. You deserve it and so does Katie. I grew up watching her on Married with Children and man the performances she has put in on SAMCRO is incredible. Look at it this way. You have a terrific cast a great crew and the best network. The fans are here for you. Man, it is only Dec. and I am waiting for season 3. Thanks Kurt.

BigScary Bob said...

Like you say, you are riding a dark horse to these awards shows and you sling a nasty verbal gun at these folks, so it's unlikely that anyone of them is going to be heaping praise and awards on your efforts.
It TOTALLY blows, but that's the truth of who you are to these fucks that get to make the decisions about who gets the gold.

I personally think some Sutter SOA fan with the time and drive (wish I had it) should start a massive SOA fan write in campaign demanding that these Clowns recognize the efforts of the creator, cast and crew to put out something very special in the form of SOA. Either that or those Clowns should be made to wear floppy shoes and round red noses so we would all know who they are from a distance.

I believe that you have the recognition that means the most in the form of the fans who think you walk on water. I know it's always best to have your peers and "the powers that be" show you the respect you deserve in the form of the awards you deserve, but these folks are gonna try n keep you on the outs as long as they can because you tell it like it is and they all hate something they can't control. They admire it and wish it was theirs to have and control, but they do despise it out of fear. You got em on the ropes, enjoy the feeling and tell your folks how special they are for doing what they do for you, by treatin em right and keepin em close as I'm sure you already do quite well.

In time the real truth will come out, about how truly special you are, in the form of the rip off shows that are going to be lining up to try and take what's yours. The same way we have been inundated with cop and lawyer shows, I think the TV age of biker/social outcast/rebel TV shows is looming just ahead. It's all because you have started something new and amazing. Time will tell, but for now, YOU own it and that's all that matters!

Who's up for starting a write in/e-mail in campaign to get SOA some AWARD Show recognition?

Unknown said...

I feel for you Kurt. Katey wasn't just fantastic this season, she was fantastic LAST season as well. I will never ever forget what she did for the season two premiere, it's an image charred into my eyeballs.

Scott said...

I know it doesn't mean much, and I'm not the Golden Globes but I'm with you.

Tonya said...

It makes total sense to me why you would be offended. It's fucking offensive!

We, the audience, the ones you write this shit for are absolutely floored by the level of talent seen not only in the story lines but the actors! This shit is brilliant! ....and without a DOUBT Katey Sagal should have been recognized for the devotion she has put into Gemma's character. It's top caliber work and quite frankly the best thing on TV.

I agree, it's not about a fucking trophy but it IS about recognizing excellence; and the viewers, fans and artists say IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME. I'm over the award show payouts just to reward the mass produced TV scripts that keep us mind numbingly entertained. You, Mr. Sutter continue to give us thought provoking, raw and edgy work that will stimulate our minds, emotions and our devotion.
That is far more impressive than any trophy or stuffy recognition from the likes of the GG. They are just behind the game and when they finally get in it, they will realize SOA is taking over the airwaves. They will have no choice but to pay attention.

Love to you Mr. Sutter and your brilliant cast.

therealzenobia said...

I commented here awhile back that the mountain of awards presented to The Practice should remind us all of the way in which they honor the middle of the road. The Globes usually shame the Oscars and the Emmys by making an effort to avoid that B.S., so it is especially offensive that they've chosen this particular year to get on their knees for the status quo. What they've done is show us that they do not want to be more accurate and honest than those other awards anymore - they've sold out. Bitterness and bias accounted for, there's simply no excuse for precisely the noms you complained about.

I have a couple of awards earned in my field. I got them the dirty way, because I had to have them to survive - and because I needed to have had them in order to move on. There's one I still want, but I don't have cancer, I'm not about to retire, and I haven't blown anyone lately. I'm not especially proud of the others anymore; I see that they're nothing more than scalps. But I want the big one anyway.

What're you gonna do? We are who we are.

And you and Katey BOTH deserve some gold.

It sucks.

therealzenobia said...

p.s. Thanks for keeping on blogging for those of us who just cannot do the Twitter.

Anonymous said...

I have never paid attention to the awards. I watch what I like and I love SOA; yes Katey deserves to win. So, I hereby bestowe upon her the NOBODYSOLDLADY Award for Best Actress in 2009.
Thanks Katey and Kurt.

FreddywithaY said...

Sons of Anarchy is passed up by Hollywood and Ben Bernanke is Time Magazine " Person of the Year" , Ironic isn't it?....Main Stream Media is such a crock of Shit!

Crazy Horse said...

Katy's performance as Gemma gets dissed for Cougartown?? Now that is pretty lame.
I guess you have to be a "member of the club," or some kind of stuff like that.

Todd M Anderson said...

Katey in particular, and SOA in general, not getting recognized is a load of horseshit. The Golden Globes are dead to me now, killed themselves like the Oscars did when "Shakespeare in Love" beat "Saving Private Ryan" for best picture. Will Smith said it best when he stated that the only movies that matter (and the only awards) are the ones the fans choose to live and follow. I think SOA is definitely livedby it's fans.

Whohah said...

Wouldn't it be nice to have critics champion good art instead of reward the mediocre?

Hell -- from a purely $$ perspective, why not jazz up telecasts with some dark horses? Gin up some viewer interest and rake in more ad revenue?

Unknown said...

SONS is the best show on TV, no doubt - and your bride turned in a kickass performance of a kickass character. Emmys will be smarter. You watch.

Unknown said...

99.9% of TV really, really sucks. I watch National Geographic nature shows and SOA - that's it. Your show is THE best thing to happen to TV. I wish I could give you 100 Golden Globes and Emmys because you worked your ass off to give us something decent to watch and I really appreciate it!!

Marineposa said...

I will not be watching the golden whatever.... I will be watching SOA third season!!! I will be watching Kurt, Katie, Charlie, and the rest of the cast :-D History will be kinder to you. SOA will stand the test of time. It is the best written television show period... the gold statues don't mean shit and I'm glad you don't stay quiet. Like Dan Millman says,
"Moderation? It's mediocrity,fear, and confusion in disguise. It's the devil's dilemma. It's neither doing nor not doing. It's the wobbling compromise that makes no one happy. Moderation is for the bland, the apologetic, for the fence-sitters of the world afraid to take a stand. It's for those afraid to laugh or cry, for those afraid to live or die. lukewarm tea, the devil's own brew." Dan Millman, 21st century philosopher from The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Anonymous said...

I guess the issue is that we as fans all know how great the show, the performances, the writing, production values or whatever are, but if nothing else the GG's and Emmys are useful advertising tools. Like somebody who hadnt seen the show might check it out on the basis of "Well, it won all a them awards".

and much as I enjoy True Blood (hey, Anna Paquin is a Kiwi, and Grant Bowler (another Kiwi) is in the cast next year, it would be unpatriotic not to watch) and Mad Men, and Breaking Bad, SOA is the one that I would pick if I had to pick one.

So chin up, and at least FX support it.

Keen Writes said...

Good lord! You and your wife both deserve recognition for your work. I cannot stand this awards shit!


iheartjax said...

More than angry about Katey's GG slight, I was sad. How sad that so much of the world does not get to see or hear about the INCREDIBLE work she has graced the world with this season.

Parthenians said...

Yes, the Golden Globules, oozing out of the collective, mediocre asses used for brains that abound in fear and failure to recognize the excellence of a very brave and courageous woman, Katey Segal, are another reminder of the lack of hunger for truth and honesty in the work you and Katey gift all of us in every moment of the Sons.

Without story we are doomed to forget our roots and our responsibility to the truth of every moment. Most shows/films have forgotten how important story really is.

Thank you, Kurt, for having the fucking balls to write it and stand behind your vision and for sharing it with all of us, even the brain/heart dead.

Fans of the Sons have already given Katey the biggest award; their love, understanding, and gratitude for being herself and allowing us to feel deeply. Thanks Katey..

Unknown said...

I'm calling it out! SOA was robbed! The show not getting one, single, solitary nom? Ridiculous!

Katey Sagal snubbed for the likes of one drama actress who'll be referred to as Wooden Woman? Absolute horseshit!

therealzenobia said...

Okay, I watched Cougar Town, and it was nothing short of horrifying, in every single way.

Unknown said...

We can't have the mainstream giving an award and condoning a show about outlaws. That might legitimize a complicated layer of character studies that isn't about black and whites, but grays, and the balance of both in all of us. If any of the cast or crew of SOA gets recognized it might make people think it's ok to challenge the status quo. And who would want that?

Your work, and the find acting jobs of the cast is appreciated by those of us who it resonates with on a personal level and if the industry wants no part of it, fuck em.

Unknown said...

If something like THE WIRE can be largely ignored, well, the GGs hold little water with me.

That said, I was pulling for Katey to make off with a statue after the first episode of the season. Kee-rist.

I wish you and the crew all of the accolades you so richly deserve. If the slights keep happening, know that the work all y'all do isn't missed by those of us who watch.

Thanks for all of the hard work!


WI_Debi said...

Submitted for your consideration,
How's about we the fans, have an awards show of our own and WE snub them? Find a large venue, send out the word via twitter, facebook and all other social networking sites and see who gets the bigger turn out (and better party to boot!)? I can provide the Golden Cheddar Globe awards but not too many cuz there's only so much cheese you can cart 'cross country without a refrigerated truck and I don't have the correct class license for that but I'm in if someone on the left coast wants to set the wheels in motion. My job ends after Christmas so I might as well be homeless somewhere warm as opposed to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. I'll pledge my last paycheck to show some love to Sutter & Co.
Let's roll.............


tom feister said...

Hey Kurt,

Fuck em.


Joker said...

Bro, Fuckem ! anytime you put a Harley shirt on, wear a tattoo or throw a leg over a bike you are considered an outcast of the social misfits. I say Fuckem lets make our own Awards ! Have the MF come kiss our ass for a change.

Anonymous said...

rejections sucks, but being ignored completley is a slice to the aorta that hard to recover from. no one blames you for being pissed!

i tend to think that the unknown or unsure is scariest to everyone, something like Sons is new and pushes you to place you don't want to be, so it's hard to recongize it as a beautiful piece of creative art work when your so damn scared of it.

I hope you take solace in the fact that we are all hardcore for sons!

Anonymous said...

Eloquent, as always and dead on, however, the GG's are nothing compared to an Emmy and Katey is a lock on a nomination, because her peers REALIZE how awesome she was/is in SOA. No worries. The deadbeats who decide the GG's are just a bunch of losers anyhow and it's a big pissing contest to see who can buy the nomination for their crapola. SOA will clean up come Emmy time. I'm betting on it.

Anonymous said...

And The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, the Grateful Dead, Queen, and Bob Marley never won one Grammy.

Just as those iconic musicians shaped and continue to influence music, your work and storytelling has already begun to influence writers like myself.

Trophy's rust. Impact doesn't. I don't know how many Golden Globes Chase, Fontana, and Simon won. I don't care. But I put your name in with that academy.

Denise Shelton said...

The only reason anyone watches the Golden Globes is to see the stars get drunk. They don't mean anything. Remember Adolf Hitler was once chosen as Time's Man of the Year. Whoever lost out that year had the last laugh, as will you. Truly blessed are those for whom praise and criticism are irrelevant. All that should matter is that YOU know how good you are. Something to strive for anyway.

Anonymous said...

Half Sack's got more balls than GG's

wiseguy said...

Katey sagal and the whole cast and crew of sons of anarchy where robbed plain and simple. Season 2 just rocked from start to finshed. Kurt and the cast and the crew just made some of the best tv in 09. Can't wait for next year Kurt Dont let the bastard's get ya down mate. You keep making em we will keep watching em

Allston said...

Courtney Cox, (Huh?????)being recognized for an oustanding job ... WTF???? Good job, maybe, like a kindergardener getting a sticker for showing up but over Katey??????????? SOA won't last forever (to my utter dismay) but the recognition that these shows/statues bring carries with the actors/talent and can help them in the future (see Charlie's comments (and others) re: name recognition etc. going for other parts and being deemed "a big enough name". I still say it's about ratings.... (who's nominated will attend; will that bring ratings to the awards show as well?).
Katey kicked f*king ASS this season... (with some great material!!) What about Ron, Ryan, Charlie, Kim (who doesn't get mentioned enough)... the writing staff, etc.
This fucking blows. Where do we start the online petition??? Send out the word, and your people will follow ;-)

Paulo said...


The best Golden Globe you can get is the virtual one from your fans. We give you a Golden Globe every single week of the show, every single new episode, every single script and story we can read or watch from your talent write. And it's all that matters for us!

The hell with the Golden Globes, Kurt! Don't waste your time with this subject. It doesn't matter.

All that really counts is that, for us the fans, you are the BEST.

Thank YOU for your talent. You rock! ALWAYS!

Connie said...

Ron Perlman and Katey Segal will most likely be nominated for an Emmy. I doubt Charlie or Ryan will, but I am pretty positive about your bride and her fictional old-man. Henry Rollins chewed the scenerary like nobodies business in every scene he was in There should be a writing nod as well.

Knowing how many people feel this way and how many,many people enjoy SOA and the characters you created, should make one very happy. I understand your desire to ram your foot into the ass of GG nominating committe and all you have to do is ask and you would have more than enough people to help you, but all good things do come in time. Some of the best shows on television are/have been constantly snubbed(BtVS,The Shield,Saving Grace) or canceled after one season (Freaks& Geeks). You sir, are in very good company. And your wife can sing. Not bad !

Lori said...

Its total bullshit! This is why I dont waste my time watching award shows. The true talent is always ignored. Is Courtney Cox a good actress...maybe. But to get an award? Katey's performance in the Sons is amazing. She plays her character so well, you actually forget its just a show and picture this as real life! Let's just try to imagine Courtney Cox as Gemma. I shutter to think of such a thought! The other actors on the show are great too, but Katey's acting is by far the best. She owns her character.

Anonymous said...

I have never watched the nominations (I have never liked a show that much to care), but I did this year, and was appalled as they scrolled through the categories and not a single SOA nomination!! I am glad to see I wasn't the only one angered and disturbed by it. BtW just discovered your blog and am greatly enjoying, helps with the long wait till season 3:)

Christine said...

Better to be ignored by the corporate dumbfucks then to be awarded for a performance in a sorry ass vehicle. They don't give a shit about story or art. All they care about is mass appeal which translates into coin. Too bad the masses tend to buy into the idea that we're all just a bunch of stupid cattle who actually like the crap they feed us.

At least you know your show rocks. At least I hope you do because we all think so. You and everyone involved with SOA make our lives better.

SweetMelissa said...

I am not surprised by the Golden Globes snub, but that doesn't mean it doesn't sting a bit. To not get what you know you have earned is enough to make any man just a little upset. I know that reading praise from your fans can only help so much when it comes to a snub from your peers, but I hope that from all of this you do see the support and the appreciation that we feel towards you and the entire cast and crew of SoA.

Unknown said...

SOA has blown me away with its stellar story plots, dynamic characters and amazing acting. I am personally boycotting the GGs this year because of this snub. Keep up the wonderful work! And I will do my part in letting everyone know about this amazing show!

Pointman said...

I don't consider outrage a fault.
Being passionate about people and things you believe in is a virtue.

The fact that we are all pissed means we care about truth and level choices..which is not apparent at the GG.

I'm reminded of other TV series considered too out of the box for recognition.

Through hardcore fan efforts they rose to cult status so much that the mainstream had to acknowledge them- the original Star Trek comes to mind.

Sons Of Anarchy has that character bond and writing formula that never goes out of popular culture and consensus.

The story covers a culture that is as American as the rebels that founded this country and established the rights that SAMCRO finds sanctuary in every episode.

I will boycott the GG and all their sponsors- I will post and blog where I can to show my contempt.

"Multi famam, conscientiam, pauci verentur"
(Many fear their reputation, few their conscience)

ScottK said...

Kurt, come on, your insecurity's showing. You've made a great show, do you really need everyone to blow sunshine up your ass? Truly great TV shows and movies are rarely recognized by awards. The track records of the Emmys and Academy Awards are atrocious. Be happy that you are among the great films and tv shows that will stand the test of time and forget about golden statuettes.

misssuzq said...

I feel your pain. This is just like the time when I didn't even get nominated as homecoming queen, eventhough I totally deserved it ;) If you are not diplomatic and speak your mind the prom queen (emmys) nominations go right out the window.
Yes, SOA is the best show on tv. I don't even bother watching much else. The problem is these things are "political" in their own way. You are not shallow for wanting your/Katey's hard work recognized. She will get her love one day...bc she's amazing and handling this with a lot of grace that the GG/Emmy folks appriciate. You fans love you. Don't be discouraged and keep up the awesome work!

Webster World said...

Life is a bitch. But we know. It's a good show. Hollywood is no different than Washington D.C. Crooks. Though Cox has a better chest than you:)

Anonymous said...

I think we need to send Tig, Bobby and Chibs (but not Opie - keep Opie light) to have a chat with the Hollywood Foreign Press. I figure we'd have an updated nominations announcement in about 15 minutes! LOL

Jeff said...

Just saw the list for the SAG award nominees for actress in a drama. No Katey Sagal. You know, I have no vested interest here, but Ms. Sagal's performance was twice the performance of any of the six that were nominated. Did these folks not watch SOA or do I not have my fingers on the pulse?

Urno Talbot said...

Breathe. In the scheme of things, the critical acclaim, fan support outweighs some foreign press shit.
If you have webisodes, wouldnt it be cost effective to just have bits of Unser and Gemma's road trip, not to mention it could be funny as hell. Enjoy the holidays with that talented wife and beautiful kids (K's gorg too).

indianacat said...

The problem with awards, whether in real life or reel life, is that the damn things tend to be political. By that, I mean that the idiots who run these things have their already preconceived notions about who should win, regardless of popular opinion.

In this case, SOA is way too edgy, much too well written/produced/acted to be considered for a GG. Let's face it, if viewership was a defining factor, SOA would've been nommed (is that a word?) in all categories hands down.

You're not alone in thinking that your wife was given a slap in the face in being passed up. Cougar Town? As they said in the 80s, "gag me with a spoon!". Katy had a great deal to work with in S2, and she came through magnificiently.

By passing over SOA, the foreign press people have pissed off a loyal following of fans. OK, some of us are rabid, some of us may fit Shat's (Wm Shatner) diatribe of 'Get a Life!', but we're loyal, and we know Quality when we see it, otherwise, SOA wouldn't have pulled in the S2 ratings it pulled, including increase.

As far as the TV emmys, the fan base is already at work to let the SAG know they should not pass SOA this year.

We are SOA fans. Hear us Roar. We are Legend and we are Loud!

Please pass along my sincere appreciation to Ms. Sagal/Mrs. Sutter for her great job in S2. When an actor/actress can lead a body to tears for them, that is some damn fine acting. And some damn fine writing that brought it on.

The frackin' blighters.

Anonymous said...

Now don't get butt hurt that I refer to your wife as Peg Bundy...but this is exactly how a conversation I had with a friend went down about 2 months ago...

Me: Damn, Peg Bundy is amazing in this show, and she's smokin hot.

Friend: Oh yeah...she's awesome.

Me: Has she won any kind of award for this? This just seems like a totally different role for her.

Friend: Nope.

Me: Lame.

zzzdog said...

Every year the same popular kids get nominated for homecoming royalty ... the same smiles, the same glib facade, the same easy compliments. The same approved of players.

The interesting kids are cooling their heels in detention percolating enough character to have something worth saying and the guts to say it. No one's nominating them or risking saying they even know them.

Saw the SAG award nomination today too ... I really thought a few more interesting kids might have been in the mix, but the popular kids seem to rule there too.

It's high school with better clothes and digs and a red carpet.

It sucks to be a pushy risk-taker when you're in an industry that rewards quality of conformity over originality. Most innovative stuff almost never gets awards. Once in a while something genuinely good will be graced with some kind of cachet and everyone will jump on after they know it's safe. Everyone wants to go where the path's been blazed and everyone says it's cool. No one wants to wear the wrong thing to class ...

It's pathetic, but it's real.

I know it's cold comfort, but try to think that you're coming from a better place than all that crap, because you, Katey, your whole cast, and creative group, really, really are.

We, the kids in detention, think you rock!

Unknown said...

I believe a good argument can be made that being overlooked by award committees should be seen as a badge of honor.

Sara said...

Katey deserves every award in the book for this season's shows, especially "Balm." It would be so tempting to overplay the role of Gemma, especially when the themes of rape and revenge are on the table, but she didn't.

I mean, who the hell watches "Cougar Town?" I have yet to talk to a friend or relative who watches that show -- but plenty of people I know watch "SOA."

The way these awards committees have treated "SOA", after the way they ignored "The Shield" and "The Wire" sort of tells me they're not interested in quality at all, but just cookie cutter shows with cookie cutter characters and story lines.

QuietlyGoingMad said...

I completely agree that Katey should have a nomination. But, this is why I think it didn't/wouldn't come to pass...

It seems that when it comes to the GGs, the women nominated have to do manic, over-the-top performances. Whether it's utter hysterics or crazed hilarity, it has to be at the extremes to make it in.

Katey's performance has a deep subtlety that doesn't fit that mold. The best example of this is when she was telling Jax/Clay/Tara about the white supremists gang raping her*. She wasn't crying in hysterics, she wasn't flailing about, or throwing things around in the heat of anger. To a casual observer it would look like she was stoicly stating the facts, but when one looked at the nuances on her face, the actions of her hands, her posture--the anguish was evident. To me, that is a FAR better portrayal of dealing with a traumatic crime than the ones TV normally portrays.

Sadly, these awards just don't operate on that level and the judges need to be slapped in the face with the message(s) to get it. And that is the true shame in these awards.

*on a side note, this was one of the best written and acted storylines that I've seen on a TV show in a very, very long time. It showed so many different ways this violation of a woman's body affects not only her, but all of those who care about her...not an easy thing to do when it comes to such a sensitive subject.

Anonymous said...

I just want to let you know that I freaking LOVE Sons of Anarchy. You have created a masterpiece, along with a cast who was perfectly cast- what incredible talent you gathered. My husband and I just sacrificed hours of sleep over the past few weeks, ripping through Seasons 1 & 2- I'm so distraught it's over for almost a year.
Thanks for creating amazing entertainment & putting out real, authentic entertainment for all to experience.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree completely with everything you've said. Sadly, the TV landscape lacks a lot of shows that make people actually feel and think, and I think that's had a detrimental effect on who gets much deserved recognition. I jumped on the SOA bandwagon from the first ep because the characters and storylines are phenomenal. You write people that we care about, and the actors bring them to life so well...I can't say there's another show out there that I'm this invested in. I watch a lot of TV, but this show is the ONE that I make sure I'm parked in front of the TV for each week. The others get DVR'ed and I watch as I can....not so SOA. Long story short, there's been a "dumbing down" trend in TV for years now, and it's refreshing to find a show that raises the barre....unfortunately, it's up to the select few who choose the shows that get awards, and who knows what trash they're watching?

Karl Elvis said...

It's not new, obviously, that awards shows award nothing meaningful. But it's interesting that a show so obviously great garnered No notice.

Typically one would have seen snubs in the big whole-show categories (best show, best drama, etc), but seen nods in personal areas (the one profoundly obvious one being Katey; she kicked so much ass).

To me, the slights mean that the voting bodies out there really just don't get something in a major way.

The why of it seems obvious; this ins't territory that's easy to quantify. Much like The Shield, you can't capture in a few words what the show was. You can describe what The Shield was about (bad cops) easily, but that isn't even vaguely close to the grandeur and tragedy that was Vic Mackey's saga.

Sons is even harder. While mobsters or old-west robbers are stock characters as anti-heros, the one-percenter outlaw is 'bad' bad guy, not 'good' bad guy in the popular mind. They're not Robin Hood, they're just hood.

So tell a story that could have been set in the old west, or in Shakespeare's era, or in the gangland heyday of the 30s, and set it in what average americans think of as just-plain-badguy territory, they don't get it.

They watch it, for damn sure. But they have a hard time seeing it as other than a guilty pleasure.

I was smitten with Sons from season one, episode one (tattooed leather bikers? Those are MY fucking people), but most of my friends took halfway through season one to warm up to it, and didn't REALLY embrace it 'til season two.

I think the awards-voting community is there now. They don't quite want to commit to something like this; they can't come up with a framing context where real-life bad guys become heros. What I'll find interesting is how they react in a year; because if season three follows pattern, it's going to be even better than season two.

I think you've deeply challenged your viewers, Matt. And that's not easy to do. This show is deeply subversive, and if you actually win in the awards, it almost feels like you've struck a blow for counter-culture in some significant way. Or at least, made the kind of pointless dramatic gesture your characters would understand.

Sons is my favorite show on TV - I just put that in a nielsen poll yesterday. And that isn't easily won with me (I just wrote a diatribe against a very popular cable show on my blog, which shows how harsh my criticisms are). Thanks - you're winning where it counts.

Tonya munoz said...

It might not mean much coming from a mom and wife from Texas. But this is the best show I have ever seen. In no way does it play to the masses and for some of us women, Gemma is a life saver. The way the show is writen, the way you have writen it- it is not writen. I watch every week almost living there lives. Spending the rest of the week trying to solve there problems. My husban thinks I have big issuese but he is there sitting next to me every week. Yelling at the kids to go to bed and stop coming in the living room.
If I had my way. Courtney would get to wash your bike and like it. 100%. Suport from Texas. Much love
Thank you

The Reluctant Salesman said...

My buddies and I have this discussion every year about how terrible the Globes, Emmys, and Oscars are. Yet still, every year, we all get pissed off at what isn't nominated. The Shield was consistently hosed by the Emmys and Globes throughout its run. You SHOULD be pissed! (...and Katey deserved a god damn nomination more than just about any other actress this year.)

susanshearer said...

I just plain don't get it. SOA is the best show hands down on TV. From your amazing writing to the awesome cast and crew. Katey was robbed her due.
This show's ever growing following is a tribute to your ability to take us on an amazing ride we just don't want to get off of.

Anonymous said...

I'm a french fan of the Sons and I agree with you. I don't understand why SOA isn't nominated and why TV show like House are. Katey, Charlie or Ron should be nominated too.
Sons of Anarchy deserve a globe for this 2nd season. Several reasons :
1 - the story
2 - the cast (Ron, Charlie, Katey are fucking great like the others Theo, Dayton ...)
3 - Motorcycles (hummmm beautiful harleys)
4 - and the others stuff i can't describe cause my english is imperfect.

Just one thing to say; thank you Mr Sutter (and your crew) for this wonderful season and show. You have a lot of people in the world loving the Sons.

Longue vie aux Fils de l'Anarchie!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt,

I am foreign journalist (I write from Spain) and can´t believe that Katey isn´t even nominated. Ignorant bastard or too lazy to do their jobs right?
Anyway, I can´t listen Patty Griffin without seeing that scene of Gemma telling Jax and Clay. It is the most intense moment of TV ever watched!!! Only this year's Dexter season finale got close. Cheer up, man, your show is awesome. Screw whoever doesn´t recognize it....

Craider said...

Take a great show like The Wire (I'd put it at one of the top five all time television experiences), it won very little awards, had a fantastic ensemble cast, fantastic direction, stories that no other show would dare to show, and was on...cable. Most people never saw it.

The viewers know which shows and actors and crews are doing great jobs. This isn't the only line of work where you can see people doing stunningly good work for little to no recognition; it happens in every walk of life.

Anonymous said...

As a lot of folks here have said already, I would take the 'snub' of the GGs as a sign that Sons is actually something worth watching. Just because you don't have friends on the selection committee or have every character on Sons comment on former President Bush are the main reasons you aren't getting your due.

You know that you're reaching people on many levels by the huge rise in ratings for Sons with both men AND women. It's reaching everyone on some level.

Plus, you don't want to be on the same stage with 'The Closer' or other bullshit anyway. It would bring you down.

S.S. Kingsolver said...

Hey, I know I watch Closure once in a while but it doesn't bother me to miss an episode. Glee and the others I never watch but SONS is an addiction albeit a good one and you better believe I never miss an episode. There are a lot of folks in Georgia who are SONS addicts and won't miss an episode.
Also I've never watched a show as haunting as SONS. By that I mean I think about SONS long after the shows are over. No other show has ever had that affect on me. I've been busy writing a way to get the guys and Gemma out of their mess. One way would be to have a surveillance camera at the IRA home where Gemma got set up and show what really happened and the word getting out so they’ll bring the baby home
The final straw was seeing Prospect lying on the floor looking about as dead as dead can get. I was hoping to see a patch party and Prospect getting his patch with all the pomp and circumstance that entitles.
One way would be to have a surveillance camera at the IRA home where Gemma got set up and show what really happened and the word getting out so they’ll bring the baby home.
SONS is a down to earth show and hits on so much that is not discussed. I don’t know of any other show that can boast that and the acting in Sons has got to be better than most acting just to pull it off. I can’t think of another show on TV that holds a candle to SONS.
Keep up the good work.

JJP said...

Kurt, Screw the award shows and know that you, the actors, and the rest of the staff have produced a spectacular show.

I'm a movie and television junkie, and I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass when I say that Katey delivered the best acting performance I've seen on the small or big screen all year. The only person who came close was Glenn Close on Damages.

Congratulations on a sensational season. You may not have a Golden Globe on your mantle, but you have a passionate fan base, and are married to one of the most talented women in the world. Thanks for being so open with your opinions and for being accessible to the viewers/fans. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

Never a nomination for THE WIRE! These awards are a shame!

WI_Debi said...

Dear Mr. Sutter,
My husband & I were at dinner tonight (cheap pizza night at the neighborhood sports bar. woo hoo!) when the bartender & I began talking about Christmas etc. Told him we had spent ours re-watching SoA Season 1, he said he was doing that on his next day off...anyway, we got to talking about the GG's, how they dissed SoA and how we should have our own awards...hence the Golden Cheddar Spheres have taken on a life of their own.

I was wondering if you would mind if he held our own little ceremony here in Kenosha, WI. I don't want to infringe on anyone's legal rights to their intellectual property or violate some copyright or corporate law I'm not even aware of, just a fans "Fuck You!" to the GG's. I would set up a facebook page for people to vote for their favorite actor, actress, death scene, villian, one liner and any other catagories I could come up with, maybe give a skateboard to a fan winner of the Gemma award (not sure what the criteria would be but I would clear it with you prior), an Opie's Hat award(maybe for whoever comes up with the best way to kill off Agent Stahl?) and some fun stuff that we talk about on Twitter..invite anyone close enough to make the drive, not charge anything or sell tickets just a 'something to do' night in the cold ass Midwest.

*IF* it's okay with you and it doesn't infringe on any legal stuff. You could have have as much or as little involvement as you care to.

Think about it please, and let me know. You can just Tweet me yay or nay.

Thanks for considering it, whatever you decide, we still remain loyal fans.


Trent Hamilton said...

hi kurt. utterly astounding that SOA wasn't nominated. but i suppose it figures. you've taken chances with SOA that very few writers would have the balls to do and you've succeeded, as far as this humble viewer is concerned.

the olde guarde in hollywood prefers the safety of simple, trite bullshit. likely comes as no surprise to anyone.

that said - the season overall was astounding - but the closing 3 or 4 episodes ... holy shit. no other show i've EVER watched in my 32 years had me reeling with so many emotions - anger, fear, vengeance, sadness, compassion, revulsion, happiness ... the list can go on. you've created a pack of extremely memorable characters (and an incredibly talented cast to portray them) that, despite the reality of what they DO, i still care about.

i rarely watch TV - but SOA has had me hooked since the pilot. here's to two seasons of the best show i've ever watched and many more to come.

all the best,

WI_Debi said...

We're considering an SoA T-Shirt design contest (all designs would be sent to you, with a S.A.S.E. if you choose to return them) winner to be determined by penny in a pickle jar vote, proceeds to be donated to the charity of your choice..Also SoA bingo, not sure if the prize would be The Gemma award or cash paid for the Bingo cards. Just some of the ideas we're bouncing around while waiting for your o.k.

Heather Mirassou said...

I am in shock, still reeling from your absolute GENIUS finale of SOA! It took me a week to stop crying and realize everything is going to be ok...this family will survive under any tragedy no matter how cruel or unfair.

Just keep writing Kurt, this season of SOA has shocked the season they will not have the balls to ignore SOA or your lovely Gema! Jax and the other's too, for each of them bring amazing life to your story!

If in the end, they continue to ignore such incredible, undeniable genius - than they will never have the gift of wholehearted, soul wrenching love and life and I feel very sorry for them!

Thank you for your writing talent, courage and enormous heart...I have become a better mother,sister,daughter & writer because of it - I only dread the day when I will have to say goodbye....

p.s. Katey's CD is fantastic, it is my favorite play!

Heather Mirassou

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm a frenchy girl and i totally agree with you i'm very keen on "sons of anarchy", and in France we are a lot !!! Personally i support your wife I ADORE HER since the 1st time when I saw her in "loved and married". She's amazing, she's able of crossing of the most halarious comedy in a hard role such as the one that she plays in " sons of anarchy ". BRAVO !!! For me and i think for all your fans all over the planet, we don't care about the golden globe, we already win it in our heart, and the popularity of your television series proves it ! With all my support and my friendship... Hélène.

Unknown said...

hi kurt ilove soa and i love all the characters two.cant what for s3 im a fan from burlington vermont

3goldens said...

Reminds me of how Battlestar Galatica was ignored for all the years it was on. These awards are truly pathetic and not the measuring stick on a well written and well acted show. Buy you know that already. It's the expectation fed to us from the industry hype that creates the anger and disappointment. Don't buy into it and I know that's easie said than done. You clearly don't need them! ODAT!

Ahmed Damak said...

Hi from Tunisian fans of SOA.
Nevermind about the Golden Globs !

you did an awsome work artisticly talking.
A work that the trophy is the best ever,as the respect of millions of poeple who admire the way u consider things,the way you look to the world and the way you present feelings, in an original artistic work.

an other point, I find that "Sons of Anarchy" give good sollution for those who have an Identity problem with the mention of THE FAMILY in the big meaning of the word.

thanks Mr. Kurt Sutter.
and you're welcome in tunisia whenever you want .

Ahmed Damak said...

...Kate Sagal did an incredible work in SOns of anarchy.
I'm realy surprised that she is not nominated in the golden globs .
But I'm sure that she will have a best trophy.
Her Role is a fasinating character with who you can explore relationships differently. that's why I guess that it's a hard role to play behind the camera. And she did.

Robert said...

Just don't forget, Kurt, that awards are typically 'won' with sympathy votes and given out to people who are not necessarily washed up actors and actresses; but are handed out for performances in less than stellar roles that have nothing to say beyond the shows, themselves. Sons, with its cast, hasn't become mundate and 'same ole' enough for an award. Let's keep it that way and the creativity going! The only award that matters is the one the show already has - a growing audience and themes that are getting to - and touching - the heart of human beings experiencing life in the fading corporation of the USA. All the best!


Tony Barton said...

"Rabidly Loyal" is a bit of a major understatement.