Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have blogged in the past about my connection to the metal band Anvil, but I'll mention it again to preface this entry. Sacha Gervasi, the director of the doc, Anvil: The Story of Anvil, is a friend and neighbor of mine. Both Sons and his documentary were in their infancy stages when he moved in across the street (I live on a cul-de-sac, so across the street is nine feet). We were able to watch each other's projects grow and ultimately succeed. We jokingly talked about an SOA-Anvil crossover. This summer when I was spinning ideas for the second season, I heard a very specific Who song in my head to open up the premier episode. I told Sacha I wanted Anvil to rock it up, bring some blistering metal to it. The guys loved the idea, so we put it into motion. We are going to have someone badass sing lead vocals (more on that as it develops) but the other day, Lips, Robb and G5 laid down the guitar, bass and percussion tracks. As expected, they tore it up. Lips and Robb will also be making a cameo in the second episode. FX got someone from the LA Times to cover the SOA Anvil Who cover story (article below). POP & HISS Clearly this guy didn't give a shit about Sons, as the article was all about the new toasts of Metal, Anvil. And I guess I don't blame the reporter, Lips and Robb are fascinating in their simplistic devotion to rock and roll. If you haven't see the doc, you're missing a truly amazing experience. So to clear up any confusion that previous posts or rumors created, we do not have a new theme song (the Groucho thing was a joke). The opening credit sequence will be a little different because we have more series regulars, but our theme song remains. Anvil's cover of the Who song (I'll keep the name a secret to preserve some element of surprise) will be the first thing you hear at the start of season two. I think the plan is to make the song available on iTunes a few weeks before the premier. But that's a Fox maneuver so don't hold me to it. Anyway, I've added the Avil widget to the bottom of my site. Enjoy.