Sunday, January 18, 2009


Just a heads up that EBay is still jammed with "unofficial" Sons of Anarchy merchandise. Everything from hats to fucking baby bibs. Just to be clear, I don't get a dime from merchandising (I signed my life and soul over to Fox along time ago), my concern is not about money, it's about respect. SOA has taken advice and friendly warnings from the MC community very seriously. We have been responsible in the manufacturing of our limited merchandise so that we don't exploit, endanger or infringe on any tradition, club or copyright. The scumbags on EBay don't give a shit. They crank out their worthless crap in their little shirt shops and unload it on the uneducated consumer. FX has had little success in shutting these folks down. It will probably take someone getting a beating to shine a light on the problem. When Dickie Dorfman walks into a diner wearing his pleather cut with a California rocker and some outlaw rips it off his back and jams a chicken pot pie up his ass, maybe then someone will get the point. Anyway, nothing I can do about it except keep people aware. It just pisses me off. And if you see anyone wearing any of this shit, spit in their soy latte and tell them it's from me.