Sunday, October 12, 2008


7 months. I was never a small dog kinda guy. I've always had biggish, dopey rescue dogs. Love the freaks. But Katey wanted a smaller dog. She did the research and decided on a French Bulldog. So we got one a few years ago. Lola is a great dog. So great, we got another. Lumpy was my birthday present. He's such a great fucking dog. They're tough to train, but worth it. Smart, loyal, a tenacious watch dog, super playful and most importantly -- how can you not smile when you come home and see that mug?


Outsider said...

Many people get French Bulldogs confused with Boston Terriers. I like Bostons but Frenchies are even
Cuter....very Friendly. There's one named Bean that
used to hang out in front of my Gym...and greet Everyone with Irrational Exuberance!

Cosmo's human said...

Your dog is a sweetie pie. Just look at those ears! My dog, Cosmo; is a Jack Russell Terror, I mean terrier. He's still a puppy. Cosmo has his own blog: He has this stub of a tail that wags about a million miles a minute.

Since I live in an apartment, I could not have a large dog. But, if I could have another dog it would be a Caucasian Mountain Dog. They are not only huge but are extremely loyal and protective, something that I need living in the area whre I am currently.
Maybe we get a cameo on SoA of Lumpy? (Cosmo is available)

Max Barber, A Thief In The Light said...

So you would reccomend this breed? I'm getting married in a few years to my longtime girlfriend and we're in that "choosing a dog" phase. I've been racking the noggin' trying to figure out which kind to get.

Anonymous said...

I am watching your show and I am frankly sickened, I thought the excrement last week couldnt get more sickening, now we have necrophilia, of course your question is why am I watching? there is some very good acting and its an entertaining show but right in the middle of being entertained something like the above drops and I am revolted. Mr Sutter why??? Its like watching Burton read Shelly or Tennyson and then in the middle of it exposing himself (no I am not comparing you to Shelly or Tennyson) I am enjoying watching the show and then in the middle of it some disgusting reference is thrown in and I am so distracted I really cant enjoy it anymore. Why do you do this?

Anonymous said...

Please, do not confuse me with the whinning annonymous above. "Cold Packing"? Ok, Kurt, your spending way to much time with the PH's on the set man. lol, Damn, Ron's facial expresions when stuff like that comes down, or, like when willy wanker was in the van, damn, my sides hurt the next morning, had to stay up and get other family members to watch it again at 11 it was so freakin funny.

I have no idea what those PH's are telling you, but that sick ass puppy would have never patched out man. lmao, damn, I was saying last week he'll do anything living, and tonight, you go an prove me wrong, don't even have to be living.

So, I was wrong, Doc didn't take care of that ATF jerk, Jax did. Yep, pee in my kids room your gonna get scuffed, can't blame him.

Oh, by the way, love the Mayberry RFT reference, Floyd the barber, nice, glad he's on the clubs side too.

One last thing, ok, so, the show has me watching. I take off the biker hat and watch it for entertainment, and, it ain't as screamin bad as I thought, in fact, pretty good. Still think you need more bike stuff, but, over all, everyone's watching it, gotta be good.

Uh, Sorry, I'm a Jack Russell guy myself, well, actually a Parsons Russell but anyway, thats an.......interesting looking critter ya got there.

Might stick him in a saddle bag for a scene, could be good for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, other than the interesting dog, thought I'd pass this along.

I was at a biker swap meet this last weekend. Several of our area's very serious clubs had booths selling t-shirts support gear etc.

We turn around from the booth, and there is this guy walking around in a SOA black shirt, complete with california rocker and all. I turned around an looked at the PH's at the booth trying to judge their reaction. Figured they might be pissed. They were laughing so hard they almost pissed themselves.

Bout an hour later though, him an some PH were off in a corner, and, he was being educated. Now, I have no clue whatsoever who is making money off the shirts on Ebay. (apparently where the guy got it) but damn, folks got to know, in the real world you don't walk around wearing soft colors even if it is make believe stuff. Don't make you look cool, makes you look foolish and uneducated, and, I'm fairly certain the guy was lucky he was dealing with some level headed patch holders instead of some cowboys or he could have had some.......issues.

Gotta watch your trademark man, people are getting stupid.

Outsider said... probably wouldn't like william vollman's "Whores for Gloria" or Dan Fante's work either but they are masterworks...yet spend alot of time in the septic ruins of america ...whence people struggle to emerge like creatures from the
brackish lagoon

america is a ruin...a salvageable one if not for nuclear weapons...but a ruin nonetheless

and that's the Why I think's illustrative of this truth

and, in the words of "Clockwork Orange" a bit of the old 'UltraViolence' Stings a bit but we keep comin' back for More....
Still I'd say Grand Theft Auto is way more violent & extreme....And re: Necrophilia....
ErverBody Needs a lil Lovin'

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know who is playing the recurring role of
the female federal agent. I know the voice and face but simply cannot place her. She's not listed on any of the cast and crew lists I've found. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

spent 20 years with dobermans
still love em but now have a boston terrier and he's the best.
loves to ride, loves to fish, loves to just hang out. just a really cool dog

Outsider said...

Wait a minute...There're two Anonymouses?
..I'm confused...One is digging the show
Lock Stock and Many Smoking Barrels and the other enjoys SOA with qualified Reservations...

Very Confusing

I went to Stitches, and all I got was TWO left feet! said...

I had a dog like lumpy. His name was Chopper and lived a good million years until chopper got heart problems.Katey you did good. :O) And anonymous you are a sick person go play in the street or a high building

I went to Stitches, and all I got was TWO left feet! said...

Outsider thats because anonymous has two personalities, he/she needs to stay off the boards. And that isn't a threat, its free speech