Friday, October 17, 2008


I've gotten many nasty blog comments and more than a few threatening emails from people upset about my political musings on this blog. Not just the fact that they're extremely left (although I'm guessing that's a large chunk of it) but the fact that I'm mixing my politics with discussions about my show. As I wind down this first season of Anarchy, it seems like a good time to briefly weigh in on that beef. First of all, it's called Freedom of Speech. This is my personal blog. I do not speak for any show, film or production. I'm gonna express myself whether I have seven readers or seven thousand. These are my experiences, my opinions. There are millions of other blogs out there. If mine offends you, remove it from your bookmarks. And stop fucking whining. Secondly, Art is Politics. Always has been, always will be. In every culture, in every country, through history, art has always been a reflection of social issues. From the Italian Renaissance to fucking Punk Rock, words, sounds and images are the most powerful tools that men possess. Thirdly, Sons of Anarchy is a political show. It's all about the corruption and manipulation of the American dream. How freedom is often achieved through violence and how the pursuit of happiness is often achieved through greed. Outlaw clubs have a rich history in political outspokenness. From Sonny offering the aid of the 81 in 'Nam, to a recent Midwestern MC's support of McCain. Motorcycle clubs are an all American sub-culture. Harleys are apple fucking pie. Fourthly, I've earned the right to express my political point of view. I'm educated, I'm aware and I vote. My passion for Barack Obama is because I believe in this country. I believe that we can pull ourselves out of this economic hole and repair the global shame that the last eight years has brought down on us. It's not really a partisan thing. I think you can tell that I'm not really a tow-the-party-line kinda guy. If I thought McCain had a better vision I'd have no problem voting Republican. I don't. I think he's eleven kinds of dangerous. That's just my opinion. It's just my blog.


Volalupi said...

Amen to that. Sadly, politics and religion always bring out the people who want to tell you how "wrong" you are. Even when it isn't their place.

And I thought this was "Sutters" blog, not "Sons of Anarchy". My bad.

Unknown said...

Oh, for fuck's sake. Everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING. If you don't agree with what someone says, don't go barging all over their personal journal. Engage them rationally or get the fuck out.

That said, Commie Pinko Leftists for the win.

Kaz_NEETS said...

Can't please some people Kurt.

And amen on Sons and the MCs being political.

And I'd love to see if the Sons would offer themselves a la Sonny and 81 for a worthy war (NOT Iraq).

Keep on posting and writing, and who the fuck cares what THEY say. Here it's what YOU say: your blog your soap box, your right.

kystorms said...

After having had my head bashed in numerous times by errant fans of Jericho its old hat to me, but the worst is that folks seem to feel that a persons blog is for them to trounce all over. Sad, and as you said the show is ABOUT freedoms, speech is a freedom I will fight to hold on to.

Keep blogging and just keep hitting delete if you have to.

Unknown said...

Well hello & I have to say I LOVE you!!! Your writing is just brilliant, both on the show and on your blog! I am a huge fan of the show & have been spreading the word like crazy (my brother is in it and big sis is pretty f*ng proud!).

I really enjoy your blog, all of it! I am from TX and not very proud of where "W" has taken us. I hope that enough people will read blogs like yours and think for themselves so that the next 4 years we can have significant change and bring this country back to the great place it once was!

I have to also tell you that I have an Obama bumper sticker that I keep threatening to put on my husband's car & it just sends him over the edge! Twisted I know!!!

Thank you and keep up the good work! I really love it and have been sending my brother reviews every week during commercial breaks! (this week I obviously loved and now have the hots for Tig...twisted I know!!!)

Anonymous said...

Geez, I can't believe people sent you nasty emails!! It's your blog and you have the right to post whatever you want. Some folks just have to chill out.

SoA is just getting better and better!! I'm loving it, thanks.


xwarxchild said...

To Kurt
I just read some more on your personal site.
No matter what I said here the show is AWSOME. We write here I guess you already have a fan base. I think that’s the best wording. Don’t let a few of ur comments upse the show. You and Linson are a great match. CAST and CREW for this whole thing. There just nothing to compare t to its that great to many of us. After only a few episodes look at it as you already have a massive fan base. With bikers or MC these always isues with politics

I don’t know who or why but I think everyone who reads this take a moent and go to Kurt’s more personal site I don’t know if I can attach the link but its Everyone should take a minute and read more about the show there

I do want to say thanks to Kurt and the Linson brothers for bringing this show out to us

Outsider said...

About art/politics & SOA...
I've been trying to get a
message to the Obama Campaign that they should run a commercial with the Footage that exists of MCCAIN praising ACORN in Glowing terms...It exists...And more power to his General Counsel Robert Bauer for requesting an independent prosecuter to look into collusion and conspiracy between the administration and the republican party in their efforts to suppress the vote.

I googled robert bauer general counsel and one of the results was a very scary gun nut site that really has it in for Obama and Bauer...Very Nord 'right to bear arms' ish

Kurt I applaud you views....and willingness to state them on your Soapbox....
Especially since many Clubbers lean Right, even though the organized right loathes the One Percent...
(though mccain seemed ready to give Cindy away to them at Sturges...Probably so that he could git Bizzy with Sarah with the first dude Watchin')

Art is Political...and I'd rather have Artists mouthing off than right wing 'instant' celebs like Joe the Bummer...but that's my
lefty personal preference...
Does anybody think it's weird that he Looks just like 'Mr. Clean'?

Anonymous said...

Kurt, a question about the show if
I may. On another site I read this
description of "S.O.A.": "This is an homage to the shows' inspiration, a famous club here in
Oakland". Is this guy right on,
off base or somewhere in the middle? I hope you can find time to

Max Barber, A Thief In The Light said...

I'm a moderate conservative and I think its terrific that you express your political views. I don't understand why anyone would shun you for that. I love your show and I love your blog. My personal opinion of this election is that we have two unworthy candidates. Ones out of touch and one has no real experience. I wish both sides could present decent candidates. Even if I was a bleeding heart liberal, I'd go to someone besides Obama. I don't like John Mcain one bit. He reminds me of how boring John Kerry was. We need some really good candidates to elect. I'm gonna be in a shit mood regardless. Yeah, just had to get that off my chest. I think you're a very educated and smart person (if your excellent writing for SOA is any indication)


Cosmo's human said...

I'm very pro Constitution, especially First and Second amendment rights. They day when someone says I can't write that on my blog, well, someone is going to have a very bad day. Freedom of speech is paramount.

McKockiner said...

This is a great show! Reminds me of my childhood. My parents are outlaw bikers and my upbringing was very similar to this. (except for the gun running and murders lol) I don't usually watch TV but a friend of mine told me to check it out and I've watched every episode. I can't wait for the next one. Thank you for bringing back the good memories!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in this as a possible plot thread. The TM angle got me. I am a TM attorney and also sit on the board of a film fund. I love the show. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hi :)

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your epic work on The Shield and for giving us the best new show of 08!

I can't wait till the SOA dvd's come out thank you again.


Ncaatrack said...

How will this affect your writing in the show? (ripped from the headlines)

Unknown said...


You are an inspiration to us all and I'm proud to even know you via the internet. It's so rare to find people who are truly passionate about their beliefs and not just so due to the pressures of moral constraints. I love you show and as an educated member of an outlaw MC; I applaud you for portraying the good AND the bad that goes hand-in-hand with the life.
Keep churning out the great work and millions will keep watching. Fuck the haters!

squirlygirly said...

Mr Sutter, there is a song by Phantom, Rocker & Slick, Men Without Shame, 1984, that would fit perfectly into your show. Background when one of the "members" appear to be doing something bad, but the music says differently. Too bad I can't send you a link, cause I do have a copy of it on my computer.

Unknown said...

I love your views, and your show. Here's to having SOA on the air for many years to come. Can't wait for next week.

Anonymous said...


Just wanted to thank you for that episode last night. That was amazing. 2 jaw dropping moments in less than 20 minutes.

Keep up the great work. I'm spreading the word.

Unknown said...

So people think all the world is to the left. Hollywood is to the left not the OMG's.

Ask a HA, Outlaw, or Pagen who his voting for it not Obama. If you can take the truth, then to f*ing bad.

People need to learn a little about the life of the OMC, before they shoot there mouth off.

Like the BLOG.

FTW said...

Hey...I have been watching the show Sons OF Anarchy .. I was born and raised in S Ca I owned a custom MC shop for 10 years I was very close to the same life style and I can tell anyone out there this show is pretty close but with a TV flair!! The biggest stretch is the involvement from the chicks they would never have that much info on a member. But I do enjoy watching the show.
Just remember this ..before you go out and buy a bike and decide to become be a motorcycle club member... that the outlaw MC life style always 100% of the time has the same guarantee ..jail and loss of life around you and sometimes your own life it is not a show in real life and SHIT HAPPENS!
The show has danced around any affiliation with any exact MC clubs..But the California bottom rocker HMMM getting close? If you know your shit the style of bikes tell's who's who in the show??Differant clubs ride differant styles of bikes. Bottom line is it's a show!! Not real life.

pb&j said...

it's a fucking great blog. don't bother to bend or change or even address the ramblings...political or moral....just round-file them.

great concept. great show. great writing. great acting...i can't believe that i find katy segal "hot" a gmilf sorta way.

i look forward to continued watching...and finding out when there is open casting for future series. my harley is aching for it.

Max Barber, A Thief In The Light said...

Kurt, I've been looking everywhere to find out who does the opening credits song for SOA. The "walking through this world all alone" song. It's awsome and I'm really curious who sings it.

Thanks,keep up the terrific work.

Topher said...


I'm a massive fan. I missed the first several episodes. I started watching with AK-51. I loved it, I've got my wife and my buddies watching it. It doesn't help your ratings I know... but this week we had a Sons of Anarchy party Wednesday night.

So we started going online to catch up on all the old shows. We can't find Fun Town anywhere. We've seen all of the episodes now... but no Fun Town.

What's up with that?

My daughter was sexually assaulted about two years ago. It was a continuous thing between the ages of 6-8. His ass is currently in Nevada's finest until the year 2067 when he finally becomes eligible for parole. Thank you local judge who wanted to look tough on crime and ran sentences consecutively.

Anyway, Fun Town was the show I was particularly interested in seeing as anytime we can deal with this subject matter my family finds it therapeutic because it always leaves us discussing it. Our therapist says the more we talk about it the better.

How can I see the show? Can I get a copy of the script at least?

kenn. said...

amen and again... amen to that, Kurt

well said.

tayled said...

I am with you on your support of Obama... I was unlucky enough to not be able to vote this yeah as I had just moved and didn't have the time to change my address... I think that Obama is now our first president... we have not only just made history with now having the first black president we have ever had but with his intelligence, charisma, and calmness in tense situations we may have just voted in the BEST president we have ever had... isn't that something?

Unknown said...

I think the problem have is this: they love the show, and dislike (or hate) your politics, and the site leaves a link between the two in their minds -- AND they like the rest of the site and are reluctant to stop reading.

Poor people, huh? :)

Anna said...

Just reading a friends blog name EAST, and seen the link. Thought I would take a look... Enjoyed it.
Yes, "the times they are a changing" I was proud of this country again on 11/04/08, as the daughter of a deceased Vietnam Vet, it was the first time I had been proud to be an American since they gave my father his final solute... It is truly a United Nation, today