Monday, August 15, 2011


Clearly, I've struck a nerve if me pulling my Twitter feed becomes a DHD headline.  People are nervous and they should be.  It's all getting very messy. 

It's amazing that people just assume that FX threatened me to leave Twitter.  Really?  Do you think that's how it works?  I get a call from Landgraf saying I'm denying you a voice and free speech?  And more improbable, do I really seem like a guy who would listen?  I'm the guy who called out Chuck Zito, clearly I have no regard for self-preservation.  On my show, I've learned to conduct myself with restraint, respect and dignity.  I give the job my 100% effort and attention.  What I do beyond that is no one's business. 

Wow, this more than 140 characters thing is great.


Danny said...

Hey Mr. Sutter,

maybe it sounds to you amazing, that people are assuming FX threatened you to leave Twitter, but you have to admit, it's not totally irrational.

I mean, to some people, these were really harsh words against AMC and Weiner. And it's a logical thougt to assume, that maybe FX wouldn't like that.

But in the end is's not about that anymore. I think your're right, when you saying, that you can't have a normal conversation on Twitter anymore. And the media doesn't care about that either - it's all about headlines, like you already said. (And you quitting Twitter is just the next one)

That said, I hope that now I can read more of you here, in your blog.

Best regards,

P.S.: sorry for any grammatical errors, I'm not a native english speaker, actually I'm from Germany.

Unknown said...

Please don't ever change. You are a role model for those of us that have never had a filter. When I woke up this morning I was in America, I am most grateful for the freedoms we have and I will exercise my options as long as I am breathing.
It is none of my business what other people think of me or what I say.
Personally I don't use Twitter so I could care less if you have it or not.
I prefer the blog and youtube. I love seeing the look on your face when you say the word cunt!
All the best to you and yours. Much L&R always.
Howard Levine

Wild_child93 said...

Two posts in one day? I think somebody read my comment! *giggles* Really though, the only reason its messy is because were all like a bunch of lost kittens without our momma! (yes youre the momma) And im pissed because you had to delete your account and i couldnt save all your replies to me. You sucker. Ah well, I hope you miss us as much as we miss you. Its fucking habit i wake up and check your account to see if you tweeted something new. Ya wanna know what it says to me? "User does not exist, now go fuck yourself and quit looking you obsessed bitch!" No, really it says all that. Anyways, take care.

NightOwl said...

The fact of the matter is that there is freedom of speech here, and although it seems like it's gradually being taken away from us, we all pretty much get off on seeing you say what the rest of us want to. You happen to have a bit more impact than the average joe, and you inspire us to do more. We don't think anybody's forced you off, but rather are upset than you've chosen to take yourself off of somewhere you apparently enjoy "getting it all out"; and we enjoy that.

AmyGreulich said...

I predict that one day soon we will all be checking Weekly World News to see what's going on in the world. Obviously, the "legitimate" newspapers have nothing to write about.

Unknown said...


Your reasoning is obviously personal and understandable, but I hate that you felt pushed into making the decision to pull your Twitter account.

Many of us have dealt with such monkey business from network execs, and it's refreshing to see someone publicly call them on their bullshit.

Jamie said...

I'm gonna miss you on twitter that is for sure. I love your "no filter" and I love them in 140 characters. You're a real dude and I dig that.

(FYI: Free speech is not unlimited and when you're dealing with a private entity [ e.g. FX ] the first amendment does not apply. The First Amendment only applies when you're dealing with the Government.)

Heather Alexander said...

No conflict here, Kurt. I did follow you on Twitter, but honestly, moreso on Facebook. I'm perfectly capable (as is everyone else) of reading your goodies on this blog as I am on Twitter/Facebook. I don't blame you for dropping the twitter-verse. It gets a little redonkulous at times. I am a huge fan of your work and probably always will be- with or without Twitter. ;-) <3

Anonymous said...

You're the guy Zito beat up on the Howard Stern Show? Ughhh.

HarleyGurl the Oily Addict said...

GAWD I FKN LOVE U! :) Plz don't ever change. I admire you & your beautiful wife, and am grateful for any connections you give to your fans! xoxo

I TRIED to follow Twitter (only because of you), and it really irked me. Glad I don't have to do that anymore! LOL

I do really miss you on fb, but Tina Lou & Cindy Walton make sure we don't miss anything with all the awesome support & fan groups they run!

Mary said...

You. are. MY HERO, that sheer fact that you are unapologetic about your tweets, rants etc is soup for the soul. You take ownership of every syllable?! that is unheard of in this flip flop society of moments of truths and aftermaths of regret/bullshit insincere apologies...I applaud your HUTZPAH! Hell, I give you a 5 minute standing ovation.

Unknown said...

I'll admit to harborin' thoughts that TCIIC (the corp idiots in charge) might've been behind your leavin' Twitter. . .for all of five seconds. When I really looked at the idea, it was completely laughable. C'mon! The ultimate rebel kissin' FX ass and pullin' the plug on Twitter? 'Nah,' I said to myself. 'Sutter would tell them to kiss his hairy rebel ass!'

But let's face it, employers seem to feel they can encroach more and more on an employee's private time. Some employers don't allow their employees to smoke in their own cars on their breaks or before/after work on cmopany property for cripe's sake!

And I firmly believe that they use the social media to see what their employees REALLY think about their job. I've had a friend fired from a job because she posted how she felt about certain things that went on. She didn't name names, but they fired her anyway.

Anyone who has ever REALLY read your blogs and tweets knows that you are not an ass kisser. You don't bow to the suits and treat them like false Gods.

Hell, anyone who has a heart and watched WTFSutter#15 could see the pain you were in. That's the first time one of your WTF comments made me sad...I felt the pain radiating off you in waves before you said your ass was bleeding.

Unfortunately, it was highly inevitable that someone, somewhere, was gonna add two and two and come up with five. Another example of our excellent educational system, wouldn't you say?

Always in support of you, darlin'.

Purrs and whisker kisses from the lowecat.

PS, being a firm believer in backup, I remembered to save most of the responses and RT's you were kind enough to make to me. They are more precious to me than gold. To quote George Carlin 'And That's NO Bull Shit'!

Pseudocognitive (CyKhoDog) said...

I'll miss your Twitter stuff. FB, fuhggedaboudit--too many fan comments to slog through. The Twitter 140 limit does suck, but if people can't bear in mind the natural limitations of the venue when they read, screw 'em.
Kurt Gatejen

Pam said...

Kurt, you need to read the above again before you go about calling yourself an ass. With regard to ALL this BULLSHIT that is going down, fuck the media. When you're on top people get angry, jealous etc and the media doesn't turn its cheek no matter what its about. I joined Twitter just to follow you ~Samcro4life420 ~, to have some kind of insight to the genious that created SOA. It is time to move on and you knew it hence the reason you did it. You are inspirational and so damn smart. Your true followers will follow you no matter where you are.
Much much much love and Respect! Pam Fleuriel
Lynn, MA
I am honored if you took the time to read this, very honored.