Monday, August 15, 2011


I guess there was something in the LA Times about me beefing with Charlie at the TCA's.  It's a little late, but it's true.  Interesting that it shows up during all this Twitter nonsense.  Charlie and I had an email exchange that got misinterpreted on both ends.  When we saw each other the morning of the TCA panel, we both sounded off.  We're fucking alpha males, what else were we gonna do?  We fucking put it on the table, we used the word "cunt" as frequently as possible, and we moved on.  Charlie passed on the panel.  I unfortunately had to sit through it. 

Charlie Hunnam is the consummate professional.  I am blessed to have him as number one on the call sheet.  I'm on record dozens of times praising him for his commitment and passion to SOA.  I truly love the guy.  So when Charlie has a bad day, I pay attention, because it's an anomaly.  So afterwards I had to go back and re-read the email and then take a look at my part.  Because at the end of the day, anything going south on this show is on me.  I discuss that in more detail in this previous blog, HALFWAY

Charlie and I followed up our TCA chat with a great conversation about process.  It was the kind of discourse that every showrunner should have with their talent.  He was able to share with me the stress and challenges of carrying a show and I was able to share my process as well.  More importantly, I was able to listen.  He's a really sensitive, bright guy and a learn from him every day.   

Running a show is a continuous learning experience.  The things I learned last season may not apply to challenges I have this season.  I'm a lucky guy to have actors like Charlie, Katey, Ron and Maggie.  All my actors, all their idiosyncrasies makes the Sons set one of the most fun sets in town.  Ask anyone who guests on this show, it's pretty badass.

Anyway, I'm sure the gossip whores will be all over this, so I just wanted to share my point of view before TMZ turns it into some kinda warlock fight.


Cassie Jo - Tofuscloset said...

Come back to fb or twitter. You are missed. We really always need a direct connection to soa cause we are all crazy obssessed. We need more thankssss and Charlie seems amazing. Even as himself. Haha

Ilenia said...

Glad you addressed this before it picked up steam on the press - all over again. I've been in the same room as you and Charlie - so the alpha male thing, can totally see it happening.

Glad you discussed it (or diss-cunted it?) - as you two should, being the professionals that you are. I need you two to make it alive until Season 7. You're not going to leave me hanging with no conclusion to the story arch.

Anonymous said...

I love this show!!! And all I want to keep seeing it!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time and thoughts. I appreciate them!! Love the show!

Eden Bond said...

Golly, u gotta love that C word and useing it like pepper when straightening something out is the best way forward. At the end of the day Actors and Writers are people that draw on 'real' life experiences to make something that is believeable, if you weren't all normal human beings, like all us normal human beings who have disagreements and misinterprations with family, friends and colleagues on a daily basis, then you wouldn't be any good at your craft! I have just cottoned on to SOA, I have watched 3 seasons in 2 weeks! was by no means a chore, it just gets better and better as it goes along. I come from a country where Gangs and outlaw MC's are the highest per capita of population, we have some down under dirty mongrel clubs and your show is pretty damn believeable! What tickles me though is you make them so likeable. Thanks Mr Sutter and all your crew for working so hard to entertain us. Now I better go cook the cunt outta this customers hamburger so I can afford to keep cable on at home to watch season four! Cunt wait!
Veronica Bond (Kiwi) living in Aussie

lovinkris said...

Humilty to acknowledge you're not perfect is har to one by these days. I'm sure genuine individuals appreciate imperfections every now and then, it proves we're real.
Amazing job with SoA so far; I hope it continues well in to future. Best of adventures to you and the crew.
Your fellow rider,

MavRx said...

You guys need to stick to using the word "pussy." "Cunt" is an epithet that should only be slung about by we "ladies," who are innately familiar with its true meaning, and are apt and judicious in its application.

However, I must admit that when spoken with a British accent, it can almost be considered foreplay.

Anonymous said...

I love the show . I have watching it from day one. To tell u I would not watch the show if charlie was not in it... I think he is a huge part of the show and if u lose him the show will not be the same. I hope u guys can work it out. Sometimes we all have to get sh#t off are mind ...... love all of the people of soa

lici2 said...

Hi Kurt,
I love what you have to say but I hate that recently it all seems to be a justification or a defense to something else. Thats not on you, its the fuckers that make you feel that you need to.
I cant say that Im disappointed too much that twitter is done for the while because its bought you back to the blog and thats where you'll turn your head around, screw it on properly and get your inner C@#t mojo back!!
I feel like a kid with a vunerable dad!!
I love ya work, I love your voice and I love that you're accessible!

Unknown said...

You and Charlie had ANOTHER beef? That's about as inevitable as two alpha male animals locking horns over territory!

How many times has this happened in the past? I forget. They're like thunderstorms, heavy and noisy for a brief period of time, then they move on and the sun comes out and dries up all the rain.

The only reason this thing has made the news at all is because of the twitter thing, IMO.

Or, in other words, you're gettin' prostituted by the pimp media. They know using your name gets them attention. That's why they do it.

Frankly, I'm surprised they haven't started goin' through your garbage cans, lookin' for whatever shit they can find.

Ooops! Sorry! I just gave 'em an idea. Bad me.

Hey, y'all had an exchange of ideas, in public. You both listened to each other, shook hands like men, and went on about your business.

That's not news, that's life. Since when does the LA Times print OLD news? My, how the mighty (them) have fallen!

No wonder people don't trust the media.

No wonoder I got out of it.

Josh said...

I'm a huge fan of the show, and I just wanted to post (after catching up on the last few blog posts; I left twitter a while ago so missed all that fun) that I'm glad that you A) dumped twitter, and B) continue to be so transparent with us (the fans). You and Hunnam had an issue? Big shocker. You dealt with it like adults? Also not really newsworthy. I think it kind of sucks that you HAVE to address something like that before the media does. For the rest of us, conflict with a co-worker, and resolving that conflict, is just another day at work. But you have to counter-spin before the spin starts, lest you deal with accusations of how big your ego is, and how big his ego is, and how the show is "on the verge of collapse" because two guys had a difference of opinion.
People need to stop being so damn lazy and trusting with these hollywood news sites.
Keep making a kick ass show. Keep being a professional. Fuck all the rest.

Rhee said...

"So afterwards I had to go back and re-read the email and then take a look at my part."

If more people were open to going back over what has been said/written and then talking to the other person about it openly - society would be a much better place.

Respect to you for being open to looking at the possibility that there had been a mis-communication - at either end of the conversation - too many people wouldn't even consider it.

D.Wilkinson said...

I've been watch SOA for 2 years now and I can say that your interaction with fans is one of the things that makes me keep following and watching. I am in the Navy and have got many people hooked on the show from my last 2 ships and those that follow you on twitter, WTF Sutter and SutterInk Blogspot agree with me. I even got my 60 year old mother to start watching. Keeping in touch with your fans is a great thing and that alone will more than likely stop the show from doing what most other shows do after a couple of seasons, having their fan base drop. I think that WTF Sutter is something that all show creators should see and take note if they ever want their shows to continue to succeed. Keep it up your fans do greatly appreciate it.


To Kurt
I live in England where the Sons is very popular. I not only love the show, myself and my motley crew watch it religiously. It is nice to have a show aimed at people like myself and not metrosexual fake tanned white shoe wearing lady boys.
Please continue to make the Sons of Anarchy far longer than season 7. Without Samcro we are left with nothing!! X factor, soap opras and chat shows. Long Live the Sons!!!!!

Gaz Hayes