Thursday, March 10, 2011


I turned in Southpaw to Dreamworks on Wednesday... then started writing 401 on Thursday.  I don't do well with down time.  I'm not sure what will happen with the feature.  It was a one-step deal so DW isn't obligated to hire me for the next draft.  I had a blast writing the script, truly, the most fun I've had writing a feature length script in years.  I'm hoping they dig it and bring me on for the next step, but it's always a crap shoot.  I refer to feature writing as my "virtual career".  I spend months generating drafts and then they slip into the netherworld of endless development.  It's a long, involved process.  Television, on the other hand, is my very satisfying day job.  Where we break story on Monday, write it on Tuesday, shoot it on Wednesday, edit it on Thursday and watch it on Friday.  That's an exaggeration, but not by much.  It's incredibly satisfying to actually create, produce and control your vision from start to finish.  A luxury I have yet to experience in films. 

It's always an odd experience diving into the first script of the season.  I wade in slowly because I know the moment I write SMASH UP ON:, I'm on a ride that lasts nine months.  A good ride, but a long one.  This season is no exception.  I've been stuck on page one for two days.  I often procrastinate on iTunes looking for the right song to begin the season.  Sometimes I hear the baseline and melody of the opening before I see the direction of the story.  Hooking that rhythm up with a song often propels me into the episode.  

We locked in our production schedule and will start rolling on May 23rd.  I don't know when FX plans to air season four, but I would imagine they will stick with what's worked in the past and aim for early September.  

I'm very excited about season four.  My writers are firing on all cylinders and we're coming up with some very cool, very crazy fucking shit.  It's creatively liberating to be able to reboot and play with new dynamics and new relationships within our club.  A lot can happen in fourteen months, especially in prison.  Loyalties, trust and friendships can take odd turns when you are living in a cage.  

I know everyone is screaming for spoilers, but I'm not gonna tease anything yet.  I do know that I'd like to get out some kind of content to fans long before the premier.  We'll definitely get the iPhone/iPad app rolling with new shit over the summer, but I'm having conversations with the network and studio now about more extensive content.  Either in the form of webisodes or extended trailers.  Something to keep feeding the beast.  And by beast I mean our awesome, ravenous fans.  

I love you.  I fear you.


Wicked Courtni said...

I cannot WAIT for the season to kick off.

I also am pretty much stalking you until you agree to read my book. Not ree ree ree hang outside your window stalking ... but more like internet tagyouonFBeveryday stalking because I really think you would like it.


I dunno ... could be fun.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the new season and the journey you take us on Kurt! It's always an amazing one.

Tom and Lori Cole said...

Just glad to hear season 4 is on it's way, can't wait for FX to put it on the air,,, keep up the good work and look forward to the upcoming season!!!!

Thumper, SDMF, Simi Valley, Ca

Razormuse said...

You are an amazing writer.SOA has touched so many people either by relating to the "Life" of a biker or by the Citizens wishing they had the freedom to live that life.I wouldn't dare try to suggest anything as far as the script,actors, have it all nailed down to a T. The cast & crew show how much faith they have in your abilities by portraying your characters with true heart. I loved the Irish episodes even tho so many didn't.Keep doing what you do so well & may the motorcycle "muse" stay on your shoulder. Love & respect to you & your lovely wife. Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on Season 4! Cine Taylor (twitter @museofkarma)

Unknown said...

i love you Kurt. you are an artist in the true sense of the word. in a heartbreaking world, you bring a light to the darkness, remove us from our horrifying existence for a few minutes, you make us think, reconnect again, and for that i will always love you. Katey is a blessed woman. shared joy is increased, shared pain lessened-spider robinson

lowecat said...

Sounds like Southpaw gave you a creative outlet during the hiatus, and good for you to be able to keep busy, when you're not ridin' your new ride (and what a nice lookin' one, too! Thanks for sharin' the pic on the twitters).

Man, just a little more than two months before production begins! Honestly, the time seems like forever, but it does ten to fly by.

Naturally we look forward to S4 and what happens 14 months into SAMCRO's future.

Will Kozik patch in after all?

What will happen to SAMCRO with only three members, two prospects, and a loaner/nomad (Kozik)?

What will Jacob Hale do to the Mom/Pop operations that make Charming live up to it's name?

What will happen to Unser/Eglee and the rest of CPD?

We know that Tara will likely have her child and Gemma will get out from under house arrest and Lyla/Opie are engaged.

You have a lot of great things to work with during that time frame.

After getting into the past of SAMCRO/SAMBEl with the Ireland arc, I'm excited as Hell for the future.

Roll, baby, roll!

And there's no need to fear us, we love you, and as long as you continue to turn out edge of your seat/didn't se it comin' stuff, we'll continue to love you.

Unknown said...

Kurt good luck with the new project. QAnd can't wait for the sons season 4. Keep us updated always good to read ya blogs!! PS bring back vic! lol

Rowdy said...

Always great to read your posts.

I don't know if you have a vote in casting the right actors, but I just want to say they are all spot on. I loved Henry Rollins in his role. Jeff Kober is an other favorite, however I was hoping his character to be more of a psycho. Maybe like in 'The First Power', one of his best performances imho. And don't get me started on Dayton Callie. Truly amazing actor.

Ah well, I can go on on about SOA.I'm looking forward to season 4. Best greeting from a Dutch fan.


Big Bev said...

Ah, the writers are back to work, and Season 4 is becoming less ethereal, and more concrete. In May and June, I'll be driving and wondering if you'll be using the area I'm passing through as a locale this upcoming season, since you film in my general area. And then there'll be that first trailer, that first commercial on fx, making me salivate for what's to come.

In other words: September can't come soon enough.

Long Beach Robert said...


You have earned our trust, love, and respect. Thanks for keeping shit real.


shovelhead said...

looking forward to your storytelling Bro I really enjoyed the twists,turns and surprises of last have written a web that has me entangled in all the characters.Any chance of Drea coming back as Wendy?Well,summers coming gotta get my horse ready for the road.

Road Agents MC,Westside Detroit

Jennie said...

I would love some webisodes or a droid app. We don't do the iPhone/Pad/tunes/pod thing. Would love love love to be able to get the same kind of content without having to buy a new piece of equipment!

Brad said...

Any word on whether the SOA app will come to Android?

I've avoided drinking Apple's tainted Kool-Aid, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's itching to see the content come over do the droid platform.

Unknown said...

Is there any plans for an android app?

Grim Arena said...

Woot, May 23rd is my birthday :))

What about a DROID app?

And you forgot to setup a meeting with me to be on your show! Maybe next time? lol

JDEE 1980 said...

That's awesome news.i'd like to see a promo tour done along with charity bike of the coolest things i discovered watching your show is that clubs do charity runs for autism.i myself have a little brother who is 10 years old and has autism.he's also had a fascination with motorcycles since he was little.i think it would be a great way to do promotion for the show,connect fans,and at the same time do something good and help the families of these children out.

one thing i can tell you kurt that is far to overlooked when autism is involvedis the actual cost and financial strain it can put on families of those affected.far to often all the money seems to go to research which is great but what about those who are already living with an autistic child?here can they turn for help?

i watch my mother sacrafice so much to raise my brother and he can be very difficult to deal with.i'd like to see her be able to find help with my brother on all issues.she has sacraficed and dedicated her life to him and i have such a deep love and admiration for her strength and dedication.

sorry if i've rambled a while but it was just a thouht.i personally think it would be a win-win situation for everyone involved.and give you and the cast an excuse to get on the road and ride map out a whole tour of the country or surroundingareas california,arizona,new mexico,nevada,colorado

Thank you for your time and show.I wish you nothing but success and wait with great anticipation to see how the next chapter of samcro unfolds.Sincerly Joseph Eppley

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, I can't wait for S4!!! S3 finale was absolutely amazing....everything about it was mind blowing, can't wait to see where S4 is gonna pick up!
PLS PLS PLS PLS make the webepisodes happen!!!

c88 said...


I just want to say admire the respect you have for your fans. It's refreshing to know someone who is successful in hollywood remember this industry was meant to please its fans and not line the pockets of the big studio head. That passion you have is evident in every episode and thats why you are making what I consider the best show on television. Keep up the great week and please continue with the brutal honesty. Also please do some contest for a visit to the set and give the money to charity. Good luck with season 4.

Anarchy FC said...

SQUEEE!!!! Just reading this, with no hints about season 4 at all, has me foaming at the mouth already. September cannot come soon enough!!! I hope the network does go with September.... Sooner the better!!!

Anonymous said...

Take your time brother as always I trust that you will come up with a great story for our boys. Im so excited to see what season 4 brings.

Unknown said...

I can not wait until season four! My husband and I awaiting anxiously SOA's return. Please keep Jax and Tara together and maybe throw in that they have a little girl ;D Wherever the show goes; it will be a wonderful ride...just like the previous three seasons!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for keeping us updated Kurt. This has been an uplifting distraction from all the media about the tragedy in Japan right now. Really looking forward to season 4.

Urno Talbot said...

Not spoilers but many a general, vague, loosely worded synopsis? Is Elvis there to let us know you aint nothin but a hound dog, cracking all the time, or just an homage to Mark Boone Jr.?

Kris said...

did you love and fear shield fans? how are we different?

Jedediah said...

Jesus Christ Bro listen to you, I'm sitting here at 1:45am I just finished writing an awesome half hour comedy script. I have a feature length screen play, and feel I have so much to offer the world but no one knows I'm even alive. Hearing how you talk about your "day job" and Dreamworks and "Virtual career" gets me going a bit bra. I would give both my nuts and take half off my dick to be able to even say something close to what you just explained. So please man, you remember when you we're just a young guy like me (we share some of the same life experiences) Struggling along writing great shit but no one knew you we're even alive? Feeling like a "who" in "who the fuck are you-ville?" What did you do man? Guide me bro, mentor me, and I will be your fucking Luke Skywalker oh great Obi one! You are a great man my friend, do you talk on the phone? or just write emails and blogs? I'd like the opportunity to speak.
Thanks Kurt,
Jedediah Davis-"I am only a fighter, in the form of a writer"

Jedediah said...

O.K. it was late and I got a bit fired up on that last comment. I finished reading every post you've ever made and read almost all the scripts I could find that you have written. After all that my friend I now have a better understanding of not only who you are, but it sparked a light into who I am as a writer, father, husband and human. I now know more than I knew yesterday and because of that my voice has grown louder. Like I said before, I may be just a "who" in "who the fuck are you-ville" but if I just keep yelling I'm here, I'm here eventually the giant pink elephant will respond. My name is Jedediah Davis and my voice is getting louder thanks to Kurt Sutter. Jedediah Davis- "I am only a fighter in the form of a writer" CAN YOU HEAR ME? I'M RIGHT HERE!

Denise Shelton said...

Mark-Almond Band: The Ghetto-- Great song for SOA.

Unknown said...

Start ep.1 with 'I got mine' from The Black Keys. Sons is as vital to me as Shiner Bock. Keep up the killer work Kurt. -Johnny from Ventura, Ca

ctkat1 said...

Season 4 will be the first one that I actually watch as it airs. The great thing about discovering SoA in the last month is that I was able to purchase all three seasons on DVD/itunes and watch them in a marathon of awesomeness. The bad thing about discovering SoA this way is that I am now in a deep withdrawal and unsure how I will handle waiting the next 6 months! So yes, please, webisodes and extended trailers as soon as possible.

Adam W. said...

Kurt, you are a fantastic and amazing writer!! your work with sons has inspired me to get back into the writing business and write my own stuff. you see, i am starting to get into the filming and writing industry and hopefully my works will turn out to be something as great as your show! i love sons of anarchy and to this day i will never stop watching it! its just that damn good and i cannot wait for season four to come along and grace us with how damn crazy its gonna be :D keep up the good work kurt!!

Sarah said...

Stumbled on your blog & am thrilled to find a place for updates. Even happier that the ball starts rolling in May. Who can we convince at FX that a 9 month hiatus is cruel and unusual punishment???? Can't wait to see what season 4 brings. I know you did a teaser about Tara & Jax baby being a boy since it is the SONS of anarchy but man can you imagine the basketcase he'd be with a girl???

Anabel said...

Southpaw sounds so amazing, honestly, I'm mad excited for it. I won't ask for help with it, but i am TOTALLY gonna try to find some sort of way to audition xD no big deal..
ANYWAY. Southpaw. I have a couple questions:
1) are you going to make it a continuation of 8 Mile? meaning that there will be another man like Papa Doc, or another guy like Future? or Cheddar Bob? Or will it be a looser continuation of it?

2) How did you come up with the idea of Boxing as a metaphor? That kind of blew my mind how well that connected with the 'white rapper' persona.