Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Entertainment Writers/Journalists/Bloggers,

I understand your job is "scoop dependent" and you need eyes on your page to stay afloat.  I appreciate and empathize with your struggle.  It must be very difficult to survive in this competitive, buzz-whore environment. I'm sure you are all good people with lovely families and nice lawn furniture.

But please let me share a basic journalistic fact with you -- Twitter is not a forum for building news stories. You see, they are called "tweets" because they are quick, spontaneous reactions.  Like a bird in flight.  Like a child in the dark.  Like an angry alcoholic without enough coffee.  I'm not sure if you realize this, but 140 characters is not a complete thought.  Most tweets don't have any complete sentences.  Yes, I know it's public domain and on the record, but you see, when the article is filled with only 10% fact, that leaves a lot of room for sensational speculation.  Now, I'm not talking about mentioning tweets in bigger stories to support your idea, that's good and often entertaining journalism.  I'm talking about spinning a headline and creating a slanted point of view based on a single tweet.  C'mon boys and girls, that's just lazy.  

You know, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, I really don't enjoy calling you cunts.  It truly hurts my delicate nature, but unfortunately you keep earning the handle.  So, I implore you, please stop being lazy whores. 

Have a nice day and know that I love you.  Cunts.

Yours in Christ,

Kurt Albert Sutter


katherine. said...

Albert? hm.

Unknown said...

Gotta love how you have the courage with such honesty... lovin you the most.... Hugs from out here in Hell (Az) thank you for all you share with us who do follow you wherever it may be (except on Twitter) Dusty

Unknown said...

I just laughed so hard. That is the best thing I have ever heard, to call someone a Cunt and then end the note "Yours in Christ". Typical christian behavior, to pass judgement on someone and claim to be "religious" hiding behind their god, I hate those hypocritical bastards.


Jennifer Hansen

Rowdy said...

You tell those fuckin' cunt leechers Kurt :-)

I'm looking forward to a future SOA story line starring a cunt journalist, harassing one of the member of the SOA family. He / or she should end up getting violated by Tig.

Good luck and have fun writing the rest of the episode for season 4.


BundyAnna said...

Albert!? Just like Einstein, huh? And I agree wid u.

Unknown said...

Kurt, it must be such a struggle for a loving, caring person as yourself to have to deal with crass, boorish, greedy, grasping bottom feeders. but you seem to manage. lol. michelle

Urno Talbot said...

Ok Albert!

SavannahSkye said...

Tell it as it is! Love it!

Unknown said...

While I have no actual point to make regarding this blog post I did want to say following such snappy ripostes as "lazy whores" and "cunts" with "yours in Christ" made me laugh out loud, so thanks for that.

Volalupi said...

This is one of the reasons my level of respect for you continues to grow. I appreciate that you don't just get mad and shut down your twitter. I appreciate that you SO eloquently attempt to give these people a dose of reality. thank you for being such an honest and real voice.

Unknown said...

Not sure which I enjoy more, your blog or your screen writing. Both captivating, both entertaining, and yet brutally honest. Stay crass! Much love.

lowecat said...

Ah, Kurt, another well written article. Unfortunately, I fear it was a waste of your time and effort, as those who REALLY need to read and understand it do not have the eyes to see and/or the ears to hear your words. I won't even mention that they don't have the brains to compreend the words. Oops! I went there anyway.

Yellow journalism just continues to grow. It's gone from rags like the National Enquirer and the Star to the WWW. Frankly, I have little time nor tolerance for any of 'em, whether on line or on the teevee. You'll see none of 'em are on my Twitter TL.

Why people pay attention to these muckrackers is beyond my comprehension. They pay for information to the highest amount like a drunk willing to pay the bootlegger for booze on Sunday (in places where liquor stores are closed on that day). They care not whether the info they buy can hold as much water as a leaky sieve.

In a perfect world, people wouldn't pay attention to these muckrackers, in whatever media form they take. But our world isn't perfect, is it?

I hope you continue to tweet, and to blog, darlin'. Your words inspire and delight, even the four letter ones. They also inform, 140 characters at a time.

Fuck 'em, Kurt. And unlike Tig, don't be humane. They don't deserve a little lube.

michele said...

Go get em Kurt!

Unknown said...

That was a fucking classic!!!! Great but short read!

RLT said...

Always happy to see another of your gems hit my desktop!


Anarchy FC said...

I very much admire how when something/someone aggravates you, you just fire right on back with an eloquent miniature lecture. Also, I will never tire of how you don't care what people think/say when you outright label a group as being cunts. It totally brightens my day and inspires me to not take shit from anyone. Loves!

Jim McGowan said...

Well said, Kurt.

In SOA Season 4 you really must devote st least a small part of one episode to one of your favorite bloggers (and I do realize those two words together form an oxymoron!) who to club treats as a very special guest for obvious reasons. ;)



Aaliyah said...

Entertaining as usual. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to a season four update:)

Jenny Girl said...

I LOVE it! Why do most people not realize the news is not news anymore and blurbs about stars are not news either? Idiots!

The sign off was also classic :)

Unknown said...

What a clean concise way to express the very thing that irritates me about a lot of modern "journalism". It seems like so much energy is put into a worthless product that is like a gaudy piece of costume jewelry, in that it is outrageous enough to get attention but you would never let anyone think you liked it.