Thursday, February 16, 2012


I've turned into such a lazy fucking blogger.  Really, Twitter is like the fast food of social media.  I never want to sit down and eat a good blog anymore.  I'm turning into the rest of the loser hackycunts who write blogs about television. 

Season 5... fuck me, season 5.  Really?  How did that happen?  Wow.  Seems like only yesterday that all the fucking critics were saying we were just The Soprano's on motorcycles and that we'd never last.

Anyway, writer's room is in full swing.  Big arcs loosely broken.  New characters loosely defined.  501 on the board.  We'll finish beating it out tomorrow and I'll start writing this weekend.  My hope is to have four scripts completed before we begin production.  All my actors' options have been picked up, so everyone is scheduled to begin work mid-May. Right now we have four new major characters for season 5.  One is Damon Pope, who's daughter Tig killed at the end of season 4.  The other three characters... well, I'll tell you this much.  One wears a patch we've never seen.  One is hard, curvy and very sexy.  One packs a platinum .45 with a walrus tusk handle, he's incredibly dangerous, but really, he just wants to be loved.  Vague enough?

I'll gear up WTFsutter again next week.  Hang in there, kids.  More shit to keep you amused on the way.  

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