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tELLErized said...

Very relaxed interview and it reflected how much you both enjoy what you do.

Since Carson was like a kid in a candy store, did you check his pockets before he left the clubhouse?

And yeah, fantastic editing... totally in your favor Kurt. You can be 'charming' when you want to ;-P

Unknown said...

That was a fantastic interview, just wish there could've been more of it. As it is, I've already burned the broadcast (sans the music and commercials) onto a DVD for posterity.

Interesting how the fanbase keeps growing with people from all walks of life. I wonder how many other 'celebrities' are fans of the show?

Believe me, you never fail to deliver on those three things you mentioned. That's what keeps us comin' back for more.

Purrsonally, I hope the next project for tee vee will be the frist 9's story. Naturally, bein' a period piece, I'm gonna be interested in the music, bikes, and cars of the period.

Meanwhile, I'm hopin' that Southpaw gets picked up by another studio soon. Wish I had the kind of money to own a studio of my own; I'd green light it in a red hot second!

Well done!

SparticusInk said...

Hey Kurt
Interesting post , now does mean no more blogging or
are you filming the end of season 4 ?

Anonymous said...

I love it when you tell Carson,"I just don't like people"..The look on his face was priceless & u never missed a beat!! I have been in love w/ SOA from the very beginning. To me, this is the best show since The Sopranos. U r so awesome & I look forward to every show. Thanks for being the man!!
Respectfully, Paula Ammann

lici2 said...

Bugger! Hulu content cannot be seen in Australia! That sucks.

Amber Kep said...

First, I just want to tell Lowecat, I love your "Purrsonally"!

Kurt, kudos on the interview, I loved it. I personally feel like can really relate to your personality.

You must get somewhat immune to compliments and may have to skim these comments, but I am going to pay yet another. I have a deep appreciation for art. This show more than any other, in my opinion, is true art.

Every single thing about SOA, from the sensational story telling, to the riveting acting that brings it to life, the way it's filmed and my God the music, creates a perfect storm that drenches it's viewers with monsoonal entertainment.

I want to quick reference the scene where Jax follows Abel with his potential adoptive parents. That scene sums up that perfect storm quality. The raw, up close nature of filming, the music, and Charlie's intense talent invoked emotion that, for me, resulted in tears. Charlie acts and speaks with his eyes on a level that is so connecting. The scene where Gemma told Clay and Jax of her rape had the same effect. Scenes like those are the guts of the show. They showcase beautifully the talents that put SOA in it's own class.

On a side note, the sex appeal doesn't hurt! The show is juicy and dripping with an overabundance of it, injecting a savory succulence that leaves you craving more. YUM. ;)

Amber Kep said...

One more quick thought, like Lowecat, I find the diverse fan base fascinating as well. SOA is structured and built around deep-seated psychological battles, the overpowering emotions they evoke (which is the word I meant to and thought I used in my last comment-so correction there),and the actions and reactions that ensue as a result. The relationships in life and the significant effect they have on our growth as human beings is another key aspect in the show I think everyone can relate to. Okay, that's all. :)

Nils Hermans said...

Ah, the gold mine that is Hulu. If only I could see this video from outside the US...

tELLErized said...

I totally agree with Myra - Lowecat. I understand how limited time is in TV but I was also left wishing there was more to the segment!!

Hope the movie project with Eminem moves foward soon.

Katie said...

Loved this interview Kurt, thank you!
- I too am living outside the US so unfortunately Hulu is unavailable here.

For the benefit of those who are in the same boat as me though, here's the link to see it on YouTube, although I completely understand that endorsing this version on your blog may be problematic...thanks for keeping touch with the fans! V happy to have you back on Twitter :)

Fern said...

I'm not aware of any other showrunner who understands that "opening the kimono" to fans keeps us engaged, excited and emotionally tied to SOA. The more you give us the more dedicated we become.

S4 is blowing my mind!


Amber Kep said...

Oh my, I seem like a stalker with how much I've commented on this, I apologize. Somehow the Southpaw project slipped through the cracks for me. Holy Hell, that is a dynamic duo if I ever saw one. I LOVE Eminem, he is to rap and hip hop what Charlie is to acting, in my eyes. You guys will rock that shit out, and soon I hope. Can't f-in wait. Alright, done bothering you for real now. Hope your anniversary was simply grand!

ChApElEiRo LoUcO said...

Bugger! Hulu content cannot be seen in Brazil! I'm very bored :(.

Miss America said...

I had to laugh out loud Sutter. Just this week I was visiting a friend who is very near to dying, and I was with her and 1 other friend of hers having a real end-of-life truthtelling talk, and she said the one thing we all had in common was "We didn't like people."
Takes one to know one and I know you.

Anonymous said...

Kurt you kick ass!!!! Every interview I see of you I am more & more intrigued by the entire story & the work you do! Please keep it up I love the show & this interview answered some of the questions I had about how you came up with this to start with :) Keep up the hard work to all of you who keep this show so amazing!


Darkerider said...

I almost fell over with the not liking people thing. Been a nurse for a very long time and just that reason of not liking people I've told others is what makes me a better nurse...LOL

I fought watching your show for a very long time. Thought it was going to be be a "hollywood" take on a lifestyle I have embraced for most of my adult (ok, I use that term a bit loosely...)life. SO to watch something I was pretty sure was going to make me look for something large to toss at the TV, was not my idea of a fun evening. Took a riding partner of mine and a few adult type beverages to convince me to watch. A little over two days later, I was through all three seasons and pissed I had to wait for number 4. Want to thank you for doing this right. I appreciate the effort of all involved. You ever get out to Saratoga Springs, I owe you a few beers.

Opie_fangirl said...

Great interview, Kurt. I am never up that late so, thanks for posting it.

BTW, happy belated anniversary to you and Katey.

Anonymous said...

Geez Sutter. You seem perfectly sane. No f bombs, no bats getting their heads bit off, no raging or foaming. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I get the DVDs to other seasons just to get inside information like this ... discovering the writer's mind. "I don't like people," CLASSIC. Loving season 4!
Anel Laj

Ajvngou said...

Only for US? Oh, COME ON!