Friday, May 20, 2011



Unknown said...

Love seeing the cast and crew just hangin' around and havin' fun.

Interesting answer about the prep you did for the show. Didn't think you were too hyped up o cawfee (is there really such a thing, anyway, as bein' too hyped up on cawfee?).

Thanks for givin' us a glimpse behind the scenes.

Anarchy FC said...

Love this behind the scenes stuff!!! Disappointed, however, with the news about the appisodes as I do not own an Iphone or a smart phone, *super sad face*. However, I am eagerly awaiting season 3 on blu ray! Going to have a 3 season marathon before the premiere of season 4, Go Sons!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kurt for the inside view to the show! Keep 'em coming....and keep drinking that coffee!!

Pj said...

Hey Kurt! Awesome footage on the cast. I have never been so excited about a show until now. You have pure gold in your hands and i cant wait till season four. I myself, have a lot of interest in the plot and characters. I would love to audition for season 5!(haha) Keep it coming this is great!

--Pj Bartlett Boston Ma

nancy.white60 said...

Hey, Kurt!
Love the show! Ever thought of using Chris Rea music on the show?Such as...
Road to Hell
Baby Don't Cry
Man Gone Missing
Workin' On It
Can't wait to see where you take the show this year!

Nancy - Birmingham, AL

Amanda said...

AWESOME show!! Thanks for making date night for me and my ol man and thanks for posting the behind the sceens stuff and steppin outside the box!

fox_14__ said...

I think ive rewatched seasons 1 thru 3 about five times now in the last month!
I am so excited for season 4 and Im so happy to see some content and sneak peaks for the up comming season!Best birthday present ever would be if the first episode airs on sept 12th!:D I will cross my fingers for a miracle!
Im really excited to see what the shows going to be like with a year missing i think its going to be really neat to see and im sure you and your cast are going to do an amazing job like usual!

Aaliyah said...

Loving the vlog posts. Great food for thought:)


missfitz29 said...

Hey Guys, LOVE your show. We're hosting a Breast Cancer fund raiser at a local biker bar. I myself, am a 2 time survivor of breast cancer. We were wondering if you could donate something from the show or perhaps even better someone from the show attend the event? Would appreciate anything. It just seems that Long Island has a larger amount of women who get Breast Cancerthan any other part of the United States. All the more the reason for us to gather funds to stop this horrible disease. Thank you for your time

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