Thursday, February 10, 2011


There's an article circulating the web right now about supposed comments Charlie Hunnam made about the writing of Sons of Anarchy.  It's not E-online, but they should be ashamed of themselves for reprinting it.  I'm not going to include a link to the original blog because I don't want to feed the bullshit machine (although I know this entry will indeed bring more attention to it).  I've said it before, reporters, critics, bloggers make their hay by how many "hits" an article generates.  There are a lot of good reporters out there, generating important content, but for every legitimate one, there's an unscrupulous one, who will do just about anything for a juicy headline or a tawdry twist.  

I read the article about Charlie and immediately knew that it was taken out of context.  There's no one on my show more respectful of every one's creative process than Charlie Hunnam.  From Craft Service to the writing and directing, Charlie is a consummate professional.  He is too intelligent and too decent to spout off the way the article insinuates he did.  Charlie called me, when someone told him about it, and he informed me of what I had expected -- it's a ridiculous bullshit blog, where the cunt reporter baited him with antagonistic questions, ultimately getting an angry reply -- pointed at the cunt, not the show.
UPDATED: There's an audio file attached to the site now that allows you to hear Charlie's response.  What you don't hear are the actual questions that led up to the response.  Charlie's answer is measured, as he is clearly trying to restrain himself.  My beef with the blog is not what Charlie said, but how it was presented.  It painted Charlie as a disgruntled actor who has no respect for the writing.  That was the intent, that was how the blogosphere interpreted it.  The cunt knew that.  He knew he was publishing spun bullshit that was going to start trouble. 

Cunt.  A strong word, but oh, so accurate in describing these pathetic whores who manipulate reality for their own greed and advancement.  They tear down trust and damage careers.  If I ever meet the cunt who wrote the article (and I know who the fuck you are), I'll rip his fucking heart, shit in the hole, then make his mother eat it.

But Kurt, how do you really feel?  Like I want to hurt something.  Motherfuckers.  They should all die.


Crystal said...

Kurt, you are exactly right and I love you for expressing your thoughts so freely!!!

Unknown said...

I did listen to the audio of the interview. It was kind of weird. They're talking about the movie, talking about the movie, more talking about the movie and suddenly a random question about SOA. The audio interview did seem kind of edited but then again I've seen interviewers ask a random question out of the blue, so who knows.

Anonymous said...

Such vulgar language

Anonymous said...