Friday, June 18, 2010


There has been a lot of heated response to my last blog post.  Some folks enjoying my bold opinion, others diminishing me to a slop-sweated, faux-badass who should be shut down and disemboweled.  And the later were from friends and family.  For better or for worse, I never think about the response a blog entry might get.  I'm inspired, I write, I post.  I reap the rewards or pay the price.  I will qualify that the blog is also a medium for entertainment.  My posts, heated and not, are done with a sense of irony, dark humor and a wink at the obvious self-indulgence.

I cannot comment any more on the specifics of my June 16th blog (I got a nurturing lesson on how "litigation has nothing to do with seeking the truth" from my very astute lawyer), but I can comment on my process and the impact and responsibility of the blog. 

The truth is, if the recent events had happened during my hiatus, it probably would have rolled off my back.  But being in the middle of 70-80 hour weeks, sleep-deprived, crushed with deadlines, my back is a mass of knots incapable of letting anything fucking roll.  Which coincidentally, brings me head first into my process.  I've garnered a reputation of speaking passionately and uncensored.  I welcome that responsibility and try to honor it by only writing blogs that trigger a genuine emotional response and a real desire to communicate something.  So SutterInk blog has become either informative updates about Sons of Anarchy or, well, rants.

The updates are clearly not the issue.

The rant delivers many things.  A raw, visceral point of view, unedited emotions, a deeper view of a personal truth and a strong subjective conclusion.  But with the instantaneous reply to an emotional button, you also get the ugly side of the coin -- a false sense of superiority, arrogance, contempt prior to investigation and a level of juvenile passion.

Any one of my blogs will contain both elements.

FYI: In the last three years I've only really regretted one blog post, which I have removed.  The rest I stand behind and although I may have remorse about their impact, I wouldn't recant a single word.

So, as in all things in my life, blogging comes down to finding balance.  The right mix of passion and responsibility.  Ying and yang.  Hero and douche-bag.  Too much unedited passion makes me a Limbaugh-esque blowhard, too much responsibility makes me... fucking boring.

Here's a promise to myself and anyone else who gives a shit.  I promise to be open to learning from my mistakes, to listen to the advice and comments of those who know more than I do, and to try each day to be a little bit less of a dick.


ChanningBloomfield said...

My brother once told me that "truth is the currency to love" That I believe wholeheartedly. If we cant be honest with ourselves and those around us....what's the point? I get the political tape crap but I love your truth. Makes you far better of a human and makes life far more livable. Love to you Kurt

Anonymous said...

Your self awareness combined with passion is a great thing. & makes for excellent reading. You go KS.

Tom Farley said...

One thing you certainly haven't been is boring, Kurt. I find your blogging to be passionate without being ... blowhardian?

I don't follow too many blogs, but yours is one of them. Do what you need to do to keep your money in your pocket, and SOA on the air.

ShawnC said...

I take in your honesty like pasta to boiling water. It is refreshing, inspiring and brings an entirely new level of appreciation to your creative process and the genius outcome of that process. Congrats to your cast and family and you for them. Amazing teams all around you and it shows.

Anonymous said...

Very well said... while it is easy to vent and get it all out, sometimes the best thing to do is take the "high road". And for me, that is a very difficult thing to do a lot of the time. I feel your frustration, and hope all goes well with this lawsuit. Please know that all of the SOA fans, like me, love you and the show and we have your back... just remember, sometimes it takes a long time, but karma is a bitch when it finally comes around.

Anonymous said...

I’m the wife of a raw unsencored biker who lives life with passion, integreity, and compassion for others. My love for him comes from his willingness to be honest. Honest is hard. Its raw. Its unsensored in a world that thrives on sensoring everything around you. Honesty is the color in our black and white world, because honesty isn’t always the good. I appreciate your blog and your openmindedness. It’s the kind of philiosphy you push that keeps the world evolving and always thinking.

karen young said...

Don't be so hard on your self as we all do it. As I went on a rant about my land lord last week and was put in my place by my daughter. Sometimes you just have to put it out there. Take care,Karen

Anonymous said...

The hell with the critics! I was never more proud to be a sons of anarchy or Kurt Shutter fan!!!! That other guy is nothing but a flim flam man!looking for a free payday!

Jessica said...

Part of your magnetism is the passion and honesty of your words. So many people in the business only show the veneer, so when someone comes along that just actual, real person, not a character, people can't help but be pulled to them like magnets to metal. In your situation, you do have to consider the consequences of your words more than someone who is not in the public eye, because at any time someone can take your words and use them against you, but at the same time, the type of fans that you have, our dedication and loyalty are a direct result of your integrity - to yourself and to your art. There is always a line of balance to be found where one can uphold this integrity, and protect oneself from the wolves...

But just know that for myself, it is this raw, candid, sin pelos en la lengua (no hairs on your tongue, no filters) manner of yours that keeps me coming back here. I don't follow celebs on twitter, I don't add them on facebook...but for very few exceptions...and guess who one of them is *drumroll* - you...because you put yourself into your words, and it doesn't feel like a contrived performance, but a dose of the man...the person...the human.


Tony Adame said...

Kurt - Keep doing your thing. I can only speak for myself, but you and how you are is what makes this whole goddamn train called The Best Show On TV keep chugging along and it's what makes me a fan. In the words of Jay-Z: "foolish pride is what held me together thru the years I wasn't felt/that's why I never played myself" - and you never will. Keep up the hard work my brother.

Patti said...

When you concern yourself with the perception of your words you change the "slant of the rant". I enjoy your stream of consciousness style of writing. It comes from the core which is real and not contrived. I'm for one am hoping you don't change a thing.

Cali said...

"Here's a promise to myself and anyone else who gives a shit. I promise to be open to learning from my mistakes, to listen to the advice and comments of those who know more than I do, and to try each day to be a little bit less of a dick."

That's all we can ask of anyone. Thanks, Kurt, just for being you.

Merenwench said...

Please, don't ever change!! Whether or not I agree with your every point of view I LOVE that you are never afraid to say what's on your mind. That is a rare and beautiful thing these days. Stay true!

Deb K said...

I appreciate your candor and your promise to yourself and the universe. Please do not apologize for responding to an attack. Yes, we should all stop and take those steadying breaths before we speak, but that would make this a very vanilla world don't you think? Passion is the driving force behind any success big or small, don't apologize for yours (the passion or the success). Your readers have brains, we can decide for ourselves when we think your blog is worth reading or not.

big daddy las vegas said...

isay ftc or fuck the critics- be who you are , say what you mean, and do what you say you will in the end we all answer to one and are judged by a question of how we lived and I believe the questions will be asked and answered and its about rightiousness not about being right!live life hard and fast in skid in out of control and look back at one ehell of a ride brother!
big daddy
las vegas

Unknown said...

whats the freaking problem, you spoke what was on your mind, this world is far too PC, where is the freedom of speech gone, its our choice and use of words that add to our individuality, are we all to become robots, monkey see, monkey does......

Its your show, your creation, your vision, you had a right to defend it. Your bluntness and honesty is a breath of fresh air in an industry that is full of false perfection.

I, a complete and utter stranger admire you for it.

Douglas Jones said...


Your bluntness and brutal honesty are not only entertaining, but quite frankly, liberating.. Your passion in your writing is why SOA is by far the best show on TV today. The fact you blog to your fans and keep those of us that follow you updated is HUGE!

I think a couple others hit it on the head when they said your too hard on yourself.. Sounds like your a pretty humble dude to me and I always look forward to your writings and rantings. So keep up the most excellent work, don't let these hacks beat ya down brother.. Way I see it, their scared of what you might say, or what you might create for another episode or new series.. STAY YOU!


Defiant Doug

Kat Scratch said...

to me speaking your truth can't ever make one a dick. a little dick-ish in behavior but who gives a fuck. i've been on this blog since the get-go back in the day. i'm not just a fan of SoA but you. keep on doing your thing and speaking your mind. most of us are inspired to do the same in our life.

Discobitch said...

ya know what? fuck those haters!! SOA is your baby and you defending it doesnt make u a bad person, just someone who's proud of their baby!!! if their shows didnt get off the ground, fuck 'em thats their problem not yours! trying to shit all over someone elses fan-fuckin-tastic work is the lowest of the low n they deserve to be bitch-slapped fkin amateur wannabe douches!! Mon the SOA best show ever!!! Andrea fae Easterhoose =) xx

Elaine said...

Honesty is best served straight from the heart.... with a hint of irony!!
Sometimes things just have to be said...
Respect to you and your opinions!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have the balls to tell it how it is at the time you are feeling it. Never change, Kurt.

Anonymous said...

i had to relook at the last blog, which somehow i missed...i can certainly understand how pissed off claims like chuck zito's would make you.
soa has an extraordinary storyline, one which makes me beg that the show's really not over...and then count the days waiting for the next episode. it takes real talent to do that.
waiting till the next season...barely....

mq01 said...

:) as someone who knows too damn well the difficulty and challenges that come with finding or creating "balance", i'd say you're doing just f'ing fabulously! keep it up! ride safe and enjoy kurt.

Indianacat aka Lowecat said...

Something happened to my response to Douchebaggery, so you're getting two for the price of one!

As I responded to your tweet yesterday, "That you don't worship at the altar of the great gawd PC that makes you badass/tough. We who recognize real have your back."

I don't read other blogs. Not to sound like a broken record, but like another responder, yours is the only one I follow regularly. It's not to suck up or brown nose. It's not just because of the SOA news.

I follow your blog because it says interesting, real things. You don't hoist yourself on your own petard and look down upon us, the fanbase/readership.

Yes, we should and do consider ourselves lucky to have you share tweets, blogs, and FB with us. I appreciate it.

To kinda quote Paul Stanley from a program I saw on VH1Classic earlier this AM "Sure, the fans should consider themselves lucky we play for them. But, on the same token, WE feel damn lucky to have fans to play for! We owe them a good time for their money!" Well, my friend, I kinda get that impression from you. That as much as crowds might panic you, you seem to appreciate us, and give us more than "I/I/I/" and 'Me/me/me, wonderful, glorious me!'.

Your blogs tell it like it is. They are sometimes raw, often emotional, never politically correct. Your blog takes on issues and events that the mass media and the conservative media tend to overlook (such as Polanski).

That's why I have an alert on my home page that tells me the newest blog from you is up. My husband is concerned about my priorities, as I had an email alert to a job offer acceptance letter and your 16June blog; I opened the blog first! (I did get around to the job offer letter, by the way).

Most poignant to me was your blog on your father's passing and your feelings on it. You could've kept that to yourself and never shared it. You put it out there to be dissected by the masses. It could've opened up more pain to you. Yet, you didn't hide it away. That's bad ass, dude.

As far as the 'gentleman' who is suing you and FX for plagerism, my idea is that you respond to THR, TMZ, ad nauseum with the following: Zito needs to put up or shut up. The fact that I had a plan has been registered with the WGA. Where's Zito's proof? When did he register his idea? When did he meet with FX and does he have proof of said meeting?

Hell, you pitched, you had a show bible and plan and registered it. He is tryin' to ride your coattails and hopin' for a fast and easy pay off. He's a leech, a blood sucker. If it were me, and he couldn't prove his claim, I'd sue his @$$. But that's just me.

Believe you me, Mr. Sutter, the day comes that you suck up and become a blood sucking leech of the polictially correct @$$, I will definitely become uninterested.

Until the next time you tweet something of interest or blog again, keep on keepin' it real, with a wink and a nod and that dark humor we all know and love.

And again, have an enjoyable Father's Day with your family.

Unknown said...

I appreciate that you document your processes for interested parties to read, to form independent thoughts. and that those thoughts are honest and fresh. Your contributions to the free media of originality and truism are really quite inspirational. Makes me wish Mark Twain had internet access. Keep fighting the good fight!!!

reddove108 said...

If the world had more people like you who had the guts to tell it like it is, we'd live in a much better place.
Kurt, we're with you. Thanks to you, your fellow actors and crew for all you have given us.

Terry L. said...

Hello Mr. Sutter,

The only blog I never miss is yours. Then again, it's the only one I read besides my grandson's.

My family have been Harley riders since I was old enough to hold onto the gas cap on a tank while my sister held on to Dad in the back (I'm fully grown now so the CSA can relax). I couldn't wait for SOA to air and haven't missed an episode yet.

Your honesty is refreshing in this day of ridiculous politically correct posturing. I also enjoy the recovery references you post from time to time (I'm class of '94). Contempt prior to investigation? THE principle that keeps man in everlasting ignorance. Try telling that to the tabloids!

Thanks for your time, and Namaste.

lici2 said...

Kurt I think that this whole thing comes back down to CZ wanting what you have, nothing more or less! He wants fame, he wants success and he wants the paycheck, throw in about 50 thousand fans, clarity, a loving family and the cherry on top of a beautiful talented slammin' wife and jealousy finds it form! Yes man, defend it with whatever you've got! People love the show but people respond to YOU! You are not unjustified in your response, I dont find you arrogant, I hear a man that works hard speaking passionately against a threat to his livelihood. I am one of thousands that have your back bro!!! Dont edit, tone down or sensor your passion, YOU, Kurt Sutter - writes a blog about YOU, Kurt Sutter! it isnt called "Being politically correct about the approach I should take to people trying to bring me down" Love Ya Work! All of it.

Travis Parker said...

Always speak the truth of what you feel. Eventually, we will all be call to account for our lives.

Better to be able to say you always spoke truth, no matter the consequence, than to be a weasel.

Outsider said...

The difference is that Limbaugh the Bloviator....Blows

Unknown said...

KS - Your passion, insight and honesty are refreshing. I especially like the last bit of this post, namely 'The Promise'. I'm an older dude (getting ready to trun 60) and your observation summarizes the way I now try to live my life after a loooong history of not giving much of a shit about anyone else and constantly being an uncaring dick. That's not the same as being 'mellow', which would likely kill me in about 15 minutes. However, giving others a little more room won't kill me and I've found it actually enriches most of my interactions. I really enjoy your show, your personality and your frankness. I know 'real' when I see it.

Guy Glimp said...

Doon wary bout it bro. Seriosly, man, if you can't be yourself, you're nobody.

tim said...

"Were all free men protected under the constitution". I have the freedom to vent but the responsibility to deal with the backlash. If I can shoulder that watch out world. Rant on kurt!! I've come to enjoy the blog so much I've turned all my friends onto it. Honesty is always inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Two comments:

1) You have no idea what transpired in the development meetings/discussions between FX and Chuck Zito. Who said what, whether commitments were made, what legal basis any of it has on the filed complaint. He may be due his $5M from FX. That's for the courts and a jury of his peers to sort out. He also settled one of his divorces for $1.2 Billion so he is far from a guy to fight for the last penny.

2) Chuck Zito is a certified bad dude. I know him, I've considered doing business with him while hardened bikers from non-HA clubs scampered around the shop hiding their tattoos. He has fists like hams and enjoyed explaining to me how he kicked the shit out of Jean Claude Van Damme for the minor offense of telling somebody else that "Zito has no heart". He takes things personally.

Why must you poke people in the eye on a constant basis? Do you have a death wish? You should think of your wife and family, they probably would like to see you around for awhile.

Penn said...

A passionate, creative person tends to rant. All the ideas and thoughts swirling around in their head have to be released in some way. You choose the pen and you're very good at it. Every SOA storyline and blog you write reel me in and hold my attention, always craving for more. You refer to yourself as a "dick" or "asshole." But what I get from your "rantings" is a compassionate person that can express his beliefs & concerns with the written word. You deserve the success you're having. FX saw a goldmine choosing your work over others. There will always be wannabe's that the passionately creative person has to deal with. Don't change...except if you feel the urge to become Rush Limbaugh. At that time, consider yourself a dick.

Myatuk said...

I guess your astute lawyer does know best <<>> but we love your rants and raves and your "DARK HUMOR"
That's what sets you aside from everyone else.
However,every action does have a concequence, as your lawer has so boldley informed you.
You stay in so much trouble insted of OTTO you should change your name to SPOON because you're always stirring up shit!!!!!

Annie said...

Any writer worth his/her salt inspires rage, laughter, and any number of visceral reactions. It's hard to pull yourself away from the edge when you blog, it's a very different form of writing.

CStepich said...

KS...A blog is also a medium to VENT. If it has relieved just one of those tension/stress knots on your back, then it has served it's purpose. I for one admire that you acknowledge your ability to make mistakes, some dicks out there don't. I am not a dick, but I can be a bitch and I own that. If more people did, our world might be an easier place to live...write on. CS

Shawn said...

Kurt this is what I live by... It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not! Stay true to yourself and whatever the fuck you feel like saying. Thanks for keeping it real!

Roll Hard!

Alex Strachan said...

Big, big fan of your site, and of your show(s). The funny thing, of course, is how often this keeps happening. I'm sure that somewhere, somebody is still accusing John, Paul, George and Ringo of ripping off The White Album from their piano sessions at Juillard in the early '60s.

I remember something J.J. Abrams once said, at an early press conference for Lost. Or perhaps it was Shakespeare, in an earlier time.

Abrams, plugging Lost at the time — the pilot had yet to officially air — said there are no original ideas: Everyone and his dog has done a desert island show. The difference lies in execution.

By the way, what is it with the weasels, stoats and voles who post comments but never have the balls to use their real name? Whassup with that?

Anyhow: I, for one, am happy you tell it like it is. Sure, some of your posts are rants, but then some people have based an entire career on their rants.
What matters is, um, how they're executed.

Entertain me! Please...

Anonymous said...

Kurt I love your blogs. You are entitled to be really pissed about this. I love SOA and before that I loved The Shield. Sadly all sorts of assholes will now claim all sorts of shit about SOA. Tell them to go fuck themselves or better still get Gemma to sort them out...

Anonymous said...

One comment and I am disgusted by this girly shit. That the author, that the bully, that the ones that cheer for one or for the other.

All actions have consequences but especially the ones that threaten the use of force and implement it. There is a precedent set in place and time that carry consequences either way.

People need to grow up especially the ones adding wood to the fire and implying that they are above the law. Nobody is above the law and the ones that break it, fall down sooner than later. I don't care how many tattoos you wear or who you associate with or who have you kicked his ass. What goes around comes around...

Besides, it cost a hell of a lot of money to play bully and a lot of paranoia watching your back after you have done a sucker punch shennanigan.

For the ones that love SOA I say. Your IQ level is very low. When you get a woody watching a myth, you have more serious problems. You need to get a better hobbie or something. You need to expand the horizon of your brain and not settle for mediocrity and couch potato lifestyle. You need to get out there and do something worth your time. No disrespect to the author, but when people can predict the next chapter to pretty much every scene, you are producing nothing of value for the ones looking for value, for the rest (the sheep), you will do just is easy to please the sheep sucking the blood of someone else's story or myth.

For the ones that need "to be entertained", I say. You are missing a lot in life if you have time for others to entertain you...

That is all. Have a good life and live your own, don't let others live it for you or tell you how they did it. Write your own fucking story.

I read Zitto's book and I also watched two ephisodes of SOA and honestly, I wasn't impressed at all. It is a matter of a value system. A fancy bike or a muscle car is bullshit, anybody that wants one bad enough can have one. If you are looking for respect, you need to earn it from people that are worth of admiration. Do you admire a Hollywood star? Are you kidding me? Are you that simple as a human being? Why don't you write your own story, one worth of my money...

It impresses me more a mountain climber, rock climber, circumnavigator, decathlon athlete or what have you, than zero "evolution" people.

There are two things wrong with this country. One is insurance companies that own everything and the other are scum lawyers that incite people to do stupid things for a few dollars.

My opinion and opinions are like assholes, everyone has that any person that has any value worth paying a buck for, has to come up with an original idea. None of the above mentioned characters has ever had one.

Have a great life and love one another, but make sure you tell them the truth as you see it and don't suck up to something or someone that is not worth the sucking... The strongest man is the one that wins a war without fighting a war... If you are well read, you know where that came from...

And yes, I am anonymous because my name is none of your business and the only reason you are getting my opinion is because I am disgusted with this bullshit!

People that are creative, need no lawyers to develop their craft. They stand on their own!

Connie from HB said...

The best way to fuck up someone's day is to tell them the truth. You are a straightforward, arrogant, talented person. This shows in all you do. You can't change who you are. Do you want too ? No. Should you edit yourself a little ? For my sake and the sake of your fans, no. But for your sake, maybe a once over or two before you print something, might not be a bad idea. For what it is worth, you will always have my support. I love your work and how you don't give a shit about playing the same games others play. I call you El Dulce for a reason. Stay that way.

JOHN BOYLE said...

Zito is a fucking pussy!!! He got tossed from the HA because he was using his cut to bolster his pitiful existence..... So you knocked out Van Damn? Big fucking deal!! We all know Van Damn is a pussy!!! Zito get a life, get a job, get real and let the real movers and shakers of Hollywood do their bidding for us. DOUCHE BAG!!

larry novak said...

I am so proud of you! Lawrence J. Novak

J.R. said...

First of all the truth about Van Damme and Zito:

"...In 1998, in a strip-club, he had a violent altercation with Jean-Claude Van Damme. The brawl broke out and quickly Zito sends a punch to the Belgian before they were out. Van damme was barely time to remove his glasses that Zito would have struck with a punch (Vandamme was drunk).
Van Damme was drunk and running his mouth and Zito, rather than waste time exchanging words with a drunk Van Damme just dropped him with a sucker punch.

Many witnesses as the actor Mickey Rourke has stated that Chuck knew that regular single combat and had no chance and that he preferred to hit him by surprise. Van Damme has subsequently asked Zito to a fight face to face but Zito refused..."

I think Zito is not angry with Kurt,Zito is angry with Fox.

Nobody in his right mind believes that Kurt didn't write or planned the whole show,simply a few years earlier Zito came up with a similar concept and Fox said no,cos Zito had no credentials.
This happens all the time.
Producers/networks treat writers like garbage,you know Producers or networks have all the time in the world,if they let pass a good original concept,another guy later
will show up to present the same concept,probably a guy that they already know or like.
When i hear that USA is the land of opportunities i say BULLSHIT!
There isn't anybody waiting for you,they don't even want to hear your ideas,it is irrelevant if you are good or a genius,they have a lot of friends to put in the business.Rarely there is place to young blood.

Let's say someone comes up with the concept of Matrix and the network says NO.The writer never has the chance to develop his idea,cos there is no money involved,some years later someone comes up with the same concept and the same network says yes.What happens?
Well,the new guy has the chance to develop a concept to something great,all credit to him,probably the guy who presented the idea first wouldn't be able to do such a great job,regardless now we can't be sure,can we?
The networks fucked up George RR Martin and many good writers.
The only way for many people to get a show these days is to write a book,period.
As a writer i can say that Kurt is doing a great job with this show,however i would like to leave a few notes.
Mr.Kurt no nudity in a gang tv show?Not accurate at all!
Come on man,that doesn't sound right,specially when we see Charlie Hunnam naked instead Maggie Siff remains like virgin Mary.
Look if nobody in the show wants to show up naked i can assure you that Bridget Regan or Tabret Bethell would accept right away.I'm not asking to give them a job,but i know for a fact that they love the show.
There is a thing that i hate in the show,everyone is always saying Jesus!lol
Too much jesus for me Kurt.

Aaliyah said...

I'm a fan of the show and your posts. I can see how they can sometimes get you in trouble. I think it great you push the envelop. I know I learn from it. If you proceed with caution in the future, I understand.