Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Everyone keeps mentioning some great shows -- Dexter, Breaking Bad, 24, Generation Kill, etc. I've watched episodes from all these shows and think they are great. But I don't return for more. In some cases, I'm too far behind the story and will have to catch up on DVDs. In other cases, I think they are too similar in tone to Sons. Watching them is a little too much like going to work. You can tell by the things on my list that I use TV like most of you do -- to escape.


I forgot to check the DVR in the bedroom. There were several guilty pleasures I watch with my wife. The additions are *** below.

It's not a"top ten" list, it's not the "best of" list, it's just the shit that I enjoyed watching this year. I don't watch a lot of television. I try to sample the new shows on both network and cable. That sampling very rarely leads to a desire to watch again. So these are the things that ended up on my DVR this year (SOA not included). No particular order, no compelling reason.


Katey and I watch it religiously. It's our escape fantasy. We dream of quitting everything, liquidating our assets, putting the kids in boarding school and moving to the south of France, northern Italy or a Greek Island.


Irreverent, ridiculous and fucking funny. It's fifteen minutes of juvenile escapism.


Jon Stewart is my only news source. If it wasn't for him, I'd have no idea what's going on in the world.


Took me a few episodes to embrace the adulterous junkie caregiver with the heart of gold, but by the end, I was wanting more. Edie Falco is a writer's dream -- she turns a six on the page into a ten on screen.


Katey started watching. Got my daughter, Sarah hooked. I begrudgingly watched an episode with them. Shaking my head in a manly, "C'mon" manner the whole show. Then, when Katey was out of town, I watched every episode. I laughed, I cried, I sang, I danced.


Some critics hate it, but I still love hanging out with these guys. It ain't brilliant, but it's entertaining and addictive.


Episodes were uneven, but the overall narrative arc and the acting were very compelling. And yes, an average Joe with a huge penis that every woman wants to fuck... and then pays him, does appeal to my ego-righteous sense of "I could do that... if my penis was four inches longer and I was good looking."


Nothing else in the world makes me laugh more. Nothing.


My three-year old only watches television with her daddy. Twenty minutes in the morning, twenty minutes before bed. These are her favorites in order of dvr requests:

Mio Mao

Bonnie Bear


Sesame Street

Sponge Bob


The only network drama I watch. Not just because my wife is on it. Damon and Carlton have me on a string. It's appointment television for the whole family.


Love this guy's stand-up. The show is still finding its way, but I watched every episode. And laughed.


I thought I'd be tired of Larry by now, but he still makes me fucking cringe with laughter. Some of the episodes felt derivative, like spec scripts of the show, but there were several shows this season that rivaled the first year in their ingenuity and irreverence. The Seinfeld arc was classic Larry.


Sexy, intriguing, totally over the fucking top. I'm in, Alan. Can't wait for next season.


I had to force myself to watch the first half of the season. I was having a hard time relating or caring about ANYBODY. (spoiler ahead) After the grandfather died, I finally started plugging in. The finale was awesome. Looking forward to seeing Don Draper with a sense of purpose next season.


I watch it for Andy Samburg's Digital Shorts and anything with Kristen Wiig and Kenan Thompson.


Willow Raine said...

This is a rather diverse "shit I enjoy on television" list, and I have to say I liked reading it.
Gave me a new perspective on a few shows that I haven't watched, and judged rather harshly. Maybe I'll give 'em a second go.. okay probably not, but hell at least you got me to read about them, and that my friend is impressive.
I do agree with Family Guy, if you can sit through an episode of that and not laugh, you may have issues that cannot be solved, just sayin'.
Keep the blogs coming and I'll keep reading.

Chris said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE The Family Guy.

Anonymous said...

favorite show of 2009....SOA...what else! Cant wait for season 3

Brett said...

Sons of Anarchy is the only show I watch religiously. True Blood is a very good show. I guess the scifi freak in me enjoys Highlander. And my adult swim show is King of the Hill.

Awesome analysis of your shows Kurt. I'll have to try Entourage and Hung, never seen them.

WhatTheFDidIDo said...

Solid list. Have you given "Breaking Bad" a try? I bet you'd dig it.

Outsider said...

I like Edie Falco....and the chick who sells the dude's Wares in "Hung" is very engaging/funny

Leigh said...

• SOA made Tuesday my favorite day of the week. Now it's just plain old Tuesday again.

• Love, love House Hunters International. Can't afford to globe trot, so it's my dirt cheap substitute. Boy, you sure don't get much for your money in Hong Kong.

• The Daily Show kept me from total despair for a good chunk of this decade.

• Tried to like Nurse Jackie, but Edie Falco just couldn't carry the show for me. And I love Edie Falco.

• I especially love the opening credits for Hung. And it's made me a big Thomas Jane fan.

• Family Guy cracks me up and shocks the hell out of me. That's a tell; I grew up watching cartoons that were woefully lacking in sexual innuendo.

• True Blood is such a grand mix of sexy, scary, campy. Totally my cup of V.

• Recognize the greatness of Mad Men but gave up on it halfway through this season. I couldn't handle that much bleak.

• Breaking Bad, Burn Notice and Dexter also make the never-miss list.

Nils Hermans said...

Nice list, Mr. Sutter. I'm trying to get past the first few episodes as well, but I had the same problem. No likeable characters. I'll give it a try soon.

Why no Dexter, or Californication?

Boot Lady Teri said...

Great list!

Re: House Hunters International. My husband and I - both die-hard NYCers - find ourselves going, "Yes, maybe we SHOULD run a bed and breakfast in Costa Rica..." We'd probably starve to death in a week but the show makes it tempting!

Phil Freeman said...

I'm a music critic, which makes the end of the year a marathon of suck, because I have to come up with my own year-end lists AND pretend to care what all the other critics have on THEIR lists. One thing I noticed this year was that music critics had a lot more obscure and ultra-hip albums as their "best of '09" than musicians did - musicians had albums that were just awesome, and didn't seem to care whether they were the hip, intellectually intimidating choice or not. I get the same vibe from your list of best TV shows. I'm starting to form the impression that people who are in a creative field tend to have more populist tastes than people who are on the sidelines commenting for a living. (Admittedly, my sample size as far as TV is concerned is you and John Rogers of Kung Fu Monkey, so further research is probably needed.)

Miffed67 said...

LMAO. I thought House Hunters Int'l was MY guilty pleasure! I'm SO moving to Italy, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Out of your list I've only seen True Blood, which I love. These days I'm looking forward to SOA, Grey's and Medium on tuesdays (and true blood and hopefully soon Numb3rs and thursdays)

Paultheirish said...

House Hunters?

I thought I was the only swinging dick watching that.

Since this is not a "here's my favorites, what's yours?"

I will not list them.

Merry Xmas Kurt


Lynne said...

Too bad Sons of Anarchy is not on in Canada. I am watching Season one on DVD on Sunday, can't wait for Season two to come out. Unfortunately spoilers all over the internet ruin the anticipation. I have to agree with the rest of your list of course, although Lost would be Number one for me.

Mike said...

Have you given "Breaking Bad" a try? I bet you'd dig it.


Breaking Bad and Mad Men are the only two current shows I like better than SoA(sorry, I know).

The Mulkster said...

Kristen (With an "e" Sutter!) Wiig is such a fucking talent. I love her ability to just let it all go and then have the Balls to stay in character even when the entire cast surrounding her is losing it. Despite the fact that the last few seasons have been generally mediocre, she is the strongest player in the cast and keeps me coming back. Her Judy Grimes character on "Weekend Update" just reeks of remarkable prose and sick sick talent levels. Add the fact that she's kind of Hot in a nerdy-leather and chains type of fashion makes me stand at full attention! She can be my Target Check-Out-Lady any day!

Denise Shelton said...

Our family is really at a loss for what to watch since both SOA and True Blood are off for now. I've read all the Charlaine Harris books and it's brilliant how they have kept the essence of what makes them great, staying close to the storyline and then jumping off from there into some pretty insane territory. There's also plenty of eye candy for the ladies. I could just stand Eric in the corner a look at him all day. Sigh!

Susette said...

I love that you added 'Glee'! Here is my tweet a few weeks ago.

"Just watched the latest Sons of Anarchy episode and followed it up with an episode of Glee...who needs therapy with shows like these?! ;}"

Happy Holidays! Susette

Iberostar said...

Hold the phone - I think you're hot. okay, that said:
1. SOA
2. Lost
3. The Closer
4. Breaking Bad
5. Puppets Who Kill

Unknown said...

You are the man. I absolutely love that you enjoy Glee!

Wendy said...

I have to also ask, why no mention of Breaking Bad or Dexter? Both shows were breathtaking this year.

Liza Marie said...

My number one favorite show on TV is SoA of course! And check out who's at the number two spot on HitFix's Top 20 TV Shows of 2009! Sons of Anarchy! These people have good taste. Here's the link:

Big Henry said...

Ditto on Breaking Bad, I thought it would have made the list.

LOL on Hung...Kurt your a nice looking guy, coming from a guy, and not the "swishy" type either. It just seems like you try your absolute hardest to look as bad as possible! To note, your current twitter pic!

Anonymous said...

Read closely next time guys.
Kurt said that he doesnt watch all tv shows and this is his list what he saw. Why are you keep saying that why this show isn't on the list?

Hah, those inches made me laugh :).
Pretty much agree about everything you said except Nurse Jackie and Hung. And now they fired Momo in Nurse Jackie :(.

Hmm... Yeah, Breaking Bad is definitely worthy to watch it.
Amazing acting and script.
I think you could dig it.

Beth Pettit said...

Robot Chicken and Family Guy guy are awesome! If you are into Adult Swim shows/cartoons I think The Venture Brothers is absolutely hilarious and amazing. You should check it out if you haven't yet. Brock Samson, voiced by the amazing Patrick Warburton, is bad ass.

And I agree, Glee is wonderfully addicting.

William Voll said...

I don't watch TV per-say I watch stuff on my computer, Hulu, torrents etc. I just got into watching SOA last month, I am hooked great writing, great acting(love you Katey) great show. I am gonna get a HArley next year. Thanks for the entertainment Kurt, I too like the shows you like.

The Ronin said...

This has been my week this fall season

Sunday - Dexter, WWE PPVs
Monday - Lie To Me, Castle
Tuesday - SoA
Wednesday - Glee
Friday - Dollhouse

I also watch LOST RELIGIOUSLY, True Blood, Entourage, and Weeds

I'm gonna try out Human Target in January, I'm a big comic nerd, so I'm hopeful.

therealzenobia said...

Now that you're a Glee fan, can you get Kristen Chenoweth to play Tacoma's old lady?

Jim said...

Just wanted to say, thank you! SOA is the ONLY show I feel is worth staying tuned in for every week. But, is there any chance of future seasons being increased, to 22 episodes? From what I understand (and I could be wrong,) the average fall series is between 22-26. Anyway, thanks again, for creating this fantastic series! Everything about it, in my opinion, is top-notch!

Liz said...

This is what happens when 4 slightly inebriated female s.o.a fans have nothing better to do while logged onto facebook.

Twas the night before christmas and all throughout charming,
the clubhouse was in an uproar
over something quite alarming....

as Tig got off his hooker & said, what the f*ck,
she was a high class piece of tail, but thats just his luck

and chibs in his skivvies
with a smile filled with glee
says "round up all the strippers,send those giggedy riders to me"

juice shook his head while bobby rolled his eyes

& bobby says "chibs gets them for free, while I have to buy"

while opie grumbled to himself "why the hell do i hang out with this guy"?

well there's darby & weston, who needs a kick in their asses,
but first lets toast, so boys raise your glasses

of course the mayans cross town were doing their parts,
breaking into harley dealerships for new apehangers and filling their carts

and clay in his bfd's and gemma in her reaper cap
knew there was no way in hell their misbehaving biker boys
would give them some time for a goddamn nap

on tigger,on bobby and jax chibs and opie

those strippers are glassy eyed and just a bit "soapie"?ok that didnt work

theyve been stuffing themselves with chuckies brownies and for some strange reason are feeling slightly dopie

some chocolate,some homegrown and strange fungi is in em
damnit marstein,no more,are you tryin to killem?

so they grabbed their shotguns & ak's, revolvers & glocks,Tig said "let get this done, cause there's these illegals who will suck my c*ck

as they get on their bikes they realize they're quite high,as they try to figure how to get to toys'r us, juice asks why don't we fly?

they all stared at juice,like he had three heads, but with as many brownies they had they're lucky they aren't dead

the boys were doing felonies with their cuts in plain sight,and giving secrets to rivals and agents all night.

even as wasted as they are, they're ready to fight

they made a deal with stahl that crazy bitch

but they've learned never to trust her cause there is always a hitch

those crazy bikers with their drunken festivities were raising such a god awful clatter
that chief unser had to roll out his squad car to see what was the matter

He rolled down his window and looked out aghast.....for
there was Agent Stahl........drunk as an ASS.
Sitting atop the clubhouse roof...she looked a right goof!

So up I jumped and ran with a clatter
all the way up the roof's ladder.
There Chibs stood looking over the top..
and laughing so hard he could not stop.
Stahl was hangingby her bra strap and looking like crap.
And down below....
the guys 'moons' shined with a glow.

We had to agree that "bad girl" had it coming,
she had raided the queen and planted a seed,
Bobby was pinched and thinking and humming.,
Till Otto gave her face the table indeed.

And I heard Unser exclaim as he rode out of sight....

Written By (Authors Names Withheld)

Dave said...

As a guy who wants to write TV some day, it makes me very happy that your list of shows encompasses so many things that fall under the banner of "I like what I like because it's good TV and I enjoy it." Just nice that you put things on there without caring what someone's negative opinion of a show might be.

George D said...

I'd recommend How I met Your Mother. Start from the begining and the characters become quite likable quickly. By far the best true sitcom on TV (note the true, not saying its the best sitcom)

Andi said...

Given the places where your list overlaps mine, I'll have to check out the shows I don't watch. Glad to see that you and your 3-year-old watch together. My 5-year-old recommends "Phineas and Ferb." (I don't let her watch Sons, but she does have pretty good taste.)

Bonnie said...

Your list is impressive, i'll have to check out Glee..heard alot about it.

Our life revolves around Deadliest Catch - Discovery Channel Tuesday Nights 8pm CT starts in mid April.
"It's not Reality it's Actuality"

..and like SoA, it took off like wildfire! We are now in our 6th Season.
Check it out :)

Anonymous said...

First of all. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Kurt. Second of all I really enjoy SOA. Some blogs ago you talked about the lack of creativity in tv shows. Did you ever try Supernatural? The first season is a bit of getting used to but from then on it's a rollercoaster ride. Lots of creativity going on there.

Veronika said...

Entourage! Yes! I love that show. Its just fun. Mad Men kinda creeps me out. But its smart in a repressed sort of way, which is its intention. Never really got into The Wire, despite everybody raving over it. Heck, and I was born in Baltimore.

Dirty Sexy Money wasn't rated since it was canceled. I liked it. Pulp fiction reality.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the rest: you MUST watch Dexter and Breaking Bad.

I know it is embarrassing to admit that you like Glee. It is too to say the same about Friday Night Lights. Great writting and acting there. Give it a chance, too.


Anonymous said...

And 'The Good Wife' is also worth it. Great and different approach to the lawyers' topic.

Javier 2

therealzenobia said...

Unsolicited thoughts on comments:

Dexter is truly great at what it does, but it lacks a philosophical core. It is a Death-by-Chocolate cake, not a can't-miss. It's fun! It's not SOA.

Breaking Bad is okay, but its philosophical core is ridiculous. The final was brilliant in season 2, but it would have been impossible to predict that from what came before. Pimple on the butt of SOA. Definitely not can't-miss.

Have not missed an ep of either - but I wouldn't miss a meal of meatloaf, either, if there were no filet mignon to be had.

Why should anyone be embarrassed by Glee? Guys, I swear. I want to see a dance number to "John the Revelator" performed by SutterInk commenters by Jan. 1. Please contact tignation for your call time.

Indianacat said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come, Mr. Sutter!

Thanks for sharing with us what shows on the 'vast wasteland' capture your attention. It's always nice to know what catches other creative persons's eye(s).

I'm not a big watcher of teevee myself; naturally, SOA is one of my shows that I watch. But, there are other things that I follow religiously, and would like to share with others.

We just recnetly got pay teevee again, so will be DVRing True Blood season 1. I've heard a lot of good about it, and want to see for myself.

I follow one, and only one soap opera, Young and Restless. Eric Braeden is my favorite actor there, though I enjoyed it immensely when Larry 'Shark' Fralick was a regular.

"Men of a Certain Age" is well written, and something I can identify with, being in the 'middle age' bracket.

"Flash Forward", it's not something that one can watch while doing other things, but it's also a fascinating premise and well done.

"Law and Order/SVU/Criminal Intent". When something lasts as long as these, with a great ensemble cast and good writing, it shows what network tee vee can be when it wants to be.

There is a glut of court shows on syndication, but the best is Judge Judy. She rocks! Judge Joe Brown is the only other one I can watch. He never fails to put people of all kinds in their place.

IU Basketball. OK, our Hoosiers have their ups and downs (more downs than ups since Coach got canned), but when you're a legacy fan, you show your support. Cubs baseball and Da Bears are my sports viewing.

After working nearly a decade in television and radio, it doesn't take much to lose me as a viewer/listener/watcher. This is not an all inclusive list, just what happens to be on the DVR recording list at this time.

Sorry again that HFPA and SAG snubbed SOA. As we Cubs fans say, 'There's always next year!'

Lavetta Cannon said...

I'm with you on almost everything. You and Katey have excellent taste! P.S. I hope she returns to 'Lost' even though my favorite character, Locke, is actually dead afterall:-(

KnotMe said...

This is probably going to sound like some kind of echo, but -- you should definitely try to re-start/catch-up with Breaking Bad. All-around excellent and twisted.

Also recommended is Burn Notice. It's MacGuyver meets the A-Team with Bruce Campbell ... need I say more?

And ditto your comment regarding Jon Stewart. I try to touch base with various "news" shows throughout the day, but usually have to turn and run after 5 mins for fear of throwing something at my tv and breaking it. If it weren't for Stewart, I'd pretty much be complete out of the loop. For a “joke news show,” it tends to be just as reputable, if not more, than the so-called “legitimate” shows.

And finally, if I could force you to watch one show currently running, hands-down it would be Metalocalypse. One of the most brutal and side-splitting cartoons ever allowed to air. It used to run 15 mins like its AdultSwim cohort Robot Chicken, but has since been given a 30 min slot, much to my delight. They just started their 3rd season before the holiday break, but I recommend starting from the beginning -- as there is a BIT of backstory and story-arc (for a cartoon?!), but it's in no way a requirement to enjoy the show. Brendon Small is a frickin’ genius and his little installation always impresses (but doesn’t surprise) me at how much credit it has. It’s spawned two musical tours (again … for a cartoon?!?!), and is voiced by the talents of Mark Hamill, Malcolm McDowell, and Victor Brandt (among others). When it first aired, I didn’t give it a fair shot, but my roommate loved to watch and I found myself laughing outloud to it while attempting not to watch. Finally, I gave in and let myself sit down and take it all in, and I haven’t looked back. Go on, give it a shot.

Happy holidays to you and yours, enjoy the roll over into the next year, and here’s to peace, love, and watchable tv!

Unknown said...

I never watched Lost, but now that I know Katey was on it, I'll have to check it out. Something to get me through to season 3 - thanks!

I understand how some shows feel like "work" to you. We all want to have a job doing something we feel passionate about. But sometimes doing it all the time takes away a little of the appeal. It can also be hard not to analyze how you would have done things differently.

Hope you and your family have a great New Year!

indianacat said...

Thanks for posting my comment, Mr. Sutter. I can't top 'Twas the night before Christmas in Charming', but here's a copy of a filksong I posted at and Samcro Forum.

Well, somebody has to do it, so why not the Cat who will boldy go where no one else dares to go?

Here, my friends, is my contribution to your Christmas cheer, a little Christmas SOA filksong, sung to the tune of 'The 12 Days of Christmas'.


On the first day of Christmas, the Sons of Anarchy gave to me....

a patch over as a charter of the SOA.

On the second day of Christmas. . .two ears bitten off by Tig and a patch over as a charter of the SOA.

On the third day . . .three tattoos, two ears bitten off by Tig and a patch over as a charter of the SOA.

On the fourth day. . .four prepaid cells, three tattoos, two ears bitten off by Tig and a patch over as a charter of the SOA.

On the fifth day of Christmas the SOA gave to me
Five Gold motorcycle rings!!
four prepaid cells
three tattoos
two ears bitten off by Tig and a patch over as a charter of the SOA!

On the sixth day . . .six long knives in holsters, five gold motorcycle rings!!! . . .

On the seventh day. . .seven AK's with ammo...six long knives in holsters, five gold motorcycle rings!!! . . .

On the eighth day . . .eight psychedelic mushrooms . . .

On the ninth day. . .nine gun battles with Mayans (Nords, Aryans, One Niners and/or Chinese). . .

On the tenth day . . .ten club lockdowns. . .

On the eleventh day . . .eleven porn videos . . .

On the twelfth day of Christmas the Sons of Anarchy gave to me,
12 rumbles at Timberland
11 porn videos
10 club lockdowns
9 gun battles with Mayans (Nords, Aryans, One Niners and/or Chinese)
8 psychedelic mushrooms
7 AKs with ammo
6 Long knieves in holsters
5 gold motorcycle rings!!!!
4 prepaid cells
3 tattoos
2 ears bitten off by Tig

And a patch over as a charter to the Sons of Anarchy!

Merry Christmas, y'all!

KnotMe said...

Sorry, but I just HAVE to send out some love to commenter "Liz" and her three unnamed, inebriated cohorts for their Charming rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' ... laughed my ass off! Now THAT's my kind of holiday celebration!

And so tonight, I'll be nestled all snug in my bed,
While visions of Chibs in scivvies dance in my head!

Connie said...

I hope the above link works. I have to tell you that very, very close to my home is an avenue called Sutter Avenue. Why is this important you might think ? Because Jack Kerouac lived not one block from Sutter Avenue, which is were he wrote On the Road and some other classic American novels. I think that is very karmic considering many people have said you are also the voice of an unheard of populace in this country. Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you. Good writing and good television are imho an art form. Keep making art for us all.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, please help us here in Central Fla, Brighthouse is threatening to pull FOX Networks(FX TOO) off thier lineup if Fox doesnt agree to thier rates,contract is up first of year,, Brighthouse(timewarner) is saying its fox's fault ,,fox says its brighthouse's fault,, if you have any pull either way, HELP!!!!

Unknown said...

SOA is the only show that I watch religiously. A good television show to me, is like a good book, I read one at a time and relish every chapter until the very end. Then I move onto the next one.

I'm more than tempted to give Mad Men a watch though. I watched Dexter for a couple of seasons, but budget cuts forced me to cancel my subscription to Showtime. I'm into 'Weeds' and buy the DVD when the season ends.

Gave 'Breaking Bad' a chance, but couldn't get into it for some reason. Odd, because it's right up my alley.

Can't wait for season 3 of SOA. I've watched the season finale more times than I can count. Charlie Hunnam and Katey captivate me beyond words. Charlie's performance in the scene where he kills Weston (both before, during and after) was so incredibly real to me. The final scene on the dock literally brought me to tears. Writing and acting that pulls you in like that, making you genuinely care about the characters... Wow. Thank you, Kurt!!

therealzenobia said...

Hilarious, from your Washington Post link:

"8. "Sons of Anarchy" (FX) -- Have you noticed that America is really just an aging biker gang? You haven't? Then hop on."

Liz said...

Was the last day of the year and all throughout town
there was no booze to be had fore the liquor store had burnt down

The Mayans out of vengeance
and long supressed ire
had thrown a molotov
through the window
and started the fire

No Vodka,No Jack
Not even some Wine
could be had in Charming
they had crossed the line

The thought of no New Years
was quite depressing
and at the clubhouse
the guys were all stressing

Tig was in tears
really,no joke
because you cant get trashed
with no rum in your coke

So the wives, mothers and sisters of the Sons
devised a plan in secret
to get their boys some rum...

After paying off the Niners...
we had the Mayans on the run...

As the Mayans ran here and there looking for a shot.....
the SOA gang were drinking alot.

And even had the niners took down Zobelle
who had been on the run
so the boys could get vengeance
and have old fashioned SOA ass kicking fun

With the Mayans sober and mad.......
and the Niners
giving Zobelle a beating that was BAD..... .
Our boys sat with their hookers having a blast..........
Knowing their booze would surely last,

Gemma and Tara watched the fun like two den mothers..
And laughed when Tig and Juice slurred........
"We love you girls like brothers!"

Chuckie, The MAN, not to be outdone......
decided it was almost time to have some fun.
As the clock neared the stroke of MIDNITE...........
With his two fingers,,,,,,
the fireworks fuse did he light,...

Gemma and Tara tended bar smiling like two den mothers..
As Tig and Chibs again slurred,

As the cold fresh air revived them, there went up a big cheer.....
From US to YOU, ONE and All

Written By Elizabeth Cash,Tizzy Hodges,Jennifer Sanford and Nickie Amos

Anonymous said...

Of course, like a lot of folks who come here, SOA was my favorite TV of fact, it was probably my only TV of '09! Not because I feel like I'm sitting with my Brothers, it's because of the writing! There's a great throw-away line in Episode 11 (i think) where Jimmy O comes to the safe house to help SAMCRO with the bait ans switch for the AKs and the Irish Kids says:" Where'd ye git the wetback?" and Jimmy O says (while looking around the room) : "Home Depot" and the scene goes on with nary a skip in the beat. That kinda shit is amazing and I wonder how many of the citizens got it.

Julie D said...

Happy New Year, Kurt & Katey. Thanks for making my 2009 much more interesting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kurt - Amazing job with season 2. The performances by the cast (so under-rated) and the story line, in my opinion, hypnotizing. I wish FX would pick you up for a 22 episode season instead of 13. The season just flew by. What are your ideas for "new" characters to bring in for season 3?

-Steve Turner in Cincy

therealzenobia said...

Watched The Shield "Dead Soldiers" last night. Sutter, you really leave your mark on an episode.

p.s. Watching of all of The Shield for the first time. Great!

NYC said...

I have become obsessed with SOA. As a 40 Black from NYC its a glimpse into a culture I knew nothing about. It taught me all bikers are not prejudice (which is a sterotype most blacks probably subscribe to . . . not sure why).

I love the intimacy between the characters and have some suggestions of actors you should consider for next season. I would LOVE to see Taylor Kitsch & Adrianne Palicki(from Friday night lights)and Paul Walker (Fast & Furious). Any of these actors could be a half sibling of Jax . . . Taylor could even be Clay's son (they never said whether he has children or was married before Jemma). Taylor & Paul would make EXCELLENT additions . . . and new hotties for me to watch (from my mouth to you and God's ears).

Whoever joins the cast has nothing on my new HUGE crush Charlie H./Jax). I'm with Georgy . . . he has brad pitt qualities, but not so gay . . . lmao!

bowiechick said...

Bravo and thanks for SOA. I haven't been into TV for years and only in the last few days heard of it - still in Season 1. A fellow blogging friend recently reminded me of this Teddy Roosevelt quote on criticism:

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."
- Teddy Roosevelt

Thanks for the show. I'm hooked.

lostbhoy said...

Sounds like my viewing habits too. But if u watch one more show it shld def be Breaking Bad!! One of the best shows to come out of america(apart from SOA-Course) in the last ten years. Love some Curb too. And Flight of Conchords was genius but sadly not on anymore :(

Sean in Windsor said...

For the person that lamented that SOA is not shown in Canada, I have to let you know it is, but only on cable by subscribing to the Superchannel.