Sunday, November 15, 2009



Pointman said...

I've always liked Katey's characters even though SOA has left me saying out loud, "Whoa, Katey!!"
I enjoy every episode that she gives some hard advice and consoles the injured...a strong position within the club.
All the characters revolve around her and her lead.
Thank You, Katey & Kurt!
Enjoy post Season 2..
Ride Forever-Work Whenever

Michelle said...

Not only is she gorgeous but she is one hell of an actress, pardon my french.
But her portray of Gemma is finest balance act I'd ever seen!


Theresa P. said...

I ahve said it before and I will continue saying that Katey deserves an Emmy for the work she has done on SOA. She never ceases to amaze me with her acting and singing talents!

Iberostar said...

I just started watching - had to catch up - but Katey has stunned me with her complete command of Gemma - I feel what she feels and I can see what motivates her. She is amazing and her singing knocks me out. I'm a new fan!

Jeff said...

Saw a comment online where someone said they couldn't imagine anyone else doing the role of Gemma. Couldnt agree more.

Anonymous said...

Great Article on Katey, thanks for sharing. She deserves this type of acclaim and so much more for all of her great work.
On a different note, I happened to notice a wikipedia page for "Jax Teller." It appears to have some inaccuracies. Can you or a member of your staff get this corrected. For instance, it says that Jax has two (2) children - one unborn child by Tara Knowles. I thought that Tara's unborn child was by the stalker ATF agent, or has she had two (2) abortions? There are a number of others as well. Can you help? BTW, Thanks for a great show!

Urno Talbot said...

She's always been a classy woman, even great as a cartoon, Layla in Futurama.

therealzenobia said...

I would not even be watching this show if I hadn't clicked across a scene of Gemma and Jax one day, then Gemma and Tara the next. It was too late in the season to pick up the thread, but I stayed up till midnight every Saturday night this summer waiting for it to come on (well, I'm old!), waiting for Gemma. Thanks, Ms. Sagal.

Bonnie said...

Excellent article..

Im hoping the powers that be are keeping her in mind for an Emmy, she's been giving us some pretty powerful performances..Im in awe!

I bet her dear friend John is smiling down on her from above :)

We miss him too Katey!!

LegalPlanGirl said...

Katey deserves an emmy win for the role of Gemma. What powerful performances. I consider myself tough as nails but found Katey's portrayal of Gemma's revelation in this weeks Balm, masterful. I found the tears rolling down my face with every word that came from Gemma's mouth. Katey has the special talent of being able to transform herself into the character. You believe that she is Gemma. The show is amazing! Thanks Kurt for creating this show. The only thing I could ask for would be to allow Katey (Gemma) to sing in one of the episodes. Now that would create a side of Gemma that would knock us out of the ballpark!

therealzenobia said...

I obviously feel Ms. S deserves and Emmy, but so often the Emmy's are so poorly awarded that it's too much to assume it's a measure of anything. For years that idiot hellhole The Practice won every award. Maybe "idiot hellhole" is harsh, but there is not one thing special about that show. It won when Homicide, Oz, The Wire and the Sopranos were on the air. By the time The Sopranos started winning, they didn't even deserve to any more - those awards should have gone to Deadwood and The Wire. I could go on and on, concluding with a second Best Actor win for Bryan Cranston over Jon Hamm, Dexter (?), and the un-nominated Denis Leary, Charlie Hunnam and Ron Perlman.

Now I'm really stopping instead of spending the rest of the day listing the atrocities of award season.

Melvin said...

Sons and Katey deserve major Emmys snd I know cause I have been watching TV longer than most have been born. Damn fine show.
Remember 11/17/09

Niimki said...

Brother she was great tonight. There is so much passion in these characters and I loved the scene with her and priest and then later with Chibs. It must be so cool to work with each other and get each others work, your writing and her acting. I have known lots of strong women just like Gemma. Between the two of you, you create her portrait well. Thanks to you both.

Anonymous said...

Katey has long been one of my favorite actresses, and this season, I have an even bigger respect for her craft. Gemma's rape struck a nerve with me, because I am a survivor of rape (I refuse to call myself a victim of it--no way), and while a lot of the season was difficult to watch, it has been a cathartic experience as well. Gemma's struggles with coming to terms with what happened were recognizable.

So kudos to Katey for helping to further heal with her portrayal, and to you, Kurt because damn you just keep that roller coaster going. This is the only show that I have ever watched that has me screaming at the t.v. one minute, and sobbing the next. Emmy's are well deserved.

Denise Shelton said...

Last night's show was amazing. When Gemma flashed some thigh, my husband and I looked at each other and mouthed "OMG" at the same time. The choices the characters make are surprising but they still make sense in the world you've created. Opie's decision to absorb Donna's death and move on, if handled differently would have been absurd, but it works. I can't believe the season's almost over. Guess I'll be watching Jay on Tuesdays this winter.

Anonymous said...

Gemma is by far the most real to life Bad Ass Biker Bitch I have ever seen Portrayed! People who are not from that kind of lifestyle do not realized how much of this show is real to life in many ways! Keep up the excellent work!!!! I look forward to every week to see what is next and I am so Bummed that there are only two more episodes left for this season! I hope this series keep up for many more seasons!

megastein said...

Gemma is the best written and acted female role on television in a long time. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see and grow and change with these characters.

PatD64 said...

Katey is fantastic!! I even liked her in "Smart House"from 1999,I remember watching it with my kids when they were younger.

Every week gets better and better,Katey really pushes her character full throttle to the max!! Last episode had so many twists and turns it had me on the edge of my seat wondering what was happening next,SOA is a lot of things,One thing it is NOT is predictable!! Thanks for the great ride!!!

d.o.Foreman said...

R.I.P. Peg Bundy.
Katey and Gemma, obviously, were made for each other.
I image it as this; the difference between having a fling, and finding your soul mate.
Back then, we wanted her.
Now, we've fallen in love.
Katey's talent remains undefinable.
Great work from everyone involved.
Congrats to you both!

Anonymous said...

We didn't know anything about the show until we were at this years Sturgis Rally. SO GLAD we the SOA tent set up on main street. Without a doubt SOA is the BEST drama on TV. We always loved Katey on Married with Children - But her acting on SOA is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. The whole cast is great.

Unknown said...

Katey/Gemma is my girl crush. She has such a presence that everything else fades to the background when she is in a scene. I got goosebumps when I heard her sing "Son of a Preacher Man". Not only should Katey get an Emmy, but how about "Most Beautiful Person of the Year" as well?

Congratulations Katey and Kurt. Glad to see you are finally getting the recognition you deserve.