Saturday, November 28, 2009


Link to my KCRW interview.  Discussing why I began to blog and how it evolved into the clusterfuck it has become.


therealzenobia said...

"Clusterfuck" is positive, right? As opposed to "gang-rape"?

Jeff said...

Just like your show, totally original interview. I'm becoming so sycophantic I feel I should be saying babe after every sentence. I cant help it, any schmuck can have a blog, but how many are interesting? How many writers have been compared to "Dashiell Hammett to Jim Thompson to Ross Macdonald" (EW) lately? Talent this time has fortunately risen to the top.

Iberostar said...

I enjoyed the interview. I admire your honesty - it's refreshing. You are so right about shows being watered down. Keep writing!

Iberostar said...

If I write about SOA in my blog, can I legally use the pictures from the show (found on the Net) for my blog?
Let me know.

M dot Strange said...

I loved the interview... I subscribed to your blog after hearing it... really refreshing stuff...RawK on d00d!

Jeff said...

Good article today in the Press of Atlantic City on Katey Sagal.

Denise Shelton said...

Thanks for that. It was good to hear you speak your words instead of just reading them. You should have an audio version of your comments available to listen to on the blog. (Nice voice by the way!) Tone is so important in communication. Your voice gives your comments gravitas. It indicates your intelligence and earnestness. This is not Perez Hilton shrieking obsencities in an effort to make himself seem important. This is the voice of reason. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

fancastfan said...

Hi Kurt, couldn't find an email addy for you, but maybe you can let your blog readers know that you will be doing a live Fancast chat on Monday Nov. 30 at 2 PM ET/11 AM PT (just in time for the season finale on Tuesday, Dec. 1.)

Hope everyone can stop by with their questions & comments on all things SOA with the man.

Jim (for Fancast)

sadiepix said...

Great interview.
Gives perspective on reading the blog after hearing some of it in your own voice.
Makes me want more Otto.

Love the show and the characters--beyond words.
Thanks for sharing with the masses

Jeff said...

Mr. Sutter, thanx for the live chat. You are obviously a straight shooter and now I see what you mean by describing yourself as not exactly a people person, (I mean that in the good way). Also thanx for making me aware of Jean Genet. I wikipediad him and he looks like an interesting guy to say the least. I have heard the name but never read him, I will check him out. Have you ever read any Bukowski? Thanx Again.

therealzenobia said...

Charming Actuarial Listing in order of Excellent Risk:

1. Jax
2. Gemma
3. Clay
4. Tara
5. Opie
6. Tig
7. Mary
8. Alvarez
9. Hale
10. Polly
11. Juice
12. Bobby
13. Chibbs
14. Prospect
15. Lyla
16. Abel
16a. Otto
17. Unser
18. Piney
19. Jimmy O
20. Weston Kid
21. Wendy
22. Lin
23. Lloyd
24. Stahl
25. LaRoy
26. Zoebelle
27. Weston
28. Cam
29. Edmund

therealzenobia said...

Damnation - forgot to rate Happy! Squeeze him in above Jax at 0.

Patti said...

I am a recovering addict for over 11 years. I have seen a few references to recovery on various sites and blogs. I am interested to read more about your recovery experience. Thanks for the great show. I love your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Kurt, I enjoyed the interview and have been reading your blog since you began writing on's excellent! SOA hooked me during season 1 (Yes, I own S1 DVD and yes, I've loaned it to several friends and coworkers and yes, I may have forced the entire season on my family over 1 weekend and YES, they loved it!) Lunch time talk at my office often turns into SOA episode disection and my disciples and I can't wait for tomorrow's finale. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo to you and your entire cast.

Bo Sun said...

This "clusterfuck" has given me some of the most introspective and hilarious insights into the real clusterfuck that are the network studios. It's refreshing to have someone say it straight from the gut instead of pussy-footing around like you see much too often in politics, in business, and in the media to further some agenda.

Very cool interview and that roleplaying bit was just genius. However, just like the mystery behind "Men of Mayhem", you have peaked my curiosity at what those 2 unnamed shows D-girl said are. Could you at least give us a hint like which network the shows are/were on? =)

eusebio hernandez said...

i dug this interview, which is why i am now following your blog. I was asking if anyone knew who were...apparently youre the shit.
Good stuff man.