Thursday, October 15, 2009



g said...

There is a Romanian film about Vlad Chepak (not sure this is how it is written, this is the way to pronounce it), I think. His torture method the "Hazuk" (strong H', Het) is unfortunately still used today, in Iraq for example...

Brujah said...

sort of wierd to hear him with a english accent^^ but cool interview oh and a small budget movie about Vlad the impaler was done called Dark Prince on terms of history wise it was somewhat accurate to say the least :)

PatD64 said...

Great interview,I didn't know Charlie was a writer.very cool!

SafetyJan said...

Awesome. Charlie does a great job on the show - I never miss it.

zeyi said...

Great interview! Great show! I am obsesses and yes! I am a chick! :)

Urno Talbot said...

Wish I could embed this in the SOA thread at Lost-tv, I did put up the link though. Carson doesnt seem so straight when he calls Charlie the Angel of Charming, wtf?.
Charlie is hot but damn Carson, back off.

Anonymous said...

OT: Fan thanks.

Dear Mr Sutter,
I watch and enjoy your show. Thank you.

"a friend"

ps. I sometimes say silly things off the cuff that I always regret later, when I realize what I did. I certainly don't want to hurt or offend anyone. Whatever else I am, I'm a man too and I sometimes do things I regret on a personal level- offend people unintentionally etc. (I work very hard not to but sometimes slip up). I can be a doofus. Sorry for any hurtful things I said. Please consider that an apology- man to man. Mea culpa.
pps. I like the Ethan Zobelle character. Adam Arkin is a great actor. (I loved him in Northern Exposure too). Gemma's arc is also intriguing. Best wishes for your future endeavours.

"A time for Peace. I swear, its not too late."- The Byrds
Listening to: Sunforest "All in Good Time".

Evenflow8112 said...

I thought Charlie was great, it's amazing to think of how many actors in the U.K. and elsewhere can nail pitch-perfect American accents without a snag. Seeing 'Dead Again' the other day (with Kenneth Branagh pulling off a *perfect* L.A. accent) was another amazing example. The discipline that foreign actors require for their work is remarkable.

Not so hot on the show, really - I wish I saw the interview just 'happen' instead of getting flash cuts and other distractions. But Carson nailed it down and the interview itself went great. Very quality.

Kimmy said...

Only thought while watching.

Jax is the star of the show? Really? I thought it was Gemma!?

Thanks for sharing the video. I agree, SOA is larger than life.

Pointman said...

I enjoyed Charlie's character traits in the film, "Green Street Hooligans" and see some of it come out with SOA.
He is a great pick for that role of the "Leader-In-Waiting".
Thanks to all for making this series happen!