Thursday, February 05, 2009


Alan Rosenberg took his struggle to song. Shared it on YouTube. Click the photo to listen. Lyrics: We don’t care about the future, we only care about us.

and if you don’t earn what I think I can earn,

I will throw you underneath a bus.

I sure do love my Union, it gave me my pension and my health,

but don’t expect me to stand up for nobody

till I’ve had a chance to accumulate some wealth.

I’ll stand up strong so that we might be weak

I insist you take that deal without even a tweak! (You bastards)

Al and Doug and Doug Allen?, they stand up way too hard.

If they keep fighting for my compensation,

I will bury them right in my own backyard.

Just tell my bosses that I’ll take what they’re willing to give,

‘cause I’m just so grateful that they even let me live!

I don’t care about nobody, I only care about me.

Lay down your weapons and stop all that nasty fighting,

don’t you know you should be glad to work for free!

I’ll stand up strong so that we might be weak,

I demand you take that deal without even a tweak.

Tell old CBS that I’ll take what they’re willing to give,

cause I’m just so grateful that they even let us live!

I don’t care about nobody.

No, I only care about me.

Lay down your weapons and stop all that nasty fighting,

don’t you know you should be glad to work,

shouldn’t even be mad to work,

sometimes you should prefer to work for free!

Sometimes as long as it ain’t me!

Meanwhile, come see me on TV!



Justin said...

I can't believe he did that. What could he have been thinking at the time?

"Well, it seems as if the lemmings aren't following me like they used to. I know! *idea lightbulb manifests over his head* I'll sing a song then post it on YouTube! That way I am both hip AND relevent and then the faithful legions shall return to my glorious SAG banner, and all shall be right with the world!"

I didn't listen to the whole song - I had a Pavlovian gag reflex that nipped that in the bud. But what interested me even more were the comments being left on the page:

Acoma6960: Anyone that agrees with Alan Rosenberg's politics as well as thinks he's sacrificed anythig, you must be a complete FRIGGIN MORON!
This man does not give one hoot except for his own political future. Anyone that thinks his ethics as well as his leadership qualities have any merit, you should be drawn and quartered like the ball-less non thinking dribbles of waste that you are.

Anyone that agrees with this numskull is obviously a Membership First follower.

tmarc2008: Now I no way his wife left.

Are you fu*king KIDDING ME!!!!?!?!?

Dear god. This guy needs to disappear.
I mean listen. He wrote this terrible "Poor me I'm a hero nobody cares" song because "this is all about me"
This is a failed actor using the contract situation as a spotlight.
Move to Canada. Now.

East Coast said...

he needs to leave the singing to Steely Dan, and the union to someone more competent.

surrounded by carnivores said...

He's no Woody Guthrie. Sad, sad, sad.

Parthenians said...

He will end up hanging himself with his own lyrics. The sadness in his heart must be excruciatingly painful to abandon his integrity as a man, a sadness brought on by his alienation from truth and honor.

We as membership will recover and perhaps understand this is a lesson in unity and our own integrity supporting the art we develop, enlarge and learn from in order to know ourselves and our fellow men, women, and children.

Just keep doin' the work..

surrounded by carnivores said...

What a mess:

Will A SAG-AMPTP Deal Fly With Unionists?

11 February 2009 1:28 AM, PST | From Studio Briefing

For the first time since last November, the Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers will meet again on February 17 and 18 in hopes of reaching a new labor agreement. They will do so in the face of predictions by the Membership First faction of SAG on Tuesday that any agreement between the two sides would be disastrous. "We are not just fighting for Today. We are fighting to protect every actors' ability to make a middle class living today And in the Future," the statement said. Any deal would require endorsement by two thirds of the members. Moreover, an attorney representing SAG President Alan Rosenberg said Tuesday that the action by the union's national board to fire National Executive Director Doug Allen was not legally binding and therefore any deal reached between the two sides should be considered without "force and effect." Meanwhile, Daily Variety reported today (Wednesday) that one year after the strike by the Writers Guild of America, writers are finding that movie studios have made "massive reductions in post-strike script fees" and networks have cut back on development of TV shows. At the same time, the networks have learned that many viewers who tuned out during the strike have not returned. "As any network [scheduling] exec will tell you, when viewers break a given habit, even for just a few weeks, it's next to impossible to get them all back," the trade paper observed. (Variety also reported that the WGA may bring disciplinary action against Jay Leno for delivering monologues on the Tonight show during the strike.)

I am angered by the studio execs' comments that viewers are so fickle. I am a viewer and I have quit watching many shows because they: assume the viewer is stupid; are switched around by programers and put in inconsistent time slots; shown at midnight (after an evening of tired movies (FX)); are 'reality" shows that aren't good "lead-ins"'to better shows.

I miss the "Thursday night line up" that would get me to the tv early in the evening and entertain me for hours. I miss good writing, good story telling, good acting. I miss SOA!

Juley said...

Incredible the leaders we have. Theres no doubt, this man needs to be replaced.
On the other side, at least he admits that he doesnt care about the company, only about the money he gets.
Kind of reminds me of our minister. He stole all the money he could from the country...but he admitted to it, right. Of course we still cant get rid of him although I dont know what else he could steal. He totally unhoused us.
Well, at least America has turned to the right direction.

surrounded by carnivores said...

I wonder how much of the SAG members' dues are being thrown away by Mr. Rosenberg's (et al) continued refusal to read the writing on the wall.

from IMDB news 2/16/2009
Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg's latest effort to block resumption of negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was blocked Friday when a three-judge appeals court turned down his request for a ruling to overturn a state court judge's refusal to issue a temporary restraining order. Rosenberg may pursue further legal challenges to the actions of the current board of the union, but the legal process is likely to be lengthy -- and costly. It is unclear who is paying the attorneys representing Rosenberg and board members Anne-Marie Johnson, Diane Ladd and Kent McCord, leaders of the Membership First faction within the union. Meanwhile, negotiations between SAG and the AMPTP are set to resume on Tuesday

surrounded by carnivores said...

and so it will drag on and on...

from IMDB news:

Back To The Stalemate

23 February 2009 1:34 AM, PST | From Studio Briefing | See recent Studio Briefing news

By a nearly 4-1 margin, the national board of the Screen Actors Guild on Saturday rejected the "last, best and final offer" from the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers. The union accused the AMPTP of making a "last-minute, surprise demand" that the deal end three years from the time it is signed rather than three years from the expiration of the old contract. The union called the demand "regressive and damaging and clearly signals the employers' unwillingness to agree to the deal they established with other entertainment unions." It said that the demand was intended "to separate Screen Actors Guild from other industry unions ... to de-leverage our bargaining position." The AMPTP responded: "The producers have always sought a full three-year deal with SAG, just as we negotiated with all the other unions and guilds." It then added that it had "offered SAG a way to achieve an earlier expiration date without contributing to further labor uncertainty." It did not offer further details about this additional offer. But attorney Jonathan Handel observed that the AMPTP's final offer contains a provision that would allow the SAG deal to expire on June 30, 2011, the same date that the AFTRA deal expires, if the two actors unions jointly bargain and reach a deal before that date. Meanwhile, SAG and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists are due to begin bargaining with the advertising industry in New York today (Monday) over a new commercials contract.

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surrounded by carnivores said...

Oh! what a tangeled web we weave...

New Dispute Wracks SAG

26 February 2009 1:37 AM, PST | From Studio Briefing | See recent Studio Briefing news

The Screen Actors Guild has found itself embroiled in yet another brouhaha following a report that its new national executive director David White recently shut down his consulting company, Entertainment Strategies Group, after it was identified as a company controlled by Marc Dreier, a New York lawyer accused in a $380-million fraud scheme. The report, which appeared on Sharon Waxman's industry blog The Wrap, said that members of the SAG board are angry over not being given sufficient time to vet White at their board meeting last Saturday. "We were denied the opportunity to do a full vetting of White's business and his link to Dreier," one unidentified board member told The Wrap. "We saw [Esg's client list] as a huge conflict of interest." According to the website the client list included the Motion Picture Association of America, which represents the major studios. White has not been accused of complicity in Dreier's alleged fraud, and another board member said that the board did not have a problem with White's association with Dreier.

surrounded by carnivores said...

This from your 2007 blog on the WGA strike but oddly it sounds like what SAG is doing to itself:

In his book "Confessions of a Union Buster", Martin Jay Levitt details the techniques he learned in his many years attacking unions. A key element is the demoralization of the union members during any industrial action against the company. Taking away people's hopes, their aspirations for a quick resolution to any labor dispute – that was Levitt's job. "If you [can] make the union fight drag on long enough, workers...lose faith, lose interest, lose hope.” This from a recognized expert in the field of union-busting.