Sunday, January 25, 2009


I think I've figured it out. I've switched to a simple template, one column. I'll only post a few blogs on the main page and archive the rest so folks can access the info in the footer without scrolling through months of blogs. Hopefully this will solve the browser issues. Thanks to Rags for the Browsershots link, that was incredibly helpful.


surrounded by carnivores said...

Looks good to me but then I use Firefox. Let me try it with my ancient Apple Safari. Pretty amazed how the text moves against the stationary background.

surrounded by carnivores said...

still looks good on my very slow and somewhat stupid Safari. But I am looking forward to the next iteration. The old one was graphically excellent.

Unknown said...

Hi Kurt,
On my Mac using Safari browser your site is very inconsistent. For example... if i access an individual post *directly* then all three columns show up (left, middle, right)... **but**... if I hit your homepage directly then I only get the left and middle (right column containing LOTS of important stuff is completely lost as is the footer).

Thanks for soliciting feedback,
~ Em

Anonymous said...

I follow your blog via RSS, so layouts and such don't really matter to much to me personally.

Can't wait til season 2!

Unknown said...

Kurt, check this link out. It should help you tune things in:

Everything looks great in FireFox. I have dropped Explorer due to all of it's vulnerabilities.

Brian B said...

Hey Kurt,
So here's the ting, Im using a PC and im on Internet explorer, the backround is in place and the main text is sliding like it should BUT two major things that jump out to me are 1) the left column is practically non existent, the links for like Katey's website are there but nothing else (if you have anything else there that is) 2) the links undeneath the blog are so freaking small that if i werent a regular visitor to your site i would have no idea they were there.

Thanks Kurt,

Agmarr said...

I'm seeing the same thing in Chrome as I am in IE 7.0.

surrounded by carnivores said...

I tried your your new blog page on Internet Explorer today (1/28/09) and found that the text box moved seamlessly up and down but 2/3 of the reaper and left side was obscured. I could get the vertical bar to move just fine with the text but could not see more of the left side containing the Reaper.

Thanks for your openess and interest in input.