Monday, November 24, 2008


Revelations. Chapter 22, Verse 1: Then the angel showed me the river of life-giving water, sparkling like crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.


WyldeMan45 said...

While I've never understood this book, and am lost on it's profoundness, I just assume it means a lot of shit is going down tonight, haha. And could Tig be the sacrificial lamb? Keep up the fantastic work Kurt you have a massive fan base for this show, and everybody I know seems to be huge fans. Never seen a show with so much success!!! CONGRATS!

Anton said...

"We fight because we believe."

there are no words other than thank you for the masterful work of art you have created.

thank you, so very much

Anonymous said...

Hey, huge fan of the show.

Could you tell me who sings that version of John the Revelator at the end? I've been trying to find it with no luck.

Kaz_NEETS said...

It took hearing the song John the Revelator to make John-the scribe of the Book of Revelation-finally sink in Kurt.


Really subtle, nice closer to season one. I was particularly struck by the coldness Clay laid down on Gemma and her "fears."

Jax was particularly powerful in this episode, so kudos to Charlie Hunnam. He's really grown into the Character and it's a joy to watch.
The scenes with him in the cemetery were very moving. And yes, I'm glad he and Tig went at it.

One other thing, I love the irony of John Teller buried as a war hero in the military portion of the cemetery rather than there being SoA specific tombstones (as the 81 do for some of their members).

Very nice touch, war hero of many battles and several wars - not anti-hero.

I will miss the excitement, fun and power of Sons during the off season. I just hope we don't have to wait another year for season two.

Thank you again Kurt. Bravo to you and everyone involved.

Happy T-Day sir.

Jim Kenefick said...

I would kill an entire bus full of nuns if someone would just tell me where I can buy the version of John the Revelator that was used at the end of this episode. Holy CHRIST was that how television is supposed to be done.

casagal said...

Love the version of "John the Revelator" on tonight's finale. Can you tell us who the artist is singing it? You should produce a soundtrack of the show for fans to purchase. The drum sounds on the title track of the show are some of the best I've ever heard.
A fan from Nashville :)

Mathew P.S. said...

Just curious, but I've heard a lot of people digging hard on the internet (myself included) trying to discern who the singer is that performs the rendition of John the Revelator at the end of the season finale. Any chance you could help us out on that one, Kurt?

Anonymous said...

The guy who sings our theme song, Curtis Stigers, sang John the Revelator. And my fantastic music supervisor/composer Bob Thiele arranged and produced it. There is no sound track in the works but i wouldn't rule it out.

Thanks for all the kind words.

Mathew P.S. said...

Thanks, Kurt! I hope they do put out a soundtrack, sometime, it was a beautiful rendition.

I have to say, you and your entire cast and crew did a fantastic job with the season finale. I have had a great week as I saw the best Series Finale of my life (The Shield) followed immediately by the fantastic first season finale that you all pulled of for Sons of Anarchy.

I think it's pretty interesting, especially considering your involvement with The Shield, that as that chapter closes, Sons of Anarchy is just beginning.

My favorite two scenes of this episode were, first and foremost, when Tig and Clay were discussing what happened to Donna. Seeing Tig actually cry, and Clay's response to it, were very powerful indeed. It added a real depth of character to both of them, particularly Tig, who I think is being extremely well fleshed out.

The other great scene, I thought, was the last few minutes, as Jax approaches the funeral. It really felt like there were battle lines that were drawn in that moment, as Gemma, Clay, Tig, and Wendy sat together. And it was all so perfectly accentuated with that rendition of John The Revelator playing.

Be sure to tell everyone involved in the show that they did a fantastic job with this entire season. I lost The Shield and gained The Sons of Anarchy, and I couldn't be happier.

Congratulations on your first season, Kurt!

Clayton Jones said...

Obviously I'd love to see a SoA soundtrack put together, as it was my excitement over hearing Murder By Death open the one episode that brought me to this blog to leave a comment. The music on the show in general is awesome, and John The Revelator closing this finale was one of the defining moments of the show so far.

This was really a terrific season of television. As an aspiring writer to watch your run of excellence on the Shield come to an amazing end, only as you finish the beginning of a great show you created, I mean... suffice to say it's impressive.

One thing that stuck with me about this episode was the intensity between Jax and Tara. I'd agree with the comment above that Hunnam grew into the character as the season progressed, and while I wasn't crazy about him early on, I've found him to be one of the strongest parts of the show by the finale. In this episode both he and Maggie Siff brought a feeling of passion to their relationship that the show hadn't reached before. The great writing in the scene where Jax spills his guts to her didn't hurt things either. By the time Tara brings him his jacket and kisses him, rancid hung over bloody breath and all, at the funeral, my heart really went out to both of them. It was a great moment of defiance, basically saying to everyone there "we deserve to be together because our love is true, and we don't give a shit if you like it or not."

Anyway, I should get to sleep, Thanksgiving night (morning) and all. Great job on both shows, Kurt. I can't wait for season 2. And pass that soundtrack idea along to some of the higher ups at FX.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is Amazing!.Thanx too the entire cast and crew for a great season!Great too see Jax stepping up and Tara as well.Can definatly see those battle lines drawn.Can't wait for season 2.I do hope you will consider a soundtrack.Having wanted to write music for movies at one time I'm a big fan of guys like James Horner,Hans Zimmer,John Williams etc.I'd have to put Bob Thiele up there with them and in reality above because he has to deliver a lot more work and none of their scores I can think of are any more powerful or fitting that his work on SOA.thanxagain or a great season

jpine said...

I normally do not post to blogs. However, I want to second the compliments on the show in general and season finale in particular. And please, a soundtrack that included "John the Revelator" would be an instant purchase by me.

Unknown said...

all I can say is.. EPIC!!! the finale the season the show EPIC!!!!!!!!
As a president of a club myself kudos to you and the epicness of this show.

did i mention it was epic? And the soundtrack you better get it in the works long rides need an anthem.

prez||Founder||Silent Men MC || Ontario Chapter.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a soundtrack for this show...I have also been trying everything to find out what the other song was in the season finale...The lyrics were something along the lines of "ashes to ases and dust to dust"...and " I threw a coin into a beggars cup." Is that even a real song? Its rare that a show has such an awesome soundtrack, it would be a shame if you didn't sell it.

Unknown said...

I'm curious, Mr. Sutter, if you or music supervisor/composer Bob Thiele or both are fans of the band Gov't Mule, just because they've played John The Revelator and If I Had Possession many times and both songs were used in your show. The arrangement of the latter sounded very similar to Mule's version. I really enjoy watching your show and The Shield, BTW.

DejaDead13 said...

And they say that watching T.V. dumbs you down... Sons of Anarchy has me going back to read Shakespeare and now the Bible!!

Congratulations on a fantastic first season. Can't wait to where Season 2 goes.

Unknown said...

Kurt, Thank you for the creating something so incredible to watch. My wife works on a pretty senior level at HBO and I can tell I don't think this could have been done any better (and I've told her so).

The ending 5 minutes, I watched like 3x. Jax is cool as shit. The new anti-hero (Vic is now my close 2nd). This is like Macbeth meets the Sopranos laced with the MC world that unless you're in, which I am not, (like the mob) you really don't get---but want to.

Kudos also to FX for letting you fly with this.

Looking very much forward to Season 2. You did good dude, truly.

Parthenians said...

The tapestry with which you have woven the SOA is as intricate as anything found in the Byzantine era and more profound in the weft and woof of human consciousness which runs deeply like the river in all of us.: The simplicity of the truth will do that: That is why your work speaks to all of us and is so powerful, Kurt.

I was pleased to see the riders at the funeral, and the sound of each of their hearts. Thank them from all of us for their presence and belief.

The human constitution spoken simply..,
"We fight because we believe"..."Yea.."

Unknown said...

Here's my only complaint -- iTunes has yet to put the final show up for sale! I don't have cable so I buy each week's episode on Thursday's. Here is it Saturday night and still nothing! Can someone please help! Hearing all the great feedback without being able to watch is killing me!

alfredart said...

Man, I knew that homeless lady was an angel. Seen her twice this season... maybe next season as well?

You do good work Kurt... got me hooked.

StaceyC12 said...


I'm sure you have heard this 700 times by now, wanted to express to you how amazing this show is.

Thank you for not only creating this incredible, but for also sharing your insight into it through this blog.

Congrats on a 2nd season, and may it run as long as The Shield.

Best Wishes!

Unknown said...

I finally saw the finale Saturday night, and I spent the 3 minutes after it was over pounding my couch cushions and hollering "I LOVE THIS SHOW!" And then I re-watched it Sunday (interrupting my usual football obsession, might I add).

Mr. Sutter, sir, to you I say "Thank you." Thank you so very much, and I cannot wait until next season. And to get my hands on that soundtrack.


tinkerkat said...

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful show. I love SOA. It has completely drawn me in and I have most of my friends and family watching. The writing is fantastic. I have to watch it more than once just to miss all the I missed. Great show.

Wilson6 said...


Wow, what a series!! Mate i've loved ever second of this series, am absolutley gutted its over. Have just moved to US from England, and have told pretty much everyone i know in England to watch this as soon as it comes out over there! And everyone i meet here to get bloody watching it! I must say Jax is holding it down for the Brits in this one, shows how good an actor he is as correct me if im wrong did he not start in a series from channel four called queer as folk! Somewhat of a different role!

Love the conflicting morale issues that are raised in pretty much every episode! Just completely great series bravo!

Agree with alot of post asoundtrack would be great, did i read somewhere you used primal scream at one point?

Any way long post but cheers again!

Brad said...

Kurt, I just wanted to commend you for producing one of the most compelling 13 hours of television I've seen in quite awhile.

I'm not a biker, but I used to tend bar in a joint haunted by bikers and it is one very interesting (and misunderstood) subcultures. Your series is bearing that out.

It's a great environment in which to toss a bunch of classic literary themes and you're doing that deftly and letting the story tell itself in its own sweet time. Kudos. Here's hoping you score a couple of nominations.

Citizen said...

Add my vote for a soundtrack.

Every episode there's at least one song that piques my interest and I have to hunt it down. I can't find Curtis Stigers' version of "John the Revelator" anywhere. You have to put all of these great songs in one place.

Justin said...

I've been watching and re-watching the finale trying to find all the "Easter eggs" you have in there.

Jax on Patmos was a nice touch. There's so much to Revelator and the Book of Revelations that the implications for the next season make me pause and game it out. Will Jax be in exile? Will Gemma reveal just what happened with John Teller? Will Opie kill Tig? Will their be schism within the Sons?

You left the season on such a questionable, bittersweet note. I'm looking forward to next season.


Unknown said...

I think that the show overall is very well done, character-driven, has all of the elements that make very captivating television.

But the last two episodes, beginning with the Forever Young montgage and ending with the John the Revelator piece -- absolutely stunning. Obviously Jax is the messiah of SOA, but is he also Hamlet? Top three things I loved from the last five minutes of the season finale:

5. John Teller not only speaking through his book, but also through the homeless woman ("Abel will help our little boy.") and directing Jax to the "cool water."

4. Jax wearing white while all others in the funeral were wearing black. Showing the truth for all to see until Tara covered him with his cut.

3. John Teller's epitaph.

2. (Not from final five minutes, but) Jax explaining to Tara what she means to him. Not exactly traditional romance, but pretty strong showing of vulnerability from the prince.

1. The visual of Jax standing before his father's grave, holding his revelations, while the music swelled and Clay and Gemma looked on. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Well, The final episode Revelator just aired in the UK tonight, I totally loved this series and cant wait for the next one to start. Brilliant script, Brilliant performances and great soundtrack. One of the best series to grace our screens for a long time.

I wish FX would put up a section on their website for S.O.A so we can watch clips there. In particular the "beating of asian elvis" from the pilot show, that was hilarious, the way he didnt even break charactor even as he was getting beaten, lol "oh help me mamma". Great work.