Thursday, October 30, 2008


A good director must be a good listener.


Outsider said...

A Halloween Motto for Otto
"Art is War"....Viva SOA!!

Unknown said...


The show is great. Got here via Katey myspace and the fan page > search .. then here.
Anyway you have created some complexing situations, the guns coming in on the boat, but my interest is aviation. some yarrs back, in Kitplane there was a feature of an ultralight aircraft called an Airbike. It had a H-D motor on it swinging a big wood prop.
So I did some on-line research and found the motor.. at ; [the video crashed my computer].
Then I found a builder and wrote to him.
In the theme of going 'radical' I thouight that you could write this concept into the script.
The Airbike has been featured with Lotus floats, thus is quite variable, and being an ultralight , it doesn't need license, thus conforms to the needs of the gangs in your storyline. It can be used for airial observation and light cargo transport. This is viable not as concept, but reality.. One of your characters could find one at a 'sale' or due to a tragety of another biker (broken collar bone due to engine failure of the two stroke).
I believe that it would add to the storyline, as showing the SamCrows as forward thinking and 'out of the box'.
As for the barrels of guns.. a powerboat rondevous at night, chased by the Coast Guard, dumped overboard (near the shoreline.. the surf hiding the dumping from radar, SCUBA rescue and drug ashore.. LoL.
I dive and have had a active pilot's license. [N111EC-former owner]
Thomas Scully

Mary Shelley Overdrive said...

I have to admit, I'm dreading the finale ... part of me hopes Vic gets away with everything. Part of me thinks he ought to go to prison.

I have this feeling, though, that you guys won't be taking any easy (or obvious) routes toward a conclusion.

Anyway, thanks for a lot of great hours of television.

- Simon

Max Criden said...

Hi Kurt,

Big Sons fan, right here. I'm not sure if you take questions here, but if you do, I was just wondering a couple of things--

1) Will the show have further nods to The Shield in future episodes? I noticed the 1-9er references, of course, and I think I caught one about Ellis Rezian, too, although I might've just misheard that one. Anyway, they're a lot of fun, and I love the idea of the two shows taking place in some shared, continuity-heavy universe.

2) Should we expect major deviations from the Hamlet structure, in terms of plot, character actions and behavior, and where the show is going, over time?

Thanks so for your time! Love the show!


Sk8Betty said...

You certainly have an ear for the art.

Frank said...

Mr Sutter, I been looking for your myspace page, I didnt know you didnt have one,Sara gave me the link to your pge, in he SOA forum, is gonna get bigger.

I wanted to tell you that I feel the show getting better and better, I love the characters you created, and I love Big Otto, there is something about the ending to the episode, when he bashed her head in, that just made me want to cheer,

congratualtions on the show, Im more of a fan now than before because I believe you ar humble from seeing the youtube video of Sara visiting the set when you filmed wins and losses, you all gave a great experience to true fans.

take care man

os said...

SOA is best show on TV, ahve been riding for 33 years, on Wednesday night everything stops when SOA is On!! Question well road trip where you will be coming to different city to do promo for SOA like a SOA convention, ro get togethers??

Silverwolf said...


Thank you for providing such wonderful entertainment! Give a big thanks to the cast and crew as well. I have only ever seen one other show in my life, where I love every character. Writing, directing, acting, all superb! I'm starting to get sad knowing that there are so few episodes left, but I am very excited about the season finale and about next season! Congrats on getting season 2. Stay safe!


Gnorville said...

SoA is a great show, I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode. A great story being brought to us by a great cast.

I generally do not watch television, so much of it is utter garbage. SoA is the bright spot in an otherwise murky schedule.

As long as SoA is available I will be a happy and loyal viewer.