Sunday, August 10, 2008


I love this --


The Girl With The Broken Smile said...

It's Almost As Good As The Orange Advert, Where The Guy Says:

"I Am My Mum, && My Sister.
I Am My Best Friend Mike, Who I've Known Since School.
I Am Kate, Who's Still Somewhere In Thailand.
I'm All The Girls I've Ever Kissed, && The One's I Will.
I Am The Teacher That Failed Me, && The One That Spurred Me On.
I Am My Bosses, && Every One Of My Friends.
I'm A Bloke I'll Meet Travelling; He'll Teach Me The Guitar.
I Am The Places I'll Go To With Mates, && The Jokes I'll Share With Them.
I Am The People Who Put Me Down, && The One's Who Picked Me Up.
I Am Who I Am Because Of Everyone.'

It's Not As Hardcore As The Bikers, But It Still Makes You Think. Thought You'd Appreciate It, If You Haven't Seen It Already. (It'll Be On Youtube...Or Just Google It)

Outsider said...

I thought this was an SOA Promo till close to the end...then said ..wait....they ain't gonna have an
airedale in Goggles on SOA!

Unknown said...

That was a great vid and I'm going to link it to my myspace and facebook. Keep up the great work with SOA. T

Unknown said...

Love that video and just love SOA. I watch it on Swiss televsision.

All my biker mates, girls and guys, are just stuck by their TV every monday night.

It's the end of season one over here next Monday. Can't wait for two.

If you come and travel our way sometime, it would be a great pleasure and honnor to meet you and Katy.

Take care and keep on writting and riding.