Wednesday, June 18, 2008


We are in the process of creating a very cool, interactive, Sons of Anarchy website. Until it's up, you can view this teaser and others at the FX Networks Website.


Unknown said...

cool promo...hope your show turns into a new classic...I know if you're writing it, it should be gold. I'm curious as to whether you will structure your writing team the same way Shawn Ryan did...with writers on the set of the episodes?

Outsider said...

Damn!...This is Gettin' more and more
Badassss!! ...This Ol' Timber Wolf may need a
Patch, (a Testosterone Patch not an MC patch), just to Keep up with the Show...But just saw "Bigger, Stronger, Faster", and it seems the former are readily available

Unknown said...

"Support your local Red & White" t-shirts? Looks like there may have been some experienced consultants on set. Can't wait to see this series.

Hopefully there will be some Blue & White support shirts available.