Friday, April 25, 2008


Still no decision from the Fox kings. I've met with writers and assembled a potential writing staff. We'll try to make If-Come deals with some of the writers this week (IF the show goes, they will COME to me). In the interim, I'm finishing up another draft of episode 102 and continue to think happy thoughts. She helps me. (Esme or Sons of Anarchy has no association with Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, Inc. She picked out the book from my shelf, I couldn't resist the photo op)


Ruv Draba said...

Hi Kurt,

Presumably the 'Punisher' hits have dropped off again, so hi from your blog reader #9.

I'm trying to write - or more to the point, trying to write well. Stringing words together isn't hard for me - I just need to find the good ones (and I've made a list of them!)

I've been pulling apart the Shield from a script perspective, trying to work out how you guys keep it zinging, and love your work. Tripped over your blog by serendipitous accident. I've added you to my blog reader.

Sons of Anarchy sounds interesting! I'll follow it with uh... interest.

Very best,


Juley said...

Hope they'll come to you soon. This show sounds very good. They can't cancel it!

Aww she's the cutest. Send this photo to Fox. They'll let the show go right away. :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Adorable kid. Great photo.

Thanks for keeping us updated. I've got a show in development and I'm trying to learn about the process. Any recommended reading, words of wisdom?

Meanwhile, sending happy thoughts your way...