Monday, March 24, 2008


Allen Coulter, the director, turned in his cut and now I am in the thick of my first edit. A bit daunting. Figuring out what the show is -- the look, the pace, the feel. Up to now, "my vision" has been a theoretical and artistic concept. The task at hand is the practical application of all of those ideas that have been swimming around in my shadowy little mind and turning Allen's great footage into a great show. This is the status of the project as of today. I turn in my cut of the pilot at the end of the week, get network and studio notes, then lock picture next week. Do color and sound mixes, then the network screens it for their bosses some time in the middle of April. I will hopefully know by the end of April if it's a go. In the interim, they have ordered three more scripts. So I'll be busy writing while they are making their decision.


Anonymous said...

That's so exciting. Crossing my fingers and hoping the studio heads dig SoA. Thanks for keeping us updated.

- Sean

Mr. Hentai said...

Good luck on this! I am a big fan of your work on THE SHIELD & after discovering your blog have been following the progress of this pretty funky new idea with glee.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kurt,

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