Friday, November 16, 2007


I've gotten a lot of heat from fellow scribes for the previous post. I knew I would. Let me be clear, I do not think we should take a bad deal. I do not think we should ignore the future. My point is that we need to question the strategy of our leaders. Again, last night, Mr. Verrone's email was all about "they said, we said". Counterpoints to AMPTP's latest PR bullshit. I don't give a fuck. Why is he wasting time an energy on the war of words? We sound like a bunch of teenage girls. No one cares what AMPTP says in the press. Only Hollywood reads the trades. America doesn't know AMPTP from AAMCO. I keep hearing rhetoric on the picket line about the "power of the strike". We are all a bit delusional. Someone came up to my boss and friend, Shawn Ryan, asked him to convince the director of the last Shield episode to walk off the set. It's idiotic. People are caught up in this fervor of "labor rules". We're not the UAW. When they walk off the line, the machine grinds to a halt and big business suffers. We're more like the cafeteria union at the auto plant. When we walk off the job, the machine keeps rolling and they just buy their lunch somewhere else. My anger, and I admit, I have a lot of it (my co-workers will attest to that), is not pointed at anyone in particular, more at the mob rule philosophy that I feel our leadership is provoking. Solidarity is achieved through trust. Trust will be achieved through wise and tempered decisions. We have intelligent, thoughtful people leading us. I am of the opinion that they are losing their way. It's up to us to voice our concerns and encourage them to find solutions, not retaliations.

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