Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've spoken to several writers since the "going back to the table" announcement. Most of them feel we will come out of this with a fair deal. I've gotten two emails from studio execs expressing the same sentiment. Not sure if it's just wishful thinking, but I'll gladly throw myself into that positive category. I too, think we will come out of this with a deal that a majority of the guild will agree upon. I don't think it will be an easy negotiation, but I do think it will be a productive process. As you can tell by my "bully pulpit", (as someone in a recent email has delightfully deemed my blog) I've been disheartened by all the rhetoric spouting and pseudo-McCarthyism that has been fueled by the guild's need to "condemn the man". I worry about that being the glue that holds our union together. Glue composed of cheers and fears loses it's stickiness very quickly. As I said in the previous post, trust builds unity. The reason I believe we'll move forward in these upcoming talks is because I think everyone has had enough of the spin. Both sides are getting tired of the shit-slinging and muckspackling. Whatever happened in those chats at the Lourd's house inspired some humility and willingness. I believe that spirit will continue as we move forward. For the record, I'm the worst kind of union member. I pay my dues, that's it. I rarely ever vote or even pay attention to WGA business. Every time I get the magazine and I'm not on the cover, I throw it away. Yet when they do something I don't like, I'm the first one to open my big fucking mouth and complain. So, to rectify that, I've made a commitment to follow up my passive, opinionated blogs with action. Meaning I will be an active participant in the WGA after the strike. Volunteer for service, etc.

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