Sunday, October 26, 2008


Sunday's Calendar Section. Think Hamlet on Harleys.


Unknown said...

Great article about a great show.
Watching Perlman each week is an amazing treat. The rest of the cast are wonderful too.

Outsider said...

It's interesting how the article mentions the Day jobs of many MC members....and then reading the
article about the big ATF bust in which it was
revealed the former Head of the Club involved
was the Night Shift CT Scan Chief Technician at
some Downtown L.A. hospital....

Some of his Critics still in the Club said he wanted
to be a Drug lord but I guess the Hospital
wasn't aware of that....I'd hate to be getting a scan
and have the technician gunned down in some
Drug war internecine hit.....that'd be a real fuckin'
Joe the Bummer....

DejaDead13 said...

Is there any chance that Sons of Anarchy will be sold to the UK or Ireland? Or will we have to wait for the DVDs?

sara eudy said...

love the show. i work nights so i miss it on tv, but get to catch every episode on HULU.

id love to see more ink on the boys please!!